How to improve the relationship with the customer today

How to improve the relationship with the customer today


Although the above statement may seem obvious, nowadays there are still too many companies that only have eyes for their own account results and don’t even worry about others that are of utmost importance to a company’s success.

In particular, there is an indicator that should be considered a priority: customer satisfaction .

In fact, customer satisfaction must be at the heart of the company’s strategy

Why? Well, because customers are the heart of your business !
Without customers, there are no sales, no income (and therefore a catastrophic income statement).

There are multiple possibilities to increase customer satisfaction: intuitive navigation, purchase assistance service ( click-to-chat product recommendations, customer reviews, etc.), delivery free or even software implementation, loyalty software (exclusive discounts, private sales, gifts, etc.).

The ultimate goal of customer satisfaction is to convert your visitors into buyers and also to retain your customers (current and future).



One of the most important points is to keep the customer informed about news, new products and promotions of your business. [ uno 9659012] Doing this correctly will mean new sales and increase your turnover . Making mistakes will lead you to lose the interest of your customers.

That is why it is essential to follow strict rules when creating quality newsletters .

Segment your audience and send them personalized campaigns .

You can segment your subscribers into different groups and send different email content to each group. You can group them by engagement level (often, sometimes, rarely, and never) to send them content that reflects their past interactions with their emails.

Poll your audience

Ask them!
Include a survey in your emails asking subscribers what kind of content they want to receive . Even a few answers will help you divide your audience more effectively.
Some subscribers probably just want to know about discounts and sales. Others may want to know about new products.
Some want frequent messages; others, not so much.

The importance of subject lines, lead times and content

There are three key variables to get engagement in newsletters

Subject : Your line item is your first impression on readers. Unless you can make a compelling presentation to subscribers in a nutshell (which is more difficult than it sounds), your email will go straight to the trash. Experiment with humor, conciseness, emojis, and urgency in objects.
Delivery times: What is the best time of the day or day of the week to send a newsletter? The correct answer may depend on your subscribers, so try to find the highest open rates.
Content: we will delve into this topic in the next point, but as a fundamental rule, look for the content that your customers : with many images or with many copies; Short, pleasant sentences or long text full of paragraphs?

Avoid cluttering your newsletter with text

Many companies have an outdated idea of what it means to send a “newsletter”. Years ago, a newsletter sent to someone’s home was similar in format to a small newspaper, with lots of text and maybe a few photos.

Today your customers won’t waste time reading . Don’t make your newsletters verbose or hard to read.
Consider inserting your message into a photo. A few words … and to the point!.
(If some of your subscribers like to read longer updates, segment them, as I’m not your typical reader).

Pay attention to the format in which you send your newsletter

The general format is an important consideration for your newsletters. Make sure your newsletter is easy to read, personalized (with your brand colors and / or logos) and optimized for mobile devices.

Make your call to action clear

Your call to action should be a simple and clear request. Maybe it’s “Buy Now!” or “Redeem your discount” or “Answer this one question survey,” but readers need to understand exactly what you want from them in each email.

Check your subscriber list

If your open rates, participation rates, and other metrics are low, there may be a simple solution: Make sure you send your email to people who want to hear from you.

… and a key tip

Avoid sending bulk emails.
If you wish, you can send e-mails to subscribers asking them to confirm that they want to receive your newsletters. You may end up losing subscribers in general, but the ones you keep are much more likely to be engaged, read, and participate.

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