Digital marketing in the credit sector. TOP techniques to watch out for.

Digital marketing in the credit sector. TOP techniques to watch out for.

Digital Marketing in the Online Loans Industry is one of the main bases used by companies standing out in this segment.

Companies offering online loans and credits know that In order to be visible in one of the most difficult and competitive sectors of the Internet, must be well positioned in SEO and therefore they are constantly working with very well developed and implemented techniques.

In this article today we would like to make you realize that if you look at techniques used by the winners of the more competitive sectors and apply them to your strategy, it is very likely that you will find them in your sector at some point. can somehow replicate and

But is SEO just the technique? TOP used by online loan and credit portals?

Obviously not everything is SEO in this sector, but what they usually do is combine different online techniques and perfect them. without leaving details in the air and perfecting them every day without rest.

The competition is fierce and there is no detail that escalates these types of companies, although SEO is usually the fundamental pillar to these companies the loan and credit comparator that has escalated faster online

If we make a detailed analysis of who the winner is due to a landslide in the sector of loan comparators we have a clear winner and this is Credits Portal this young portal has in a short time become one of the most popular positions in Google’s top 10 for search terms with very high competition and search volumes. [19659002] Online Loan Comparison

The rapid rise in Google’s top rankings for terms like “Loan comparator We are online” or “Loans in 5 minutes” denote the enormous work behind this portal.

How did this comparator do it?

The answer is not simple or obvious, we can only analyze what is visible, deduce the following actions to take into account to try this in your company (certainly much easier to position than the research in question).

  • Web Architecture: The web page architecture is fully thought out and articulated for the purpose the company proposes, position correctly with the most relevant words in the industry Prior to this architecture, the company has undoubtedly conducted a major study on keywords and the keywords with the largest positions. ring options are selected.
  • Usability: Many online projects focus all their efforts on SEO without often realizing it. They bring traffic to the webpage, but once the user is on it, it is not easy to achieve the proposed goal. In the case of the comparator, users have all the necessary information at their disposal at all times to dispel any doubts as to which loans and credits are best for their situation, and the navigability of the site is simple, intuitive and with clear elements that are easily accessible to the user, such as the loan comparator which is the star service of this site.
  • Mobile first: We are no longer talking about & # 39; responsive & # 39; but about mobile first, and in this case, Much shows that the comparator has done a very good job in this regard, designing a totally different website adapted to mobile use instead of desktop use.
  • Content Marketing: When we analyze the whole web, the content projected into it is of high quality and perfectly solves the problem and / or the need of the user, with great explanations and deepening in every topic. You already know that we can help you with this with Click Contents, as we are specialists in the sector of loans, economics and in writing financial texts

There are certainly many more top techniques that this portal has implemented to Obtain costly SEO positions but you are certainly one of the best kept secrets of the company’s technical team.

But this is not a barrier to our blog’s followers, as we can look at other industries and add techniques we see that have helped us achieve success.

Let’s consider other sectors.

Other Sectors To Look At And Use To Position Our Businesses

As we pointed out at the beginning of this post, look at digital marketing techniques that companies are better positioned on the Internet in sectors with more pressure and competition can be a good strategy, especially if we are in an industry where digital marketing has not evolved that much and we want to position ourselves firmly.

If we analyze the online companies with more competition on the Internet in the field of digital marketing, we find at the top of the list companies how:

  • Shops online (e-commerce)
  • Sale of services SAAS (Software As A Service)
  • Virtual franchises (sale of third party brands with various digital promotions)
  • Betting, online casino and lottery company
  • Marketplaces of real estate, cars and cars
  • Agencies of online travel
  • And all financial companies how those of banks and other alternative financial entities

Do not forget to carefully track these sectors and analyze how we have done with Portalcreditos those actions that stand out the most in their SEO strategies to apply them after go to your project.

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