Hello true friends! Are you ready for our Free SEO Course Lesson 9 ? Today we brought you a video with various information about Google’s algorithms and typologies for ranking content on your website or blog. If you don’t know what google rates positively / negatively, then you are obviously not in the game.

Ranking websites for multiple LongTails can be an overwhelming change in your business. If you know the algorithms and the way that google rates them on a website you are approaching mass capture directly from your target audience, but you already know that.

There are more than 200 factors that rank your website at the top of the world’s most viewed search platform, Google. In the video we will cover a variety of typologies and algorithms for SEO. In this article, we’re going to cover the top 10 factors that can be found on Google.

Would you like to know more about the subject? Come with me!

How do Google’s algorithms work?

If we stop analyzing the amount of content posted on the Internet every day, it would be impossible to organize or find anything without a classification method.

And that is exactly what Google means. When used without claims, it often functions as an informal dictionary. All the answers to questions of all kinds in one place.

Google takes hundreds of billions of pieces of content and web pages and looks for the best results to present you. For this purpose, the search platform has developed options with which Google classifies the content after it has been recorded with the help of its algorithms that qualify it for its data traffic under the “response pages”.

How about if you know Top 10 ranking factors that were measured with Google’s algorithms ? See below:

TOP 10 factors to be evaluated on Google

  1. Engineering and usability of site – SEO On-Page

Google “dots” the quality of its site also taking into account the How the user feels when using his site. Yes, that is true and Google found ways to read this.

How long do your users stay on your site? What is the percentage of rejection? These are some of the data that may surround this subject.

So plan a website that is intuitive and easy to use, create attractive content and concentrate on the quality of your visual identity.

  1. Keywords

You will find that in several places in the settings of your admin panel the gap remains open which keywords should be used to send a direct message to Google: “I want to rank with this keyword”. How does it work?

Work on the desired keywords within:

  • Urls,
  • Meta tags,
  • Description of the page,
  • Title,
  • Keywords in the content [19659023] Among other advanced techniques.

All of the above are also areas in which you can signal to Google what your web pages address.

  1. Domain and Ranking

This question It keeps getting in my inbox all the time and to be honest I’m a little tired of explaining what happens to the relevance of the domain that contains the keywords that Your company needs for the ranking. Come on:

“It doesn’t matter, your domain has the keywords you want to rate “.

If you want to use the domain area to be well viewed by Google it is very interesting that you are working on the branding of your brand to make it search for to make your service or product relevant.

Don’t you understand? Do you speak Bombril or Steel Wool? Work on building demand for your brand name enough to save it before the name of the product or service.

  1. Quality content

One of the points calculated most frequently by Google is precisely the production content in a qualified manner authoritarian and with several questions about the signaling of the search platform algorithms.

In promoting the production of qualified content you are demonstrating authority and qualification to discuss certain topics and who knows, get ranked on the first few pages of Google. If you think through the needs of your company you will not get close to success, on the contrary. Do you understand that we live in a digital world that has been shaped by the strategy of inbound marketing?

Work on your pages with highly qualified content and gradually be popular with Google.

  1. The power of backlinks

Who already here Have you not heard of the great power of backlinks to rate websites on the Google search platform ? It’s true. It is obvious that in order for you to get good SEO results on Google you will need to work on a complex set of techniques and skills.

backlinks from are essential to get results mainly to be able to rank in the most popular niches. It is worth remembering that getting backlinks is not a very simple process.

There are innumerable possibilities to create, generate or even call up backlinks . However, there is little care. Google has improved the detection of false links and strongly penalizes websites that “cheat to forge links”. You need to be smart or learn how to get and create backlinks for Real SEO Course .

  1. Commitment

I don’t see many people commenting on this interesting factor for the website ranking on Google . The more engagement your page generates, the better Google will understand that your page deserves to be used and shown in response.

The following applies to Google: The more audience, satisfaction and reading time your page generates, the better and more effective you will be. It’s a simple logic: the more comments, notes on your website, the sharing of your website and the organic promotion of extensions, the more you will be noticed and used by Google .

Generate Engagement on Your Website Generate comments after promoting CTAs (Call for Attention), addressing controversial topics, raising hot topics, and many other organic engagement marketing tactics.

  1. Does your page contain SPAM?

Do your pages contain SPAM? If so, it is best to rethink how revenue is generated, or to do so in the least toxic way possible. Google is very concerned about this problem of SPAM on networks.

So if you have a lot of pop-ups and ads in excess, you have blackhats techniques on your pages that you can capture and emails, among other things, be aware of this extremely harmful practice to your website.

  1. Your Brand Presence

The more you work to expand your brand presence on platforms full of authority, the more your website will earn on Google . Your brand’s presence on platforms such as social media, Google my Business, and other strong platforms (Truth Vip’s SEO course has different timing orientations).

In Truth Vip’s SEO course we usually call this strategy rings of authority. Here is one of the easiest and most powerful techniques for expanding your online platform.

  1. Geolocation and Ranking

Did you know that companies that work with scalable strategies are much more successful than trying to hug the world with their arms?

Using geolocation techniques to be perceived and demonstrated by Google is an action with real results. When you scale your business starting with local locations, you not only reduce ranking difficulties, but also do business with selected people from your locations. Use this knowledge wisely.

Location tags, Google Maps, yellow list (digital), company address on your website … techniques are diverse and necessary.

Does your website appear minimally on Google Maps?

  1. The authority of your brand

As mentioned above, the authority of your brand will be of great importance for its expansion on the Internet . When I started working on the authority of my special SEO course, there was simply no demand for the keywords “ TRUE SEO “, and today this longtail is already in high demand.

Knowing where you are going is extremely important when you know the possibilities of a brand consolidated in Google [1945911] . In addition, traffic generates traffic. Work on the organic extension of your digital platform and it will keep coming to the top!

So this article left important tips for those who want to do SEO . The knowledge about the functioning of Google’s algorithms and typologies is important in order to rank with the quality on the most frequently accessed search platform on our planet. Did you like the TOP10 question, which deals with Google’s algorithms ?

Watch our video on Youtube talking about Google’s algorithms in a more complex and comprehensive way on the subject!

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