How to create useful content: 6 always effective strategies

How to create useful content: 6 always effective strategies

How to create useful content for your readers? This is the question that the web writer asks himself every day as he begins to to write an article for the blog . The same goes for any content marketing expert, even for those who work with podcasts or videos.

 How to create useful content
How to write quality content for the web.

Why the rules for publishing quality experiences they often change according to the context, writing has its rules and other video marketing. Yet there are pillars to always remember. Which ones are they? How to create useful content? I tell you.

Give immediately what the user needs

The first rule to publish quality content : immediately communicate the benefit you want to give to the user. Why are you here?

What was the reason that led you to write, record or model ideas? Use the above the fold, or at least the first few seconds of attention, to capture the audience's interest .

In reality, giving everything at once is not necessarily a good idea and not even a possibility always real. Because there are arguments that need the right form to present themselves to the public and satisfy the intent.

But this does not stop you from being effective in the attack of an article or of any other product to be published online. Always remember Nielsen's graphic .

Here is the summary that you must always remember when you create: “57% of their page-viewing time above the fold. 74% of the viewing time was spent in the first two screenfuls. “

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Remove everything you don't need

Take care of the people who follow your publications. Do you want to know how? It is not enough to create quality content you must also present it at its best.

This means to make it simple to be enjoyed thanks to an adequate synthesis. If you bury great value under a flood of scuffle you are not respecting your audience.

On the contrary, you deceive him with promises and mirages but you soften it later with heavy and superfluous words. Learn to to write with the knife to remove what is not needed. And to highlight the right content with good formatting work if needed.

Study the needs of your audience

How to create useful content? You have to know the needs of the public and work so as not to put aside their needs. This also applies to those who have to create content for Instagram . It is not a typical problem of the blogger even if in this case the work to follow is that of keyword research . Tools like:

They help you a lot in discovering the search intent, the search intent behind a specific request . What does all this mean? Valuable content .

How to use Answer The Public.

Because it is through the creation of content thought around the needs that something useful is created. Free and paid SEO tools can help you achieve this goal,

Good content is multimedia

Consider this pillar of online communication : in most cases, the best possible result comes from the combination of various channels.

How to communicate the sequences of a recipe in the best way to the public? In the blog post you can put a video. A tutorial created with a professional camera.

The video, however, may have subtitles . Because people love videos but watch them with the audio turned off. And to summarize the steps of a procedure? You can use the power of infographics. In short, whoever exploits the multimedia contents .

Add your contribution to history

A big problem when you decide to take the reins of your online business and manage the universe content marketing : avarice. You want to get the same results as your competitors and decide to do the stupidest thing, that is to copy.

Always repeat the same things without giving a minimum of creative authority to what you do. This is actually the worst way to deal with the problem and get people to bond with your brand. You can also follow the most banal and repetitive theme of the web, but if you approach it from your perspective it becomes special.

Do not forget to mention the sources

Often people forget to link the articles that they used to achieve certain results. This is a problem because citing sources means adding value to the final product . And then it is right that this is so, you owe it to those who helped you.

 the importance of the foints.
The basis of knowledge.

The quotation gratifies those who have allowed you to obtain the results. It also helps the reader and the general public to take note of what is useful for further reading . This means doing justice to culture in the broadest sense possible.

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How to create useful content

This is my list of tips for post something interesting on your profiles. In your opinion, is it a replicable solution ? Leave your personal advice in the comments to achieve the central goal: satisfy the user.

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