How to generate B2B leads through your online presence

How to generate B2B leads through your online presence

B2B marketing business to business, is oriented towards the sale of products and services between companies and not directly to the consumer. It has some different characteristics of B2C, business to consumer marketing. They must be considered for the B2B lead acquisition strategy . Explanations!

What is B2B marketing?

The term B2B marketing can be defined as the set of communication and strategic planning techniques implemented by companies that sell products, services and solutions to other businesses.

What is a B2B marketing plan?

A marketing plan is a document that contains an analysis of the business situation, the objectives it seeks to achieve and the steps to be taken to achieve them.

You need a marketing strategy in your business because:

  • You focus on measurable goals.
  • Keep in mind who your client is and what their needs are.
  • This allows your marketing actions to be targeted and customer focused and consistent with each other.
  • You will save by concentrating alone on the actions that work.
  • You need it to plan your actions over time and define the necessary resources. A calendar is a vital necessity for any marketing plan. This is a way to monitor your strategy and make sure you keep it up to date by covering all the necessary points. You and your team can look at the calendar to determine what should be published or created and what should not be.
  • This allows for a review at the end of the year to see what needs to be improved and lessons to be learned.

A marketing plan is a document that companies process each year and collects information:

  • Main objectives for that year.
  • Market definition: segmentation and targeting [19659008] Macro-environmental analysis Pestel Matrix, Porter & # 39; s Forces
  • Competitive analysis: this is a further aspect of the analysis of external factors. However, it deserves a section in a marketing plan, as it can be decisive for the future of the company.
  • Position of the company in its market: SWOT or SWOT matrix
  • Visibility strategy
  • 19659008] Annual action plan, in which it appears when and who will carry out the various actions planned for that 39; year.
  • Budget to invest in each share.

The keys to the success of a B2B marketing strategy

Marketing strategies aimed at reaching other companies are often more complex to imagine and implement. When your client is another business and not a person, it can be difficult to strategize or achieve your goal.

Marketing and B2B digital communication?

So it makes sense to think that if our potential customer doesn't do it it's not the end user, the channels and digital communication and marketing strategies will change from B2C communication.

Communication between companies in the digital environment

With the advent of the Internet and social networks, the possibilities and opportunities to communicate with companies and people have multiplied. This has made it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out marketing activities despite not having significant resources. It can be said that the digital environment has democratized the professional world by offering more communication opportunities to SMEs or small businesses.

B2C companies saw very quickly the possibilities offered by the Internet to reach the final consumer. In multiple industries or when companies sell to other companies, this leap into the digital world has been less spontaneous. In most cases, this is due to a lack of knowledge of what business-to-business communication and online marketing can do for them. In fact, some companies are still reluctant to change their marketing plan. Betting on a B2B digital marketing plan is essential.

It is incomprehensible that a company still ignores it. Creating a total digital ecosystem that transforms their form of communication is a necessity for both you and your customers.

  1. On the one hand, the client expects a certain speed of reaction, two-way communication and active participation.
  2. On the other hand, your company must speed up the conversion processes and measure the results reliably and against future expectations.

Where are our corporate clients?

It is very important that our plan B2B communication works, clearly clarify our goal. Where do our potential customers speak? What are their needs? What are they talking about online?

Like any basic communication process, there is a sender, a message, a code, a channel and finally a recipient. If a link in this chain fails, communication will have no results.

This may seem very simple but it is not at all, since many B2B communication strategies fail because one of these points are not well defined.

Your website, the focal point of your online presence

Every business needs a functional and professional-looking website. To optimize a business-to-business site, you need to include several important elements such as optimized landing pages for conversions from visitor to lead and the possibility of contacting the company.

The site must be built to generate B2B leads . For this, well thought out landing pages for conversion are essential because they allow you to generate leads efficiently.

Leaving your contact details costs visitors time and sometimes fear. On the one hand, it is therefore essential that the visitor is reassured by your site. On the other hand, he must be encouraged to make this effort by offering him content or service in exchange for his effort. This content could be a white paper or the free use of an online tool. It doesn't matter that it should represent value or interest to your visitor. The latter will leave his email and other useful information. Keep in mind that the greater your engagement with various fields on the form, the greater the risk that the effort will not be made.

You will also need a contact form, which should be as concise as possible. The user must be able to fill out the form effortlessly.

The list of phone numbers available on the site must also be considered depending on whether you want to be reachable or if a filter via an answering machine is needed. [19659042] A blog, the ideal complement for your site

The Blog will be our perfect ally in two respects.

  1. The first, through your articles, you can demonstrate your experience in your sector. This allows you to represent a very important reference in B2B.
  2. The second, the blog will attract traffic through both SEO and natural references. This is especially true of long-tail keywords as it is easier to work with a blog post. Sharing your articles on social media will also help generate conversations and earnings.

The blog is therefore an integral part of a content marketing strategy. It can be defined as the art of creating quality content that brings value to our users.

Content marketing is often more effective than just advertising. Corporate Internet users are also tired of being invaded by direct and aggressive ads. We must provide them with quality and valuable information through our content so that it is useful and interesting to them. In short, we must generate around our brand a positive image that our goal can maintain and from which the values ​​we want to transmit can derive. For this reason, when our customers need our services or products, they will look at us in front of our competitors because we will be Top of Mind.

Content Marketing includes:

  • Development of an editorial calendar.
  • The integration of contents according to the customer path. Publication of content based on a purchase path strategy, in order to obtain maximum efficiency in converting visits to customers and future influencers of the product.
  • To guarantee the quality of the content. The process up to the sale must include different phases and in each of them, it is necessary to offer potential customers what they need at all times, respecting the funnel of the contents of the b2b marketing plan. Have the reflex of thinking about these 4 stages: Attraction, conversion, sale and conservation.
  • Use metrics to evaluate the results of your content production.

Video marketing also for B2B

The reflection is thinking about Youtube, but for some sectors, Vimeo allows to give a more professional image and without the intrusion of advertising.

The use of video content has many advantages which are as follows:

  • It favors the referencing of our website. Google rewards audiovisual content.
  • Higher information retention rate.
  • Increase the conversion rate.
  • This is engaging and fast-paced content.
  • It is very easy to share and viralize on social networks.
  • Helps to show the value of our products or services.
  • Increases the credibility of the company.

According to Junto your potential customers go from 64% to 85% more after watching a video!

LinkedIn, the B2B social network

The most popular social network for businesses is Linkedin. Linkedin is an exclusively professional social network. It is a meeting point for companies, professionals and managers. A world of opportunities for our B2B communication .

Depending on the sector, Twitter can also be useful but its use is specific. It is ideal for public relations since journalists are overrepresented on this social network.

Email marketing

The good news is that in order to write emails to commercial addresses, you don't need to have the option- in the. Obviously, this is not a reason for spam, in which case you would quickly destroy your company's brand image.

Email is the tool of choice for staying in touch with potential customers thanks to addresses collected on your landing pages. Also consider using the email addresses you obtained at offline events, such as trade shows or fairs.

A database is a big plus, because thanks to marketing automation you can keep track of your contacts and send them personalized offers and other relevant information.

Integration of different channels

As we have just seen, content marketing uses various channels to connect and communicate with customers: [19659007] website,

  • e-mail,
  • social media, [19659008] blog,
  • video channels.
  • Integrating all of these elements into the b2b digital marketing plan will be essential to achieving the expected success, as well as knowing where the user is at any moment of the customer journey.

    Knowing how and when to launch different campaigns will be part of the strategy. Use techniques such as retargeting, marketing or sales automation.

    How to use these communication channels for our B2B strategy?

    Connect with the buyer

    In inter-company marketing, your ideal customer is not only the company, but also the person who makes decisions in the company. In order for a company to purchase your product or service, you need to get in touch with the person who performs that function.

    This means knowing the person, what he does at work, what he does. it's been his career and how your products can help him. For this type of strategy, personal visits are often useful. The business meal will have a bright future.

    Development of a message that identifies you

    A unique message, associated with your values, gives your company a unique voice. It gives you the opportunity to get in touch with any audience and show your personality. By humanizing your brand and showing what you have gone through to position yourself where you are, your message is more likely to gain the trust of your buyers.

    Strengthen your corporate identity

    Companies are more receptive to purchasing products and services from the companies with which they identify and are aligned with values. To achieve this, you need to strengthen your brand, both online and offline. You can:

    • Define and visualize the values ​​of your business in a clear, concise and convincing way. On the Internet, you need to do it in a well-designed tone that you explain very visually and with little text about what your business is like and what it can contribute.
    • Organizes and sponsors solidarity events.
    • put in place concrete measures to reconcile the family, personal and professional lives of employees.
    • Improve the working conditions of employees so that they feel satisfied and become ambassadors for the company and the brand. [19659092] Focus on Building a Relationship

      For a successful business-to-business marketing strategy, you need to build a relationship of trust with your audience. This means that you have to answer questions, resolve doubts or problems every time they arise. When building a close relationship, your customer finds your top priority.


      If your customers are other companies, you have to build your marketing plan and communication plan accordingly. The Web has become an important lever for acquiring B2B contacts provided that you know how to use it and free up enough budgets.

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