what is it Google Forms? What are the useful ones for Google Forms? In this guide, I will explain the functions of this platform and how to create a Google Form or Google Document step by step with examples.


If you want to know what your subscribers and customers think of your content, products or services, a good way is to conduct surveys. And that’s why, today I’m talking about Google Form, a tool to create Google Forms.

Google Forms is a very valuable platform for businesses and entrepreneurs that you need to know about. Find out how to access Google Docs and how to use them.

What is Google Forms?

Google Forms is a free tool from Google to create forms, surveys or collect information from our audience in a simple and fast way.

What are Google Forms used for?

The Google Forms they are used to:


  • Take surveys to subscribers and customers quickly.
  • Get feedback on content, products or services.
  • Data collection of our community.
  • Create events and manage registrations and leads.
  • Plan events.

In other words, collect different kinds of information in a simple and efficient way which is very useful for any project.

How Google Forms is used in a nutshell

There are several easy ways to create google forms, which I’ll tell you below, but in summary, they can be done in 3 steps:

Step 1: Create a form or questionnaire

For this you must:

  1. Enter a web browser and enter the address: forms.google.com.
  2. Click on the square “In white“.
  3. A new Google form will open.

Step 2: Edit the form and set the format

You can add text, images, or videos to a Google Form, as well as edit and format it. For example in:

After creating a form, you can add and edit up to 300 content items, such as questions, descriptions, images and videos.

To organize the form by subject, you can add up to 75 sections.

  • Create a quiz with Google Forms and an answer key

To create this questionnaire, you must:

  • Go to Google Forms, click on the sign More.
  • At the top right, click Setting.
  • Then click Questionnaires and after Change to in a questionnaire.
  • Click on save.

Optional: To collect email addresses, click General and after Collect email addresses.

  • Choose where the responses to the form are saved

When you submit a Google Form, you can collect responses from it or separately from Google Sheets.

Step 3: Send the form to respondents to complete

When everything is ready, send the form to the respondents and collect the answerss.

These are the 3 main steps and in summary form to create Google Forms.

We will now see how to create a step explained by Google form.

How to Create a Google Form or Google Document in 7 Steps

First of all, you need to have a Google account to be able to access all Google tools. If you want to see how to create a Gmail account, see here.

If you don’t have a Google account yet and want to create one, Click here.

When you have your Google Account, you can now create your Google Forms. For this you must:

1- Create a new form in Google Forms

There are three ways to create this document:

A- From Google Forms

Enter https://docs.google.com/forms/ and click create a new form. You can choose a blank form or one of the templates offered by the tool.

example of creating new google forms

B- From Google Sheets

Enter leaves.google.com then open a new document “in white“to start working.

sample google spreadsheets

C- From Google Drive

And another way to create a new Google document is to use your Google Drive account. You can enter from your Gmail account, then go to “Google apps“(1 in the image below) then click”Drive»(2 in the image) and the Drive application opens.

enter google drive 2021

Then you just have to click on “NEW” and in “Google Forms“, Then select” Blank Form “or” From Template “, as I show you in the image below.

open the Google form in Drive

2. Select the questions that we will add to our Google forms

With the document open, complete the fields on your form. You must put the title of the form, a description and write the questions.

start a blank google form

You have different options depending on the type of response. To see it, go to the drop-down list on the right (and which I show you in the image above). Each question is fully customizable and we have different options depending on the type of answer.

To open the options, click “Several options” and a bar like the one you see in the image above is removed with different options:

  • Short answer: useful for obtaining data such as first and last name, email, etc.
  • Paragraph: when we want users to make comments and observations.
  • Several options: answers from which they must choose.
  • Casillas: to check the boxes (one or more) that the user deems appropriate in their response.
  • Detachable: to add different peel-off responses.
  • Linear scale: to carry out numerical evaluations on a subject, by rating it for example from 1 to 10.
  • Various options grid: is similar to linear scale, but with an array. It is used to perform a complex assessment that includes different aspects.
  • Grid of squares– Similar to the previous option, but with checkboxes.

3. Add images or videos to the Google form questions

Google Forms don’t have to be just a series of chained questions. You can add images and videos to make it more dynamic.

add images and videos in forms

To add images or videos, you just need to go to the document sidebar (as you can see in the image above) and click on the type of document you want to upload.

  • You can download images from your computer, from a URL, or from Google images.
  • And the videos can be downloaded from YouTube by searching or from a URL.

4. Add sections and titles to your survey

If you create a Google Form with multiple questions, you can give it a structure that makes it easier for the user to navigate through “Add sections”.

To do this, click on the symbol as in the following image.

add sections in forms

Ideally, if your Google Form is complete, divide it into several sections with titles and explanatory descriptions to help the user better understand the quiz.

5. Personalize your Google form

And to finish creating our Google form, we can customize the form. For this we have to go to painting symbol (customize the theme) as you see in the image below, click and a new tab will open with several options.

customize the theme in Google forms in 2021

We can customize:

  • On your mind: select a section between different subjects or download an image from our computer. It can be a good option to add an image of our brand and our company.
  • Theme color: we have the possibility to choose between several colors.
  • Background color: which best suits the form and the header.
  • Font style: with different fonts (ideally you choose one that is readable).

6. Adjust the preview of the document and Google Form

Next to the button to customize the theme (top right) you have the icons of:

  • Overview: to see what your Google form looks like (very useful).
  • Setting: in this section you have 3 windows:
configuration in google forms
  • General– to define if you want to collect e-mail addresses, schedule a return receipt, limit the response by person or allow the respondent to modify after sending.
  • Presentation– To activate a progress bar, set the order of the questions to appear randomly or view the link to submit another answer.
  • Questionnaires– To assign scores to questions and activate automatic evaluation.

7. Send the Google form to users

Finally, when the form is ready and revised, all that remains is to send it to the users whose responses you wish to receive. To do this, click on the “Submit“.

Several shipping options will open:

ways to submit forms
  • E-mail: fill in the requested information and attach the form.
  • Link: you just need to copy the link and you have the option to shorten the URL to make the link shorter and more user-friendly.
  • Insert HTML: we can insert the HTML code on our website to give access to the form.
  • Social networks: we can also share the form via social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

You can use one or more methods to submit the Google Form.

Then you just have to wait and collect all user responses.

How do I see the results of Google Forms?

To see responses to Google Forms, you must:


  • Open your file in Google Forms.
  • At the top of the form, click Responses.
  • Click on abstract.

And you will see all responses from users who have responded to your form.

And now I leave you some interesting questions and answers that I found on Google questionnaires.

How many people can respond to a Google form?

There is no limit of people to respond to a Google form. Unlimited.

Is it necessary to have a Google account to respond to Google forms?

No. Anyone can respond to Google Forms.

Example of a Google form created for a course

And to finish the article, I leave you an example of a Google form that I created for a personal branding course, so that you can see an example of its use.

Example of form created

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Hope this guide on Google Forms, help you to know and better manage this tool for creating Google forms, and that the steps of how to create a google form it encourages you to create polls and quizzes to better understand the needs of your audience.

I think it’s a very powerful tool for personal brand and businesses to get and analyze target audience data.

Did you know Google Forms? Have you created Google Forms for your brand? And the results?

I await your comments below. And if you liked the post, feel free to share it on your social networks so that it can be useful to other people.

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