Google launches a guide to support cases against Covid-19

Google launches a guide to support cases against Covid-19



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With the cessation of economic activity and social distancing due to the current pandemic, the retail companies have not only seen the performance of their operations but have also forced them to make difficult decisions regarding the shutdown of their businesses and changes in their working methods The situation is rough wherever you look and that is why Google released a guide support company for the Covid-19 in which it gathers strategic information that helps them get through this moment in the best way.

The 4 Google tips to support business for the Covid-19

was developed by Bill Ready, Google’s president of commerce, and is intended to help Retail companies and brands adapt to a dynamic environment through the application of tools new product solutions and tactical information that will broaden their understanding of how to overcome the health crisis.

In its content, Ready emphasizes the digital ecosystem as a source of particular importance in times as complex as today where it has supported small businesses and retailers.

In fact, it states that there are still hundreds of companies that are unwilling to be found by users on the Internet, even if they have the products in stock that are being searched on the Internet. Therefore, takes on the task of educating brands on how to use the various tools of google to their advantage to connect consumers with the information they are looking for.

From there, the tech giant offers these five tips to support businesses against the Covid – 19, based on the eCommerce tree in 2020 and the massive growth in Latin America (500%) between March 9 and April 27 driven by Mexico in the first place.

Importance of data to define a strategy

The annual comparison of the information and data company Nielsen revealed visits to websites in countries such as Mexico and Argentina increased by 60% with an average navigation up to 12 hours, in March and April.

For this reason, it is important that companies have really specific information about what you are looking for n consumers based on where, when and how they can receive what they need to try to get there and meet the demand.

A Google survey conducted in May revealed that 1 in 6 people in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru purchased a product online that they could have easily bought in a physical store while half of respondents were willing to repeat the purchase.

What Centennials Are: Keys to Meeting the New Generation of Digital Consumers

In this sense, the relevance of e-commerce is such that online purchases are made both by devices and by computers or mobile applications, the App Annie increased the use of the latter worldwide by 20% . For this reason, knowing consumers’ habits is key to defining strategies that understand and reach them.

Managing businesses as needs evolve

The world is moving fast and it is important that businesses are updated in real time about physical stores, product availability and security measures for deliveries.

Not only this, it is ideal that they keep a new inventory and are accompanied by automatic updates of items advertised within Google Shopping Shopping Actions and other Google platforms check all your data and always stay up to date. But why is all this so necessary?

Google data from around the world, collected between March 28 and April 5, 2020, showed that product search in inventory increased by 70% from one month to the next while the search for “home delivery” worldwide increased by more than 100% from the 15th to the 28th of the same month.

In addition, it is necessary to configure the “Limited Purchase Quantity” button or mark items that are almost ready as sold out. Its importance in optimizing the online shopping experience for mobile phones and evaluating that of users, a free option within Google for SMB .

If the brand or local has its own app, it can promote it through Google Ads in the Application Campaign tab

Evaluate and customize an ad campaign

Every day new trends, technologies and situations that have a direct influence on consumer behavior, for this reason staying up to date becomes relevant again .

Tools such as Google Trends, Google Alerts, Google Analytics and Google Shopping, in addition to best-selling product reports and category retail will help brands build an up-to-date marketing campaign . They show people’s interest in certain categories in certain periods.

Google’s president of commerce illustrates this very well by citing current trends in Mexico, which show a 163% and 312% increase in the term “Furniture for Home Office” in March and April this year.

7 Tips to Make Your Ads in Google Ads More Effective

If companies already have an ongoing campaign within Google Ads they can make changes that increase their effectiveness such as location exclusion, content exclusions and position exclusions.

New Solutions for Customers

Communication with customers will always be a priority, currently campaigns that are sensitive or respond innovatively to unforeseen events by Covid – 19 get the approval of 1 in 2 people . These preferences will not be temporary, according to Kantar’s signature 66% of people in Latin America plan to preserve the habits they acquired during the distance .

The  Messages  in Google My Business helps businesses have smooth communication with their customers, they can even answer questions or comments about their products or catalogs. In addition, will have the “Publication on COVID-19” section where they can share their security measures and delivery processes.

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