How can I use Pinterest to generate traffic to my website?

How can I use Pinterest to generate traffic to my website?


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In the past two weeks, after Facebook, Pinterest has become the third most important reference source for my blog and Google , Platforms that I have spent more time and resources on. If you have not used this social network for visits, I recommend that you start immediately. It is really a great network. So today I am going to tell you how to use it Pinterest to generate traffic to your website.

A few days ago I had no idea how to use Pinterest.

Someone told me about this social network in 2013. Until then I was a bit bored with Facebook and me i had e found a preference for Twitter. So I thought it would be a great idea to migrate elsewhere. My friends gos didn’t use it and I didn’t find much to do there. The day I created my Pinterest profile was the last time in 7 years that I entered this platform.

Shortly after I created this website, I joined some groups of bloggers on Facebook. to make my publications more visible. There I received some suggestions to increase my traffic with Pinterest. He actually didn’t know much about what to do. He had an account but had never used it. I created a board, a couple of pins and actually got a couple of visits to that place. I found him quite a potential. If you would like to see my board on Pinterest, click on this link .

Since then I’ve done some research and received some recommendations on how to use this space. In this sense, I would like to thank the creator of the blog Poder Mamá who gave me several tips . Well, I’m telling you what I know about how to use Pinterest to generate traffic.

1. Give meaning to the design of your pins

More than any other social network, the visual quality on Pinterest is very, very important. If you want visits, take the task of designing attractive places seriously. On this page you will find very nice articles . You don’t want your arts to be memorable or mocking.

The tool I use to create my publications is Canva. If you don’t know how to use it, I recommend reading this tutorial . It is really very simple and friendly. The additional effort is worth it. This is reflected in my metrics.

2. Create good titles and descriptions for your pins.

An aesthetic design must be accompanied by a good title. In my case, I use the same headings that I use in my blog posts and that I previously checked in Google Trends . For the descriptions of my pins, I usually use the same ones that I wrote in the excerpts from my articles.

And while we’re at it, use hashtags in your posts. How many hashtags? As I was able to investigate, between 5 and 9. Also make sure that these keywords focus very much on the topic of the article you are referring to.

3. Publish daily

It is better that you have a high frequency of publication and publish all of your pins at the same time. In my case I make 2 to 3 daily posts that I keep on my boards . I mainly use it to promote my previous articles. Later, when I have taken on this task, I will publish a daily PIN.

Like any social network, Pinterest moves at your own pace . If you want to generate traffic to your site, don’t forget it. On the day I don’t publish anything in this place, almost no visitor comes to me this way.

4. Saving other people’s posts

It is not so important on Pinterest to fill up with followers. What you want is for people to save your posts. This will give you visibility and increase the likelihood that more people will come to your website.

To do this, save other people’s pins on your boards. This way they get a notification of what you have done and they can see who you are and what you are doing. It’s the equivalent of following other people on Instagram to follow you.

5. Enter group boards and keep your pins there.

Until a few days ago, I knew nothing about the existence of group boards. But since I started using it, the income on my blog has increased. This corresponds to a Facebook group. There are some administrators, several members and everyone can freely save their pins on these sites. In return, I have to save a colleague’s lapel pin on one of my boards. This is how we all grow together . This dynamic seems to me to be spectacular.

The way to enter a board is pretty easy. You just have to paste the group board into Pinterest’s search engine and get some options. Then enter it, contact the administrator, ask them to give you access, and if they authorize you, you can start publishing.

Another way to find quality group boards is to check where other bloggers are. to request access to them. This has given me very good results. In addition, there is a tool that you can use to find group boards called Pin Grupie. Honestly, I didn’t use it much because those who appear to me are mostly in English or are of little relevance to me. At the moment I prefer to search for them manually.

In summary, it is worthwhile to learn how to use Pinterest.

If we come from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we have to change the chip in order to use this social network. But as soon as we do that, we will see that the effort has paid off. Pinterest is a great platform. Very underestimated in my opinion. But great if we want to find niches. I will soon be conducting sample experiments there and will certainly publish the results in this blog .

Want to learn more about Pinterest? Request online advice and I will guide you in developing a strategy on this website. And of course contact me if you want me to carry your brand on this or other networks. If you like my content, share it and follow me on my social media . In this way you help me to reach more people.

Do you know any other strategy to generate traffic through Pinterest? Leave it in the comments!

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