get to know the paid version of YouTube

get to know the paid version of YouTube

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A while ago, Google launched in Brazil a novelty that could revolutionize the work of content producers: YouTube Premium . It is a paid version of the service and it promises a series of incredible features.
Do you want to know more about YouTube Premium and how it affects the work of youtubers and entrepreneurs who bet on the platform? Then keep reading this article!
See what you will learn:

What is YouTube Premium?

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Going straight to the point, YouTube Premium is the paid version of Google’s online video service . From a fixed monthly fee, the user has access to a series of exclusive features.
With this new service, it is possible to watch all the contents of the channel without worrying about announcements or interruptions.
Available in more than 20 countries, YouTube Premium recently arrived in Brazil, replacing the old YouTube Red.
Subscription to the service costs 20.90 reais a month (31.90 on the family plan) and, in addition to ensuring the display of all content without ads, it also offers:

  • Access to exclusive videos YouTube Originals [19659021]which includes series, auditorium programs and sports broadcasts;
  • Allows you to download content to watch offline, without ads and in the background;
  • Integration with various devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, video games and computers;

This new version of YouTube arrives to compete directly with giants of streaming video such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.
And to win a slice of that audience, Google is betting on the power and relevance of the YouTube brand in the world of online videos.

But wait! Paid YouTube? How so?

That’s right. For a long time, YouTube was a very profitable platform, precisely because of the display of ads on videos. However, the profitability of the service was not very attractive to investors.
To reverse this situation, the alternative found by Google was to create a subscription service YouTube Red. In early 2018, the service was renamed to YouTube Premium and maintained all functionality.
Despite this, the platform will maintain the current model of free access to content, but with display of ads on videos. The idea is to offer an option for users who want to get rid of ads and, at the same time, access exclusive functions .

And what is YouTube Music Premium?

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Along with YouTube Premium, the platform launched another service, this time aimed at streaming music. It’s YouTube Music.
Basically, it is a combination of YouTube and services like Spotify and Deezer. It allows users to listen to all songs and watch music clips available on the YouTube collection .
The idea is to merge the current Google Play Music with the new service in the future, unifying the collection.
YouTube Music costs 16.90 reais a month (or 25.50 reais in the family plan), and gives access to the entire library of tracks and albums on the platform, without displaying ads during playback . Other features include:

  • Downloading tracks and clips for offline playback;
  • Possibility to do background streaming ;
  • Creating automatic playlists offline.

But the user can access the service for free . However, you will encounter the same restrictions as conventional YouTube, such as displaying ads, inability to stream in the background and download tracks.

YouTube Premium vs conventional YouTube

While the novelty is beneficial in some ways and has caught the attention of some people, this is not the end of conventional YouTube.
Free videos will continue to be displayed with ads on the platform. but users will have the option to consume channel content without restrictions and ads through a subscription.
Check below some differences between the two modalities of the channel.

1. Videos without ads

Perhaps this is the most striking difference between the two models!

On traditional YouTube, the user is bombarded with several ads from short videos before the videos to banners . . ]
And although there is an option to skip some advertisements, it is still necessary to wait a few seconds for this to be possible.
Therefore, those who consume a lot of content on YouTube end up wasting a lot of time closing and skipping ads. Of course, that is if you do not use an ad blocker.

On YouTube Premium, on the other hand, the user does not suffer from this problem as there are no ads between the contents.
That way, you can watch as many videos as you want, without interruption!

2. Offline content

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Who never wanted to download (or managed to) download any YouTube video to watch offline?
In the traditional version of the platform, this is not possible, except with illegal applications. But the option is available natively to YouTube Premium subscribers .
In this way, it is possible to save the precious data of the mobile internet package by downloading the videos via Wi-Fi.
However, the contents are not available on the device forever, but only for 30 days. After this period, the application’s cache is automatically deleted.
The great advantage of this feature is that the user is able to control the quality with which the video will be downloaded. Thus, it is possible to save space in the device’s storage.

3. Background reproduction

Another great new feature of YouTube Premium is the feature that allows to watch videos in the background .
This means that if the application is minimized or closed by the user, the video will continue to play.
At the same time, playback is not interrupted if the device is locked or the screen is erased.
This feature is very useful for those who like to listen to music on their cell phones or watch webcasts while doing something else.
Another feature that Premium subscribers can experience is picture-in-picture (PiP) mode .
When the application is minimized, the video is still being played in a small floating window. However, the function is only available for devices running Android 8.0 or later.

4. Original content

Anyone who subscribes to YouTube Premium has yet another exclusive advantage: access to YouTube Originals which is not available to other users of the site.
YouTube Originals brings together a variety of exclusive content, such as films and series, produced by the largest content producers on the platform .
Initially titled YouTube Red Originals, the service was created to attract more users to the paid version of the site. In addition to competing directly with other streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

5. Play Music integration

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Another benefit for those who enjoy listening to music on their cell phones is the integration of YouTube Premium with Google Play Music.
Currently, the standard Android music player has a separate streaming service. However, Google plans to bring the two platforms together, migrating the library and services to YouTube Music.
In the meantime, subscribers to the paid version of YouTube will have access to Play Music at no additional cost .
The unification of the two services was used by Google as a strategy to get new subscribers for both services.

What are the benefits of YouTube Premium for content producers?

Currently, YouTube creators earn money through advertisements and advertisements displayed on their videos.
With the new version of the platform, Google will share the profits from subscriptions with youtubers which promises to increase the revenue of content creators.
Just as it happens on the conventional platform, the more a video is viewed, the more its creator receives for it.
The videos are still hosted on the platform for free and are available both on YouTube Premium and on the conventional website. Thus, youtuber has two ways to profit from its contents.
Another benefit of the paid version of the site is to account for offline reproductions ! This means that, even if the user downloads a content to watch without internet, the channel will be paid according to the number of times the user watched that content.
YouTube Premium also gives content producers access to new tools and data in Analytics .
This makes it easy to closely monitor earnings reports on the platform and the success and engagement of videos.
The idea of YouTube is to help the main creators of content to produce videos with even more quality. After all, the platform’s revenue depends on the videos!


As we have seen, YouTube Premium is a new service offered by Google to increase the profitability of the online video platform.
Through a monthly subscription, users will have access to exclusive features, such as offline and background playback, end of ads and unlimited music streaming.
But the paid version of the tool is also advantageous for content producers, who will have yet another billing option on the platform.
Now that you know what YouTube Premium is and the benefits of the service, how about learning how to get more views for your channel? Click here and find out how to attract users to your videos .

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