How to do a Successful #SEO Audit?

How to do a Successful #SEO Audit?

How to conduct an SEO audit? What are the current metrics? With the steps in our article, you can also control and increase your site traffic with these actions.

Find and Delete Zombies Pages

Type in the Google search engine site: and search for the results.

 metaphor google

If the incoming number is higher than you think, you are not alone. Many websites have 50% more indexed pages than they should be on Google. These extra indexed pages are called “zombie pages”. Deleting zombie pages can increase your organic traffic.

Why do these studies work well? Google has said that the excess content doesn't make your website better and you delete the zombie pages and give Google what it wants.

A small reminder: deleting zombie pages also makes the rest of the steps for SEO control easier. Fewer pages = Less problems.

Below you can see the most common types of zombie pages.

  • Archive pages
  • Category and tag names (WordPress)
  • Search results pages
  • Old press contents
  • Boilerplate contents
  • Weak content (pages with less than 50 words)

Check Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

Mobile SEO is more important than ever . So why?

First, 60% of Google searches come from mobile devices .

 search market mobile desktop

Second, Google mobile priority algorithm . This means that Google uses the mobile version of your website for mobile and desktop search results.

How do you know if your website is mobile friendly?

Google's mobile friendly You can find the answer to this question using the test tool. Just type the link of your site into the search bar and press enter. You can tell if Google sees your website as mobile friendly.

 mobile friendly google

Make sure Google indexed only one of your site's versions

There may be multiple versions of your website indexed on Google did you know? For example, you can see 4 versions of the same website below:

  • https: // www.

According to users, these may be the same website, but according to Google, they are not the same website. If you do not properly redirect these versions to your site, Google will consider these links as completely different websites . You can follow the steps below to check and fix this situation.

Write 4 different versions of your website to your browser. They should all be pointing to the same URL. You can try which we also use as Metaphor for a healthier result and one-time control. If one of the versions of your site is not redirecting the way you want, don't worry, you just need to redirect to the version you want to use with the 301 redirect .

 google announcing domain wide

Accelerate Your Site

Years ago, Google confirmed that the loading speed of your website is a factor that affects your ranking . Recently, announced a new update which makes speed an even more important factor. Below are ways to really speed up your website.

Clean your website's HTML code

You can easily detect problems in your HTML code with the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool.

Note: Don't just analyze your homepage, test your 2-3 sub-pages as well Check. Don't forget blog posts, service pages, and category pages.

Run a speed test

A test page will tell you step-by-step the problems that slow down your website. You can use for this job, but the tool GTMetrix is also a good tool for speed testing.

Compress your images

Large images slow down your site than it should be can make. For this reason, we recommend compressing your images using a platform like Kraken .

Note: If you are paying 70-80 TL per year for hosting, do not expect very fast loading performance from your website. [19659002] Find and Correct Index Problems

Check web pages that Google cannot index. To do this, we can use our loyal friend Google Search Console . The report, available under “Index Coverage”, provides a list of pages that Google has not indexed for a particular reason.

 index coverage

As seen, at No problem. Really? We recommend using the free (up to a certain number of urls) SEO tool Screaming Frog to make sure everything is fine and double-check it. Screaming Frog crawls your site just like Google does and gives you information about your inaccessible pages. You can see the results for in the image below.

 screaming frog metaphor

For example, if you accidentally block a page with your robots.txt file or if your page has a noindex tag, it makes you notice them. So if you see a blocked page, double check to see if you specifically blocked this page.

Check Your Organic Traffic

Check how much organic traffic your site received. To do this, log in to Google Analytics and follow these steps. Click Acquisiton >> All Traffic >> Channels then click “Organic Search”. After adjusting the date range, you will be able to see exactly how many people visited your site from the search engines last month. In the next step, set the date range to the last 4-5 months. So you will be able to see the trend of your organic traffic as well as whether you are currently in a negative or positive trend.

Don't worry if your organic traffic remains the same or falls. The purpose of this step is to see just where you are. Once this SEO audit is complete, you will start taking actions.

Improve Your On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is a very broad topic.

 title keyword

] You probably don't have time to optimize every page on your website what the graphic tells us. Fortunately, you don't have to do this anyway. Below you will find what you can do instead.

First of all, identify the 5 most important pages on your site;

  • Targeting an important keyword
  • Receiving less traffic than it should get
  • Good ranking but could be in the top 5 if it is a bit more interested.

If you really have limited time, focus on these 5 strategies;

  • Pass your keyword in your title tag
  • Pass your keyword in the first 100 words on your page
  • Add 5+ external links
  • Add 5+ internal links
  • Use LSI keywords

Install Keyword Rank Tracking Tool

There are too many tools for ranking measurement. But if you ask us, the best of them are SEOMonitor and SEMrush .

SEMrush doesn't just follow the keywords you give. The good thing about SEMrush is that your website automatically finds the keywords listed.

Analyze Your Backlinks

No doubt backlinks are still very important. According to a study with 1 million search results, backlinks affect ranking more than any other factor.

 reference domain

To review your backlink profile, first enter your homepage in a backlink analysis tool. We use the Ahrefs tool for this step, but you can also use the Majestic or Moz tool.

 metaphor ahrefs

More then check the number of domains and domain authority that redirects.

Domains that redirect = Number of websites that link to your website

 ahrefs referring domains

You may not see the exact number of domains that redirect here. This will give you a benchmark of where you are. Each tool has a different naming for Domain Authority. For example, Ahrefs calls this “Domain Rating” but the main idea is the same. Domain Authority shows you how much authority your site has based on the number and quality of backlinks you have.

Finally check the toxic links

To do this, check your anchor text, which is the most common in your link profile.


If you see a lot of branded anchor text (like “Metaphor” or “”) this is a good sign. But if you see a large number of keyword-rich anchor texts (such as “seo blog” or “seo training company”), these toxic links may point to.

The majority of your backlinks should come from real websites, but if you see that most of them come from websites that are not related to your topic, You may need to disavow these links .

Note: Toxic links are natural in every link profile. So don't worry when you come across toxic links.

Fix Broken Links

Broken links are not good for the user experience and can harm your SEO. However, you can find out how to fix your broken links below.

First, find broken links that Google cannot index on your website

You can find this information in the “ Scope ” tab of Google Search Console. [19659006]  scope search console

There is no problem on this side since there are no broken links on our website. If Google gives 404 errors, you will see them on this screen.

Sometimes there are pages you have deleted for certain reasons. For example, you may have deleted zombie pages before. If so, you won't have to do anything about it. Google will not report the links you have corrected after a while. However, if Google cannot access a page you want to rank, you will want to access that page as soon as possible.

Use a tool to identify broken internal and external links

You can use the Ahrefs tool. Since Metaphor does not have a broken link, we are sampling on a different site. You can also use a free tool like

 ahrefs broken

or Broken Link Check . Both tools will work.

Competitor Analysis

First, identify the best keywords of your competitors. You can find these keywords using the SEMrush, SEOMonitor or Ahrefs tool. If your competitors rank on these keywords, you also have a chance to rank. This shows that the keywords you have specified are well-chosen keywords to target.

Check the ranking pages for keywords

Then determine the common points of these pages. In this way, you can also understand what kind of content works best in your field. You will find that the content has the following common features:

  • They are long (they contain more than 3 thousand words)
  • Special images and illustrations are used.
  • Research studies and explanations from Google are given by linking.

Which websites are directed to these pages Check it out

To do this, enter the URL in Ahrefs and examine which links are redirecting to the page you have specified. This information shows you who your influencers are.

Optimize Your Content

We previously optimized your top 5 pages, now let's make the content on these pages 10 times better. You ask why? Your content needs to be very good to be able to rank in 2019 . Below you can see how you can do this step by step.

Nobody wants to read the long introduction sentences below. Instead, try to make your entries short and crucial.

People don't read online articles, browse . Small paragraphs help your browsing readers understand your content more comfortably.

  • Numerous subtitles

Subtitles allow the reader to take your content in digestible parts.

  • Use images and videos ]

It will make your multimedia content much more attractive. In addition, images help people learn and understand your content more easily. Reading and easy to understand content extends session times on the page.

Optimize for UX Signals

RankBrain is Google's new artificial intelligence algorithm. Unlike the old Google, RankBrain measures how users interact with your website .

Today you need to optimize your pages for UX signals (user experience signals) to rank on Google . In other words, your content should make users happy. When you achieve this, Google will position your content at the top.

Simplify Your Website Architecture

Your website architecture shows you how the pages on your site are organized. This factor is very important for SEO. There are two main reasons for this:

Site architecture allows search engines to find and index all your pages.

When your site architecture is mixed, Google will have trouble finding and indexing all your pages. However, if your site architecture is organized, Google will easily find and index all your pages.

Your site architecture tells Google which pages are more important.

In general, the closer a page is to your homepage, the more valuable it is. Accessing any page within the site from your site's homepage shouldn't take more than 3 clicks.

Edit Duplicate Meta Tags

Google has stated that [194590046] is the easiest gains you can get on a page last year . You can easily find duplicate metadata in Google Search Console. Just go to the Search Appearance> HTML Improvements tab. If important pages on your site contain duplicate meta tags, you need to edit them. As Metaphor, we recommend that these tags be dynamic especially on e-commerce sites.

Get More Out of Your Internal Links

Internal links are one of the least understood among SEO strategies. If you want to make internal linking correctly, please link to the pages with the highest priority as possible.

You can see all internal links on your site through Google Search Console. Click Search Traffic> Internal Link tab, you can view the pages with the most internal link here.

Note: In this section, you can see a lot of junk links. For example, you may have linked your privacy policy or contact page from most of your pages. This often happens because the site links or links from the footer. You don't have to worry about it.

Optimize for Featured Snippets

Featured snippets (Featured snippets in search) can increase your organic traffic incredibly.

OK how do you ensure that your content is in the Featured Snippet area? This guide will give you the answer. To summarize;

  • Tailor your content to mobile
  • Set up HTTPS
  • Use many titles. (Use not only H1, but also H2 and H3)
  • Give short answers to questions (42 words)
  • Link to the sources you cite.

That's all. If you have reviewed all these items and took appropriate actions, it is time to sit back and enjoy the abundant traffic.

In this article, there are compilations from foreign sources, we have edited / added these articles.

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