Direct marketing, what is it and what are its advantages?

Direct marketing, what is it and what are its advantages?


Have you ever wondered what direct marketing is? The way you communicate with your potential customers is a factor that can bring great benefits to a company’s digital strategy. [19659004] And it is because the application of this technique that we will see today in depth strengthens the Brand authority of any business, as well as increasing sales and / or conversions, which is the goal final in most cases.

For this very reason today I want to talk to you about Direct Marketing, a very special way to attract and retain your audience both those who have not yet bought from you, and those who have, through tips and examples of companies that already use it daily.

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What is direct marketing?

Direct marketing is a trade-oriented communication technique that aims to achieve a concrete response from the target audience, who seeks a lasting and two-way relationship with customers, which is always mutually beneficial.

Its focus is on identifying said customers, both existing and future or potential, interested in your brand, product or service.

The interaction that direct marketing seeks with users is not based only on selling but can also be represented by actions such as downloading a magnet guide, signing up for a la your Newsletter ask for an opinion on a product, etc.

Obviously you shouldn’t fall into the error of many people, who think this technique is the same as conventional advertising. [19659012] Contrary to what happens with this technique, advertising only tries to advertise a specific Brand or product, without waiting for any response from customers.

What is Direct Marketing for?

This way of obtaining visibility and dissemination is used to achieve two very specific objectives:

  • It serves to to attract new customers
  • And you can also use it to to retain your existing customers

This type of strategy is one of the most effective, and it’s also very easy to measure the scope of each campaign.

We are in a time where customers have all the power to decide to join your brand or leave forever.

And companies have to design their strategies around these empowered users which is a challenge for those companies that intend to be competitive in their industry.

What benefits does direct marketing have for your brand or business?

in a very effective way of establishing a two-way relationship only with customers interested in your products and / or services.

In fact, the advantages that this excellent practice offers to companies are very positive:

1) Reach very specific customers

This hyper segmentation helps you define objectives and strategies with which it is very likely that you will get a high conversion rate.

In fact, Marketing Directo eliminates users who do not intend to convert .

It is aimed only at customers who have a potential interest in your company, ie only yours Buyer Persona .

2) It does not require too many investments

It is not necessary to invest a lot of money in the creation of your campaigns: by targeting a smaller audience that you already know very well, you can optimize campaigns with a much lower budget than in the case of marketing traditional.

3) Greater control and monitoring of your actions

It has a very quick and localized response: unlike other digital channels, where you need long periods of time for the As users respond, Direct Marketing will provides almost immediate answers.

Furthermore, you can check the origin of the replies thanks to a pixel or a code that allows you to control and analyze every action, as in the case of Facebook Ads .

4) Generates more empathy and closeness

It helps you to build personal relationships with your clients : it is much closer than other techniques on the Internet.

And it is that the very personal way you address your audience increases trust, which makes you trust them as a customer of your company.

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How exactly does Direct Marketing work?

The operation of Direct Marketing is based on the correct use of databases where you can find all the information The relevant information you need from each customer.

This is the starting point to be able to design your campaigns.

The first thing you need to do is segment your database based on the criteria you want them to affect users

For example, imagine you have a store in a specific area of your city; The most logical thing is that you are looking for potential customers in a very specific range of action.

The same happens with the search criteria of customers who have visited a business similar to yours in the last 6 months, for example.

It is another way of delimiting and segmenting the audience you wish to attract to your company.

Doing this exercise of segmenting your audience has a very positive consequence for you, and even twice.

On the one hand, you are making it easier for users to search for them and when they find you they get an offer.

And we can also bring all of this into the digital environment. Here are some ideas of formats in which you can create your direct marketing campaigns:

1) Social ads

The advertising campaigns in the major social networks for your brand has tremendous potential for attracting customers using direct marketing.

And, as I mentioned earlier about Facebook advertising, you can also practice them in others where you have a presence.

Specifically, you suggest some of the guides and tutorials that I have already posted on the blog.

»Everyone will help you a lot:

2) Sending newsletters

Take advantage of the communication you have with your customers to offer them promotions and offers based on their current situation.

Remember that you have to perform a previous segmentation ; because it is not the same thing to turn to a loyal customer than to someone who has never closed the cart, for example.

3) Telephone sales

Well-functioning telemarketing is a very good means of launching your Direct Marketing campaigns, although you may think that, since it is not totally digital, it is a bit outdated .

The key to the success of this format lies in the correct segmentation of the target . [19659004] It is essential that works very well the script in such a way that you can quickly deduce whether or not you are in front of a potential client.

Always start the conversation with a question to help you detect if the person you are talking to is interested in what you are offering.

For example: would you like to take advantage of a service with which you can save 200 euros per year?


h3> 4) Corporate videos [19659014] Videos help a lot to connect and use your customers to interact with them.

Whether it’s a video introducing your brand or the promotion you want to launch, a full review of a product or service you want to promote, a masterclass, etc.

this multimedia content as a complement to content on social networks or in your Email Marketing newsletter campaigns.

8 Tips to Optimize Your Direct Marketing Campaigns

This technique from which Today we talk about it goes far beyond achieving the objectives I have already told you about in this post.

And this way of doing Marketing also helps you to enhance your brand to branding; so take advantage of the potential it has to gain authority with your company.

Here are some tips to get more conversions every time you launch a direct marketing campaign:



  • Send all of your personalized communications ; if you are writing a newsletter, address the recipient by name
  • Invest time in Content Marketing ; Create messages that grab attention and arouse interest
  • Be the solution to your customers’ problems and needs . Make your message a lifesaver for them.
  • Add tips and advice in your posts; This is information that your customers really appreciate.
  • Arouse the curiosity of your customers with a good description of the benefits that your product or service brings.
  • Make everything very simple from easy-to-understand messages to the simplicity with which customers can act.
  • Make interaction in your messages as easy as possible . This greatly reduces response times and increases your customers’ interactions with you.
  • Analyze the buying behavior of your customers and identify new opportunities for cross-selling . [19659077] Practical example of how to use Direct Marketing within a digital strategy

    Do you have the courage to create a campaign using this method that I propose to you today? I will show you, for example, the step by step in creating a direct mailing campaign :

    Step 1: Select your target audience

    Before taking action you must find the customers who are really interested in the your product or service

    You can create a content-based campaign Inbound Marketing to get leads; for example, give away an eBook with valuable content.

    Analyze your community of followers and create audience segmentation; remember to choose the selection criteria for potential customers (products that visit your website the most, frequency of visits, etc.)

    invitation buttons to the # 39; action via icons and, of course, text.

    Every detail counts to grab the attention of your audience, remember that!

    Step 3: c create a pixel or identification code

    This way you will be able to check the full impact of the campaign.

    Thanks to this code you will be able to identify users who have come to your Web through the campaign you are creating.

    Step 4: Run several tests

    Write variables in your email and run A / B tests to choose the option that generates the most conversions.


    h3> Step 5: Launch the campaign [19659014] Before hitting the start button of your campaign, don’t forget to send a test email to check that everything is working perfectly.

    Otherwise, you will be sending the wrong content to hundreds or even thousands of people. Something that will not only not benefit you, but significantly reduce your reputation.

    Step 6: analyze the evolution of the campaign

    Allow a reasonable amount of time before all recipients have seen the email.

    One Once that moment has passed, it is time to analyze what happened; look at the number of users who opened the email, how many clicked on the links, which version of that A / B test did you perform best, etc.

    As you can see, doing a direct marketing campaign is nothing complicated. You just have to take care of the details and, above all, observe your customers to give them what they need.

    3 Examples of well-known companies that already use Direct Marketing

    Here you have some examples of companies that are already putting it into practice in their campaigns and with which they are achieving good conversion values :


    On your birthday you receive a congratulatory message along with a 10% discount on any purchase made on that day.

    This same campaign is activated by the Belgian clothing company C&A .

      Master in Digital Marketing at Webescuela


    How can you see, Direct Marketing is not simply one of those theories that are told to us in the courses c and fo rmazione and which then in the real world is not applied.

    On the contrary, is a more than usable and very profitable technique of putting our cards on the prospect’s table in order to be able to increase our product sales or service contracts.

    You have the best example in the companies I mentioned at the end of this article, which are already leaders in their industry, in part, thanks to techniques like this.

    Freepik main image.

    And you, did you know the definition of direct marketing before reading this guide?

    Do you see it extrapolated and adaptable to your project or activity?

    Tell me something you think about it and, you know, if you have any doubts, I’ll wait for you in the comments!

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