Does the B2B buyer's journey work for marketing and sales?

Does the B2B buyer's journey work for marketing and sales?

Marketing is only part of the B2B customer journey. Once you are on a prospect’s radar, you need to move smoothly from marketing to sales.

Unfortunately, this can be a real obstacle for many B2B companies.

Many of the customers we worked with have struggled to make their marketing work because they did not understand the customer journey. They did not know how to easily shift perspectives from the evaluation phase to the decision phase and the test phase.

How marketing and sales adapt to the customer journey

To conduct profitable marketing campaigns, your marketing team and the sales team must understand their position in the customer journey and how they relate between their. Too often, marketing and sales operate in their silos.

Marketing does its best to send good contacts to the sales team. The sales team does their best to turn those leads into sales.

For your customers, however, their path is an ongoing process. They don’t fill out a form on your website and think, “I have entered the decision-making phase, so I will forget everything I have seen, done or heard up to this point and start over.” For your sales team, every new benefit is a fresh start and a new opportunity. For your contacts, this is only the last step of an ongoing journey. If marketing and sales don’t work together to make that trip a pleasant and seamless experience, your potential customers will be frustrated and retire.

Remember, leads typically convert because they believe your company can solve their problem. The job of your sales team is to fulfill this expectation.

If sales try to sell them something different than what your marketing promises, they will feel betrayed and lose interest. However, if the response from the sales team matches the marketing message, the lead will feel like they are making the right move.

To achieve this level of messaging consistency, sales must understand the expectations of their leads. This will require extra work on your part, but it will make your sales team more effective … which makes your campaigns more profitable.

On the flip side, your sales team knows which messaging works best in the sales process and which leads are most receptive to your offer, so talking to sales can also improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts .

The more aligned your marketing and sales messaging is, the easier it will be to get potential customers to move in the customer journey.


One of the points of creating a buyer journey is understanding how your customers interact with your business at each stage of their journey. With that in mind, your trip should offer a smooth and continuous experience from start to finish.

Each marketing campaign is aimed at customers in the specific phases of their journey. By understanding that stage and the needs and expectations of your customers at that stage, you can become an integral part of their journey.

Your marketing and sales teams need to be well aligned. The better they understand each other and adapt to the customer journey, the easier it will be for them to provide a great experience to your customers, conclude business and grow your business.

Marketing and sales should set up your fulfillment team or work out for success. Closing a new sale costs a lot of money, so if your marketing and sales teams are setting the wrong expectations, you could spend a lot of money on the wrong offers.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg. For more information on the travels of B2B buyers and how to get them working for your B2B business, contact us here to get specific tips and advice for your business. See you soon!

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