Google #Web Light in the #Google #Search #Console #report

Google #Web Light in the #Google #Search #Console #report

Hello SEO people! Google Web Light is not a new topic, but it is new in a Google Search Console report. Check your web light traffic!


In order to optimize mobile surfing for users, Google started the function Google Web Light a few years ago (I think it dates from 2015): Website optimization service in mobile for slow connections, but only for traffic from Google search results in the Chrome or Android browser. What is new is that in addition to Google Analytics, you now know the traffic volume of Google Web Light in the Google Search Console.

What is Google Web Light?

The user does a Google search on Chrome under through smartphone, but the mobile connection is slow. When you click on your website listed in the Google search results, the pages of your mobile website are automatically transcoded in order to retain the content relevant to the user, to eliminate possible functions that affect the navigation speed. The promise is that your site’s pages will load four times faster after this optimization.

The browser displays a message at the top of the page that this site is optimized. If the user doesn’t like the displayed layout, they can click the link that shows the original version of the site, although it may take longer to load. To determine the traffic on your website via Google Web Light, simply refer the forwarding traffic to Google Analytics.

Can’t simulate the Google Web Light scenario to learn how your website is displayed to the user? When accessing the address check [URL_do_seu_site]

Everything seems ideal to speed up page loading for the user, but Google Web Light has ever by type also a negative aspect side? ˅. Additional Information:


 Google Web Light SEO News

Google Web Light: What has changed from the start until today

Then Google started the AMP project – Accelerated Mobile Pages – also with the same goal of optimizing user navigation on mobile devices. However, the Google Web Light function was not discontinued after the start of AMP, especially since AMP, unlike Web Light, where Google performs the optimization without the website owner having to take any measures, requires implementation on the website by a developer. Google says:

AMP pages ordered from locations that support transcoding can also be changed to reduce loading times. The changes include the optimization of fonts and images.

The Google Search Console displays the Web Light traffic report.

From the end of April / 2018, a report of the pages can be checked in the Google Search Console (only in the new version). These have been optimized by Web Light and have received data traffic.

On the new search console’s Status / Performance screen, click + NEW to add a new filter. Select the option Search Aspect / Filter Weblight Results .

You can also compare weaving light results with aspects other than organic results. Search results as AMP without improved search .

 Compare the Web Light results with other aspects of Google Search Console search.

This is important depending on the functions of the individual websites. The options for Search Aspect may vary.


I have to admit that I didn’t expect Google to publish a Web Light results report in the search console – with the emergence of the AMP project and how to do it every time I imagined Google one day Web Light would discard to improve the speed of mobile websites. However, the function remains active and becomes more important since it was little discussed when it appeared.

I don’t particularly like Google Web Light because it interferes with some pages by “over-optimizing” because it is mostly harmful to websites . If the topic is new to you, be sure to check the links above, check the reports in Google Analytics and the search console, and mostly search your optimized website. Only then can you decide whether it is worth keeping this optimization active on your website or not (yes, it is possible to deactivate it! Explanation in the links above!). See also official documentation: Web Light: Pages for faster and lighter mobile devices from the survey .

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