How to download Instagram videos from Android, iOS and PC 💎 in 2020

How to download Instagram videos from Android, iOS and PC 💎 in 2020

Surely on more than one occasion you have wanted to download Instagram videos and you have found that the application does not allow it.

This social network has always made us a little complicated the actions of Social media. Even the possibility of publishing from PC has come after being a constant and very old demand of the Communities Manager.

We have clearly seen that they have always sought the use of the smartphone. And, well, sometimes we have followed the flow and sometimes not so much.

Thinking about the second option we have considered convenient the need to make this post, in which we will explain how to use platforms and tools that they allow you to download videos from Instagram.
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In this article we show you:

Good practices when downloading videos on Instagram

Before continuing to develop the post I want to highlight a very important point for all those who dedicate ourselves to Social Media and Digital Marketing.

⚠️ All content that we upload daily to the Internet has an author . Videos, images, posts, infographics, podcasts and all its variations.

Please do not forget that we must maintain professionalism and ethics and have good practices of use.

If you are going to reuse downloaded content, always, always, always mention its author. You will have the same engagement if you do it and if not, but you will gain in reputation because your honesty will be appreciated.

Once this is done, we continue with our theme. J

What are the characteristics of the videos that we upload to Instagram?

In the Social Media Marketing strategies Instagram is increasingly valuable. Not being able to include links in the publications has not delayed brands to work on their branding.

And, when differentiating ourselves, upload videos to Instagram is a very good asset that we have what to play

How are these videos?

1. Choose the most appropriate theme for your brand.

Your followers follow you because they want to know about you and what you do. Therefore, to answer your questions, you have your videos have to be aligned with your sector.

Ex: if you are a logistics company you will find interesting a video of how a truck is loaded or unloaded. Better not to talk about geology, don’t you think?

2. Upload only quality videos to Instagram.

Do you want your digital reputation not to suffer? Post quality videos. I don’t mean just that it’s interesting for your audience. Take great care of the technical aspects : a good audio, that the image is not blurred, an adequate framing …

3. Think the video is for Instagram.

Instagram is a social network, not a web. Moreover, Instagram is a social network with a personal touch very strong.

For these two reasons it is convenient that the videos you upload have that nuance.

Think that they are not corporate videos and that In this social network you can take the opportunity to show the most intimate character of your brand.

4. Do not forget the hashtags.

A video on Instagram without hashtags is like a garden in spring without flowers and fencing.

If you want to be watched and admired, you have to let yourself see and have the most entertaining video in the world.

Use generic and particular hashtags to expand your communication and, at the same time, segment your audience.

5. Integrate it into your communication strategy.

This point is very evident, isn’t it? Sometimes we forget the most basic details.

We cannot start broadcasting a video (in Stories or in time line) without planning what we will say in it. Prepare it and make it fit the goals you want to achieve on Instagram.

10 Apps to download videos on Instagram

 Apps to download videos on Instagram

I imagine this is the point of the post you wanted to reach. But I couldn’t ignore the characteristics of Instagram videos because, in the same way that you can’t publish anything, you can’t download anything .

I start from the premise that you are going to download videos from Instagram to:

  • Reuse them when you do content curation.
  • For your private consumption.

Therefore, and especially for the first option, you have to be selective.

Let’s see those tools

The first 3 are to cover your needs, if you want to download from PC, Android or iOS. Then I show you other alternative options to them.

For the end I have reserved an APP that allows you to download the Stories of other users you follow, on both Android and iOS. So read to the end if you want to meet her.


 How to download Instagram videos? DreeDown

I love simple, practical and useful things. That’s why I like this platform.

In DreeDown you can not only download videos for Instagram, but it also gives you the option to do it from other social networks and other content. Ideal for PC.

You just have to copy the url of the publication, paste it and download it. Very easy!

FastSave for Instagram

If you want to download Instagram videos on your Android mobile you also have FastSave for Instagram. It is one of the best rated of Google Play and you can get it for free at this link .

With more than 10 million downloads it is one of the most popular.

1.To download your videos Instagram, first open the app and then enter Instagram.
2. «Copy Share URL» of Photos and videos.
3. The photos or videos will begin to download automatically, the progress is shown in the notification.


This APP is developed for Android phones .

 download videos on Instagram Igrab

To download Instagram videos we don’t need to go to the social network, but we do it from the tool itself .

Log in with the same data you have on Instagram and find the video you want to download. You will see that there is a button below that invites you to do so. Click on it and the download starts.


Grabit is an APP to download Instagram videos that are intended for use from iOS .

I confess that I have not used it because I do not have an iPhone, but I have documented myself about it and collects very good opinions from other users. (If you know her, I will thank you for leaving me your impressions in the comments at the end.)

Like almost all these APPs, you only need to download it, find the video you want to download, and click on the button that tells you to do so. [19659011] Now that I have left you the 3 previous applications for device, I want to leave you others so you can choose your favorite or try them all.

Video Downloader for Instagram

Video Downloader for Instagram can be used for both Android and iPhone .

It depends on the mobile device you have, you will find that you can download the video from Instagram itself or from the application.

It’s simple. Look for the option to download from the 3 points. (On some smartphone you can find that it allows you to share directly.)

Just updated is one of the most popular Instagram video download apps with more than 50 million downloads


[19659085] download Instagram videos downloadgram ” width=”946″ height=”362″ data-wpfc-original-srcset=” 946w,×230.png 600w,×245.png 640w,×233.png 610w” sizes=”(max-width: 946px) 100vw, 946px”/>

DownloadGram is another APP to download from PC

It works like almost all:

  1. You go to their website.
  2. Copies the url of the video you want to download from Instagram
  3. You paste it in the box.
  4. Downloads and that’s it.
  5. Go to your download folder and you’ll find it there.


If you are Twitter user surely you have recognized this APP. Are you surprised that from it you can also download Instagram videos? J

Yes, it is possible. Also, it doesn’t matter if you have Android or iOS . Both have a place in this fantastic tool.

IFTTT works with recipes and ingredients (all very culinary, J). It is based on conditionals and, basically, you say that “yes …” one condition is met, or several, “then …” whatever you have decided you want me to do happens.

In this case, what we are going to do Tell IFTTT is to sync your Instagram profiles and your cloud storage profile (Dropbox, Drive or whatever you have). From there, your recipe will be to ask you what you want me to do: download the videos you like or those of a specific profile.

The great utility here is that you can download Instagram videos automatically. Super comfortable!

Downloader for Instagram

Downloader for Instagram: Photo & Video Saver allows you to download Instagram videos. When you copy the video link and paste it into Downloader for Instagram, automatically download the video, you can save it to your device, and republish it on INSTAGRAM, share FACEBOOK, TWITTER and other social networks.

The good thing about this app is that NO SESSION IS REQUIRED and you only need 2 steps to download

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is a complete video download and conversion software specially designed for PC.

Developed With an advanced download engine, it allows you to not only batch download Instagram videos, but also download videos / music from more than 1000 video sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion and at an incredible speed.

It has a Solid video conversion capability that allows you to convert downloaded videos to MP3, MP4, MOV, HEVC, AVI, WMV, etc. to play them on a computer, TV or mobile devices.

In addition, you can also remove unwanted parts of the video, merge several videos into one, add subtitles.

It is very easy to use, with a very user-friendly interface for beginners. .

How to download Instagram Stories from other users?

We have seen several options to download Instagram videos from your timeline. But what about the Stories?

Let’s see one for Android and one for iOS.

StoryServer for Android :

I’ve already said that I Do you like simple and practical applications ? Well this is StoryServer.

Download the APP. Log into it and see how the latest Stories of the users you follow appear. Section the Story that has caught your attention. Click on it again and decide what you want to do: download, repost or share in another way.


TutuAPP for iOS :

Users of iPhone you have to download the free version of this Chinese app store. By accepting the permissions, you tell your smartphone that it is a place you trust.

Once inside the store downloads « Instagram ++ » (eye, it has many ads) . Select the story you want to download, the size, format and where you want it to be saved.

And you already have it!

I leave you a video tutorial where you can see these explanations in detail.


There are plenty of APP to download Instagram videos.

I have left you 7 that you can use on different devices, although my reflection always leads me to prioritize the PC.

Why? Because, if we are professionals of Social Media, most of our hours are spent in front of one. It’s much more comfortable for our work, don’t you think?

You don’t need to use those 7 alternatives. Try them, if you want, but with that you install one of them is more than enough.

Which of these applications (or others that we have not mentioned and you know) to download Instagram videos do you recommend?

Cover image ( Instagram. Photo frame ) thanks to Shutterstock.

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