Email marketing tools: discover 6 platforms

Email marketing tools: discover 6 platforms

Email marketing is a very effective channel for sending communications to potential customers or already consolidated customers.

There are many platforms to achieve this type of delivery, but it is recommended to combine them with another set of tools that help us enrich the newsletter and increase its effectiveness in terms of conversion and conservation.

In this post we recommend 6 tools that will make your email campaigns as effective as they are attractive.

To create campaigns and landing page


Acumbamail is also a tool for mass sending, creating landing page and sending SMS.

Using a simple interface and a very complete editor, it allows you to create responsive email campaigns in a simple way and without the need for a great knowledge of HTML code or design.

It also allows you to consult complete reports and create automatic flows to send e-mails based on user behavior, as well as personalized support in Spanish via chat, e-mail and telephone, which has made it a consolidated alternative a mailchimp in Spanish.

To measure results

Google Analytics [19659011] In addition to the email campaign metrics (open rate, CTR, etc.) that you can consult in the reports of the shipping platforms, it is very important to monitor what is happening later on your website, when you refer to mail users.

Google Analytics is the well-known free measurement tool for Google websites and offers the possibility to monitor strengthen all types of data on the landing page and on the website (visits, conversions, frequency bounce time, usage time, country and countless others).

Although the learning curve can be a bit steep if it has never been used, the truth is that it is the most complete option to monitor everything that happens on a website and be able to to improve it.


Reply to the public

A key element of email campaigns, in addition to trying to make sales, is generating content that generates and maintains the interest of subscribers, providing added value that encourages you to continue reading emails in your inbox.

Respond to the public is a very useful keyword analysis tool to learn more about what users want to know about specific topics. It is very useful when generating content for email campaigns that solve doubts and concerns about concepts related to your business. In addition, its free version is quite complete.

To add multimedia content to your emails

Including multimedia content is a good idea to improve the appearance of of your emails and make them more attractive in view, in order to increase engagement with your subscribers.

Here we recommend three libraries where you can find countless photos, GIFs and videos to be included in your shipments.


Pixabay offers an extensive catalog of free downloadable images that can help you make your email design more attractive. You can also find other graphic resources such as illustrations, vectors or videos.


GIF has become a very popular format for communication on the Internet. Thanks to its ability to adapt to the context and to the fact that it is a moving image, it endows it with a very effective communicative force.

By including a GIF in your emails you can increase the interaction. GIPHY is one of the most popular banks that exist to search for them and also offers a tool with which you can create and edit them for free.


Videezy is a video bank with a large catalog of free HD and 4K clips that you can include in your content, as well as After Effects models and other editing programs.

With the help of these tools you will be able to create much more attractive and effective email marketing campaigns to keep the interest of your subscribers. Can you think more?

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