How to build a website to attract subscribers 24x7x365

How to build a website to attract subscribers 24x7x365



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How many truly consolidated online projects do you know without a good subscriber database?

I already tell you: very little, if not none.

Medium and long-term survival of online businesses depends on their ability to attract, care for, and turn subscribers into customers .

If you do this whole process right, the percentage of probabilities of things going well for you will be very high, and I want to contribute to this by talking about the first step: the capture and in particular about what you need on your website so that the input stream is constant

When you’re done reading, I want you to be perfectly clear on what to add to your pages and posts to get subscribers passively recordable «» .

What do you need on a technical level to register the subscriber yes?

We can get more or less complicated, but my specific recommendation is that you get a partner that never fails:

# 1 A subscription form posting system

The form is a subscriber’s entry door to your database .

You need the person who is going to subscribe to enter their email somewhere, and you do that by putting subscription forms on your pages and messages.

How can you place them?

Yes, you handle the design tools well, you can create them yourself and link them manually to your email marketing tool.

It seems complicated, but the email marketing tools usually have very well defined and documented the connection processes to the shapes of your web, so don’t worry about the technical part.

There are even Mailing platforms that allow to create them directly from there and then embed or share them on your website. This is a great option! Although you can also buy a plugin that will do it for you and configure it.

# 2 An email marketing tool to connect those forms together

Perfect, you already have a way to put the forms on your web.

Now the question arises: what should I do with the data users

Where are they stored?

This is where the email marketing service comes in.

Like Doppler, without going any further.

They are online services that allow you to add Lists to the users who leave their details in the forms I was talking about earlier.

Those users are currently registered and become official subscribers (I do not enter RGPD or Double Optin ). What you do with them is already part of the second step, taking care of theirs to turn them into customers.

But I’m not here to talk about it, but to tell you how to have your website, so this listing or drop of users to your Database is constant.

How to convince the user to leave his email

Today, there is more friction than a few years ago when a user left your email in exchange for NOTHING.

Le Your blog should like a lot; otherwise forget it.

So there is what is known as Lead Magnet an available or downloadable document to offer in exchange for that email or lead . [19659003] It’s simple: you generate the Lead Magnet, you offer it for free on your website and ask for the email to send it to him.

The user gives it to you because he is interested in receiving that document, but at the same time he gets interested in your database, that is your main goal.

Types of lead magnet

What can you offer the user for free so that they can leave their e-mail?

The possibilities are many; Here are some ideas:

an ebook

a simple ebook with tips, tricks, or resources your reader may appreciate .

For example, if you have a website where you sell Community Management services. You could offer a Lead Magnet with a guide with your personal tips, to successfully publish on any social network. Keep in mind that you’re giving it away (not really, but the user thinks so) so this won’t wait for content that will fix their life.

It could be:

  • Checklist
  • Tips
  • Examples
  • Guide
  • Secrets

And a long one and so on. Everything you can think of. Watch how Kytufina presents it on the homepage of its website.



Type it (for example, you can use tools like Beacon ), make it business and schedule delivery with your email marketing tool a series of autoresponder .

A content upgrade

A content upgrade is also an ebook, but what I have taken over from the previous list because I think it is worth talking about.

Have you ever read a message you loved and saved it in your bookmarks to use when you need it?

A content upgrade is an e-book that you provide to the user whose content is that article or posts on the blog … but turned into a downloadable document .

That document can have exactly the same content as the post, although ideally you should add a little more and encourage the user to download it.

Look at this example of a content upgrade: the orange button invites you to download the same content that the user was reading, in pdf format


 Content upgrades work very well; If you’re going to be posting soon that you hope will be one of your blog’s flagships, consider also offering it as an ebook in the same article for users to download in exchange for their guidance.

A free consultancy

With this type of Lead Magnet you can not only attract subscribers, but also customers if you sell services.

When you start your web, this is a great option, the truth.

It’s about giving your time away to make a small diagnosis to your potential customer. To request this, they will have to ask you to block 30 minutes of your time and their contact details. There you have the mail.

Later, in that small consultancy, you can take the opportunity to try and make him a customer … But we’ll talk about it another day ☺

Free Masterclass

The point here is that you record a video that tells something that interests your audience and that you present it on your website as if it were a class or master class.

Most importantly, this masterclass is ultimately visible in a URL that you automatically send by email after completing the registration in the form.

Sometimes these master classes are also given live, but that implies for a time that we often do not have.

Where to place the subscription boxes

In which places do we put all these types of Lead Magnet on the web?

Here you can make the difference: don’t limit yourself to just one footer with a small form.

You should have a path to ALL pages and messages that have traffic co of any kind. Here are the best options:

# 1 In the first scroll of the homepage

My recommendation number 1 is that you have your Lead Magnet clearly visible to nothing else between the user on your page.

It is a form of make sure that everyone who enters the page with the most listings on a website sees it. 100%.

# 2 At the end of each static page

Home, about me pages with services, please contact … If you have a Lead Magnet that you think that can really interest anyone visiting your website, make sure that when a user uses too much of a page’s content, they end up seeing that extra to download.

What percentage of your users reach the bottom of the pages?

They will gain weight because what they have seen has been interesting to them; Why not take advantage to see if they want something more in exchange for their lead?

# 3 At the end of the blog posts

In the same way that you offer an e-book at the end of each page, the user who says «From here until now, one of your posts should be able to send you to register for your newsletter very handy.

Note that you have reached the end of the post. He liked it.

No one reads content they don’t like for 5-10 minutes.

You have it ready at the end of your post, grateful for what you have seen. That there is no subscription box with a main magnet or just to register to receive future articles is a crime.

# 4 Halfway through the blog posts

What if the reader doesn’t reach the website very well but still what you read?

For them it is recommended that there be one or two boxes of the Lead Magnet throughout the post.

If you use sidebar in the design the shape fits there: it is the natural place where the user would expect to find it. As in this case:



# 5 In a pop-up that only comes out

You can also do that when a user moves his cursor to the X above to On the right to close the page, skip a pop-up offer with the free content you have for him with a message of the type “ Wait! I have a gift before you leave ». [

Or that the pop-up appears when the user has read the message for a few seconds.

It is a somewhat intrusive method that Google started to penalize a few years ago (never leave this happen in responsive versions), so be careful.

# 6 On a squeeze page

Squeeze page is the name of the page that is exclusively designed to provide a Lead Magnet.

When you run ads for digital marketing on Facebook ads this usually to pages like this, which are intended only to capture subscribers or leads .

You can pin this squeeze page to your main menu and put the text “Gift” even in a different color. The eyes will go straight to it, and … who doesn’t love gifts?

# 7 Content Upgrades: At The Beginning And At The End Of The Post

Content upgrades, because they are based on content, must be in the Same URL where this is displayed.

At the beginning or at the end of the post?

I recommend putting it in both places: if it is a document that will be useful, make sure it is visible. [19659007] 24 x 7 x 365

This is the good thing: if you make the effort to leave your web prepared with all these ways of access, the funnel will run at full capacity all the time . Without rest .

You will sleep and your website will capture leads. You take a shower and more of the same. Also on vacation.

And if you notice that the Lead Magnet is already a bit burned out, or that it is not particularly attractive to users … then you just have to change it! Or present it in a different way, with a different cover or a different model.

I hope you liked the content; I wrote it with pleasure. It is based on my experience; If you want to contribute something else, I’d love to read you in the comments.

See you soon!

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