Google Trends – Discover Search Trends

Google Trends – Discover Search Trends

Hello, One question: how do you find the most relevant topics and terms for the content you create for your website or blog? You must have heard of the Google Keyword Planner, right? However, there is an even more efficient tool for identifying opportunities: Google Trends!

  Google Trends - Discovery Trends

Let’s talk about it today and how You can use it to discover search trends.

  • Understand your users’ behavior better when they search for a website, image, or video.

Try it out! What is Google Trends?
Google Trends is a tool from the world’s most well-known search engine, Google, that helps you identify the searches that users have done to a particular term.
In short, it is a support tool that you can use to identify trends and help you capture terms alongside and other mechanisms, e.g. B. the Keyword Planner from Google Ads .
In Trends, you can view the most important and growing queries on each topic. You can also filter the results by:

  • countries,
  • states,
  • period,
  • category,
  • search sources such as Google Images, Google News, Google Shopping or YouTube .

To get an overview of Google Trends, play the following video:

Why use Google Trends?

But in the end this will be the case is this tool for my type of business? The answer is yes! For example, if you have a website and are pursuing digital marketing strategies, Google Trends is great for finding the right words and being found by your leads.
This is because:

  • shows the most frequently searched terms by people, so that you can think about a content and optimization topic for SEO when searching for keywords;
  • Find the growth or decline of the most relevant searches in your market.
  • It is possible to compare synonyms or similar topics to determine which are more interesting for work in a certain period of time or for digital actions.

How does Google Trends work?

To use the tool easily, simply visit to explore the topics. On the first screen you will see the most popular searches with the option to filter by location or by one of the trend categories.

To find out the trends of your niche, for example, simply perform a search in the search field.
On the next search screen you will see a graph that shows the development of the search for the selected term over time. Here you can change the country, the period, the category and the source of the search.

  Google Trends - Discovery Trends

For a better understanding I will explain each of the functions. See below:

  1. It is possible to filter the result by country or even specify a country in order to better analyze the trend.
  2. You can see the entire evolution of the term in searches (from 2004 to today). If you apply your term to more than one context, you can use the filter by category to get a higher level of. Not only can you specify a different time period, but you can also get the graph oscillation up to the last hour.
  3. correct in relation to the result. For example, if you search for “RPG” in the “Games” category, you will get a specific graph of the evolution over time with keywords such as RPG games, online RPG and RPG games. On the other hand, if you search for “RPG” in the “Health” category, in addition to another search trend diagram, you will get word results such as: B. Physiotherapy RPG, posture RPG, etc .;
  4. the same topic may be searched differently depending on where the user is. For example, when he searches for “football” in Google search, his main queries are games, football games, and live football. When this term is searched in Google Images, we have questions like soccer and football players. Finally, when we look at the searches we did on YouTube, we get football videos and music from Mc Guime, País do Futebol. Knowing this distinction can be very useful if you optimize your search for images or videos.
  5. Another very interesting feature is the comparison of terms. This way you can decide what type of content you want to focus on. Imagine that you have a travel website and want to write a series of articles about a particular beach. Which has the greatest potential: Ubatuba or Caraguatatuba? Google Trends answers this question:

  Google Trends - Discovering Trends

Trends show that it may be more interesting to focus on content on Ubatuba. In the example above, we only compare two terms. However, you can make an even bigger comparison.

Exploring Regional Interest

Imagine now that you want to invest in sponsored ads, whether on Google or Facebook. Did you know that Google Trends also helps you segment your target audience? In the “Regional Interest” block, you can see which regions of Brazil are more searched for the topic you want to advertise. See how easy it is to analyze the data:

  Google Trends - Discovering Trends

For the term “Ubatuba” it is interesting, for example, to focus on the regions of São Paulo to concentrate. Tocantins and Pernambuco.

Core Queries and Growing Queries

You can find new ways to expand your keywords using the terms shown in “Related Issues” and “Related Queries”. By changing the time period, you can find new words and expand your list of relevant terms.
I particularly like the growing number of requests in the past few months and last year. This enabled us to identify good opportunities for a trend. For example, if you paste the “Last 12 Months” filter on the keyword “two-door refrigerator”, you will see the result:

  Google Trends - Discover Search Trends

Seasonality and Trend

Google Trends is an excellent tool for identifying niche seasonality. For example, if we search for the keyword “black Friday,” the graph shows a peak search that begins in October and peaks in November, the month the event occurs. [19659059] Google Trends – Discovery Trends “width =” 1024 “height =” 470 “data-src =” 1-1024×470.png “loading =” lazy “data-srcset =”×470.png 1024w, https : //×138.png 300w, 12 / google-trends-dashboard06-1-768×352.png 768w, 1273w “data-sizes = “auto” />

This way you can search for the highlights of the search in your niche and prepare your area for further visits.
What’s up? Know from the explanations in the article already, what will be a trend in your niche market? Use Google Trends to help you Find out and expand opportunities to generate new content. Remember, whoever takes the lead has a good chance of getting there first. I wish you every success in all your projects!
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