#How to #increase #sales in an #online #store effectively

#How to #increase #sales in an #online #store effectively

An online store, by itself, does not sell. And if it does not sell, the only thing that we will have achieved is to invest in the design and programming of an ecommerce that does not generate any profit. And that's when all the questions arise. What are we doing wrong? Where's the fault? Are my products not interesting?

Today, in this post, we are going to analyze what are the main causes of why an online store does not generate conversions (sales) and how to put a solution. The most important thing is to be critical, to know how to objectively analyze our website and to realize that there are possibly many aspects that we must improve, correct and change. And this, perhaps, takes many hours of work.

 increase sales online store

Why does nobody buy in my online store?

Maybe saying “nobody” is too much but … What is the conversion rate from your online store? Are you below 2%? So friend, we have a problem. And if we are above, surely we want to improve that percentage. Read on, we are going to see how to achieve it.

What is a conversion?

Before continuing, let's see what are the main conversions of an electronic commerce understanding as such, the achievement of a previously defined objective. Although it should be remembered that not everything is sales. These are the most common conversions that we can establish in an ecommerce project:

  1. Purchase. Number of users who have placed an order.
  2. Registration as a new customer Whether or not you complete the order, it is already part of our customer database.
  3. Fill out a contact form. Users that, after seeking information about our services ios, they decide to contact us by filling out a form.

On an e-commerce website, the user has to find what they are looking for in the shortest possible time. Click to tweet

Entering now in by What nobody buys, we are going to comment on what are the most common problems :

  1. Because nobody visits your website. Without traffic there is no paradise. For an ecommerce to generate sales, it must have a high volume of visits, and these do not come alone. To attract quality traffic, people who are really interested in our product, we must first establish a strategy of what we are going to do to get it. In the following point I explain which are the most common.
  2. Because the product catalog is scarce. If your product is not attractive, it is a product without demand or your website hardly has any products for sale, you will hardly manage to generate sales.
  3. Because the web does not generate trust. On this point we spoke at the time in the article “How to generate trust through e-Commerce”, although later we review some of them.
  4. Competition. The more companies are selling the same product online, the more difficult it will be to generate sales, but not impossible. If this is our case, it will be necessary to look for a differential value. Why should they buy from your store and not from another?

How to generate quality traffic?

  1. Organic search engine positioning . The most common strategies to generate traffic to a website is to work on SEO positioning . But keep in mind that the results in web positioning are medium or long term. Be patient and don't be nervous. In addition to dedicating many hours of work and training, you will have to wait for Google to rank your website for the terms that best define your project.
    A tip: First of all, carry out an audit of the keywords that best define your project, and start working on long tail keywords . You will position yourself faster for “selling cheap red shoes online” than for “red shoes”. Also, it is a higher quality search.
  2. Google Adwords Campaign. It is a good option to start generating sales while SEO is paying off, as a complementary strategy or simply as the only source of generating qualified traffic. Depending on the sector, the cost per click will vary. Therefore, it is important to analyze what the cost per conversion will be and what is the benefit it generates. It could be the case that the cost per sale is greater than the profit it generates.
    A tip: If we have attractive product photos, bet on Google Shopping. This Google tool offers the user very valuable information: product name, price, photo and advertiser. We will get more qualified visits.
  3. Mentions in other portals. Especially if we are an unknown brand, it will be key that we achieve visibility in other media through sponsored posts, guest posting press releases, collaborations or any other content format. In addition, if these mentions include links to our ecommerce, we will help enhance SEO through what is known as link building .
  4. Social Networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram … are social networks that, in addition to helping us to generate a community around our project, will help us drive sales of our ecommerce. This should not be the main objective of a social media strategy, but we must take it into account as a channel to arouse interest, generate trust and customer service. Therefore, keep your social networks active, create valuable content, interact with your community and you will see how, little by little, you are building a community of users who trust your brand.
  5. Actions of email marketing . Whoever has a quality database has a treasure. These contacts have already had previous experience with your brand, so they will have a greater predisposition to generate conversions on your site. Also, build loyalty by sending them exclusive offers. For this type of actions I use the mail marketing tool Mailerliter . I discovered it recently but I really like it.
  6. Affiliate Marketing. It is a marketing strategy that consists of managing a network of “affiliate” commercials that, in exchange for a commission or percentage of sale, advertise the products of an online store. You only pay for results, in addition, with this strategy we will gain visibility and inbound links of great value.

How to improve the conversion rate of an online store?

When we talk about conversion rate , we refer to the relationship between the total number of visits registered on a website and the percentage of those visits that reached some objective . And to improve this percentage, we can choose to improve the following aspects of our online store:

  • The user experience. Present your users the products that may interest them the most, do not insist on highlighting everything. Make it easy for them. It must be easy for them to browse your website: find the contact telephone number, know who you are, what the return policies are, the delivery times …
  • Attractive design . Nowadays, with templates, it is not necessary for a designer to make a custom design for you, but design is key if we want to seduce. The design of a website defines the company. As soon as the user agrees, they must have an idea of ​​what we offer and who we are as close as possible to reality.
  • The price. It is not necessary that you be the cheapest, but if you are the most expensive you must provide a differential value and clearly explain what it is. Why should they buy from you if you are more expensive? Do you offer a better after-sales service? Do you explain with videos how to use the product? Whatever it is, communicate your difference!
  • Delivery time .. Some companies offer different shipping costs depending on the delivery time, although the best option will always be delivery in 24 to 48 hours and with free shipping costs.
  • Websites where nothing works neither the search engine, nor the internal links nor the selection filters … An online store requires minimal maintenance to prevent broken links, search engines that cannot find or forms that they do not work. Periodically check your website to avoid this type of errors.
  • Mobile experience. Every day more users choose to buy through their mobile phone. If it is an odyssey to browse your website, assume that they will not buy. Make sure, therefore, that the experience of your potential clients through their mobile phone is going to be a good one.
  • Charging time . If you don't know how long your website takes to load, check it with tools like GTmetriz or Google's PageSpeed ​​Tools. If it takes a long time, optimize your content manager and check if your hosting is the most suitable.
  • The purchase process . How many clicks does a customer have to make from the time the product is added to the cart until the order is completed? If there are more than 3 we have a serious problem. The ideal is 3 steps, or even 1. Some websites also offer the option of buying as a guest user, that is, the user does not have to register to order. In one way or another, it provides the user with everything to the maximum.

The perfect product sheet for an online store.

With the different strategies we saw in the first section, we have managed to increase traffic to our online store . In addition, we have taken into account and corrected the aspects indicated in the previous point, but even so, we still do not improve the conversion ratio. What else can we do? Very simple, pay close attention to the product sheets .

The product sheet is key for the user to decide whether or not to add the product to their shopping cart. For this reason, it is necessary to optimize all the files, or at least those of the most profitable products, which have the most demand, have the most traffic and generate the most interest in promoting us. Let's see what aspects should be considered:

 product tab online store
  • Quality images. If possible, different photos of the product from different perspectives, with models that can be enlarged and magnify the details, especially if it is a fashion e-commerce.
  • Clear and outstanding price. And if you apply a discount, make it clear what is the discounted price, what is the absolute price and how much is the discount. It would not be the first time that we see stores where the absolute price is more prominent.
  • Clear buttons. If we want those who browse our website to click the buttons, let's make it easy. Do not have the slightest doubt which is the “BUY” button. Personally I prefer that it puts “buy” than “add to cart.”
  • The description of the product. We do not limit ourselves to copying the description that by default has included the brand or manufacturer on its website. We will be generating duplicate content. In the description we must captivate, expose the advantages and benefits that the client will obtain when buying the product. As if it were a seller, here we must present all the sales arguments necessary to win over the user.
  • Ratings from other customers. Undoubtedly, the opinion of other users may make an undecided user choose whether or not to buy our product. Encourage users to generate favorable opinions. How? After receiving your order, send them an email inviting them to leave a comment evaluating their experience and the product on the web.
  • The videos. Today audiovisual content is the best way to demonstrate what your product is like or how it works. If you can, create a video where your customers get an idea of ​​how they will receive the order (unboxing videos), what the product is like and how it is used. They do not need to be blockbusters. A single plan, correct lighting, well-written explanatory subtitles and a friendly attunement will be more than enough.
  • Elements that generate trust: Delivery times, availability, money-back guarantee or online trust marks are elements that we They will help improve conversions, but we will see this in the next point.
  • Payment methods. Essential credit card and Paypal, and if we want, cash on delivery and bank transfer. Many times, since Paypal keeps a percentage for the transaction, many stores do not offer this possibility but … what do you prefer? Pay a commission or lose a customer?

Does your online store generate confidence?

 Secure online store

A online purchase requires the user to make an economic transaction that is, that indicate the number of your credit card. Therefore, to paraphrase that phrase about Caesar's wife, an online store must not only be a safe place, but also appear so. If you want it to build trust, take note:

Who is behind this website?

Explain in detail on the “who we are” page the company's name, tax data, address and contact details … the more transparent you are, the better.

Is it easy to contact the responsible parties?

The user, if you have a question, suggestion or complaint, will want to contact you by the quickest route, and that's still the phone. This must be as visible as possible, preferably at the top of the web, and avoid paying phones. You can also indicate other contact information such as a number with WhatApp, an email or a physical address. It does not hurt to add a customer service chat and a frequently asked questions section.

Are we facing a safe site?

In an e-Commerce it is necessary to contract the SSL certificate. With this, the user knows that their data “travels” through the network in an encrypted and secure way. It is also convenient to adhere to officially recognized online trust marks.

Other aspects to consider in an online store.

You can also increase the benefits of your online store by rescuing abandoned carts, increasing the cost of the average ticket , directing an advertising campaign to those who visited your website or loyalty to your customers. Let's see these four aspects in more detail:

Abandoned carts.

Everything was fine. The user found the product they were looking for, added it to the cart but … something happened that abandoned it. Perhaps some aspect of what we have seen before made you rethink your purchase. But not all is lost. There are modules that will help to recover those abandoned carts, sending the user an email with a personalized discount.

Suggested products.

What if we can increase the value of the cart? How? Very simple, it suggests to the user products related to those that he has already bought with a typical message: “Other users also bought …”. If you have ever bought a plane ticket at Raynair, you will know very well what the suggested sale is.

Plan a advertising campaign on Facebook Ads or Google Adwords aimed only at those who have previously visited your Web. You will see how the conversion rate of these visits is significantly above the average.

Loyalty to those who have already bought you.

Getting someone who has already bought you to do it again will be much easier than getting a new customer. Periodically, through different channels (e-mailing, RRSS, etc.) offer them exclusive products, offers or discounts. They will reward your attention towards them!

I hope that, with the implementation of everything discussed here, the conversion rates of your online store will improve . And if not, do not hesitate to contact me. Ill try to help you. However, if you have an e-Commerce in PrestaShop and it works like a charm, I also invite you to tell us about your case.

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