Digital #Marketing for #Hotels and Inns: How to Be Successful

The Internet is at the heart of decisions by travel destination and travel. To be successful, hoteliers of all sizes must invest in assertive digital marketing strategies for hotels and inns.

The good news is that you can start on a small budget and expand after you get your first results. Another good news is that if starts digital marketing for hotels properly the return can happen in the first few months of work.

So you want to know how digital marketing is applied to hotels and inns by hotels? Successful way? Read the best practices for your business in this post!

What is digital marketing for hotels and inns?

We define hotel marketing as:

“The process of promoting and promoting the brand, the products and services of hotels and inns that aim at a positive and lasting relationship with guests and potential guests, market, Consider target and competitive trends as well as business growth opportunities and aim to generate more sales and increase hotel revenues, even in times of low demand. “

As we introduced, the Internet is the focus of travel. According to industry surveys, in 2018 50% of reservations in Brazil were made online . This trend has increased and, according to surveys by Expedia, informative content in combination with travel offers influence the purchase decision of more than 80% of Latin American tourists .

In this way we can bring the definition of hotel marketing to the reality of digital marketing . Therefore, online marketing campaigns for hotels and inns are responsible for:

  • Gaining the right target group for the offers of your company;
  • Build customer relationships to build customer loyalty and make them promoters of your brand;
  • Achieve a strategic positioning to differentiate yourself in the market.
  • Create more sales opportunities by generating “raw material” for the company’s trading department.
  • Optimize resources by making them more assertive;
  • Allow the hotel and inn to identify periods of low demand beforehand and develop strategies to compensate for those periods.
  • Influence the profitability of the hotel and the inn throughout the year.

What are the advantages of digital hotel marketing

The Google effect, social networks and the expansion of the possibilities for the provision of services led to Marketing 4.0 which was developed by Philip Kotler, ad The most influential people in this field.

Marketing 4.0 indicates the relationship between digital marketing and traditional . We therefore understand that the two approaches are complementary and interdependent.

Therefore, if your company does not use online marketing measures, its marketing program is incomplete.

From the point of view of hotels and inns, the most visible advantages of digital marketing are:

Achieving independence

What happens when the OTA algorithm changes, when rates rise or in a more critical one Does the scenario where your company sells the most decide to close its business in Brazil?

If your company has its own customer acquisition and hotel sales channels, the impact will certainly be less. However, if you only rely on these websites, your vulnerability and dependency on third parties will be much greater.

Digital marketing strategies for hotels and inns guarantee other sources of income as well as the predictability of reservations directly . Then they release the company from the extreme dependence on OTAs.

Achieving higher return on investment

Investing in positioning in OTAs can be of great importance for new businesses as it is possible to publish your business at zero cost.

However, in order to achieve sustainable growth, the channels must be expanded. In this sense, investments in digital marketing can be lower and lead to very positive results compared to conventional marketing.

For example, it is much cheaper (and possibly more advantageous) to invest in social media ads than in a billboard in downtown São Paulo.

By way of illustration, we see cases where hotels generated a return that was 17.32 times the amount invested .

It is therefore worth starting with small budgets and improving investments by achieving better results in digital marketing .

Reducing the cost of customer acquisition [19659002] Commission rates reduce the profitability of hotels and inns which increases the cost of customer acquisition.

At an average rate of 13% per sale to come back to the above case. We see that the cost of acquisition is 87% lower on average.

Finally, with digital marketing, your company closes more direct reservations, and this means, in addition to independence, fewer expenses to attract these customers to your hotel. This means that there are no additional fees to cover the shares.

Doubling the company’s sales

If your company has only one branch of sales, in this case indirect sales through OTAs, this also limits the sales potential.

If you work with partner sites as well as with your own channels, you have at least one further entry for new companies. That said, it can double the company’s revenue by attracting customers on two fronts of capture.

Have a productive and lasting relationship with the public

The customer of the hotel market especially in Brazil, you want an incredible and humanized experience on your travels.

Your company must therefore have a personal and effective dialogue with everyone who comes into contact with your reception. Above all, by creating a positive relationship with guests to keep them happy and make them a promoter of your brand.

Through digital marketing campaigns such as social monitoring and email marketing campaigns, we can maintain this relationship with every profile of users, making communication more assertive.

In this way we create other business opportunities because satisfied and loyal guests tend to return and continue to recommend the establishment to friends!

How to create your online positioning hotel

Now that you understand what digital marketing should be for hotels and inns and what advantages it has for companies that use it correctly, we show How to build digital positioning for your hotel:

Do you have a mobile friendly website

In Brazil alone 71% of internet users only access the network via mobile phone . It’s no coincidence that one of Google’s recent ranking requirements is the compatibility of a website with navigation on mobile devices.

Your company’s website must be suitable for smartphones and tablets. We call that mobile friendly websites. Otherwise the positioning of your company’s online pages will be affected.

Note that the corporate website is your digital business card and the primary sales channel. According to industry surveys, 70% of them prefer to close the reservation directly at the establishment, even if the user finds their hotel or inn on OTA websites. With this in mind, travelers search the company’s website after knowing it in OTAs.

Optimize Your Brand for Local Search

Google claims to have over 3 billion searches for hotels in its business search engine. As a result, it has improved its products in the hotel and tourism sector.

As a result, it created its own hotel and flight search engine, Google Hotel Search .

In addition, a basic tool for spreading local business is Google My Business . And Google has special functions for hotels, such as the area for amenities. In addition to inserting links through which the user can contact the hotel and make a reservation from there.

In order to use all of these resources, however, it is also important to integrate both tools into investments in Google Hotel Ads. [19659002] This way, your hotel can be better displayed in front of OTA offers, be visible on Google Maps and still have a direct interaction channel with those who are interested in your destination and your facility.

In short, it’s easier to be found by users near you!

Use guest references to your advantage.

According to Expedia surveys, 72% of Brazilians choose a hosting service based on recommendations personal information . The survey also shows that other travelers’ opinions (55%) are taken into account as well as news (54%).

Therefore, digital marketing strategies for hotels and inns should encourage and facilitate the sending of guest reviews. Also use these testimonials on strategic websites as an argument for making new sales.

In this way your company creates social evidence . In other words, it shows that consumers approve and recommend the experience they have had in your business. This helps to break down objections and give visitors more credibility, request offers and close the reservation.

Responding to user interactions

On the other hand, it makes no sense to facilitate communication with potential customers and the requirements for these channels are not met.

If your company doesn’t respond to interactions, the positioning becomes negative instead of offering new business opportunities.

So answer the questions about Google My Business and write a note about the reviews on Google Hotel Search and OTAs, comments on social networks and no emails without return!

Investing in Inbound Marketing

According to our surveys Inbound Marketing generates over 500% growth in website traffic for the company.

This method has proven not only to be the most sustainable and profitable in the high season, but also to attract guests in the lower season emporada .

Finally, inbound strategies are based on the pillars:

  • tightening;
  • converting;
  • closing;
  • Enchant.

In this way they feed the whole ] sales funnel from acquisition to customer loyalty. Thus, the methodology also brings consumers closer to the brand and enables a successful and lasting relationship with these customers.

Create relevant content

In this sense, this is also essential within the inbound marketing vision. Create relevant content for those who are interested in your goal, or even publish information about the region that is attracting the attention of other internet users.

As mentioned earlier, 80% of users choose to book travel and informative content. [19659002] The content not only attracts visitors to the website, but also helps to break down purchase complaints and generate more sales for your hotel.

Optimize published content

The SEO (search engine optimization) is another indispensable strategy in inbound marketing.

In short, this strategy aims to make the website appear easier on Google. As a result, users find it when they search the published content, be it on Google or any other online search system.

With some settings and formatting in your content it is already possible to improve the ranking of the website on Google and increase access to your content.

Get more deals with landing pages that convert

landing pages are pages that focus on conversion. Unlike other pages on the site, they do not have navigation menus or other elements that distract the user from the desired action. Ask for a quote.

Therefore, it is ideal to refer the user to this page to increase the likelihood that this visitor will become a lead . That is, a contact that needs to be addressed in marketing and sales strategies.

This page must contain the following:

  • forms;
  • call for action;
  • testimonials and social evidence;
  • Photos and attractive videos from your room;
  • Hotel differences.

Distribute content

Social networks are great ways to talk to your potential customers and consumers. It is also a powerful channel for disseminating the content created in your inbound strategies and gaining traffic to your website.

Especially if your website is new and you don’t have a lot of hits using organic search yet. In other words, for Google’s unpaid results.

It is therefore important to distribute the created content in order to reach the public with this relevant information that your company makes available to those who are interested in your goal, your products and services.

In addition, if you already have a contact base in social networks, it is also worthwhile to send this content by email. In our experience, it is possible to achieve excellent results with just one shipment. Including new reservations.

Have a budget for sponsored campaigns

It is important to keep your hotel’s social profiles up to date with new content, but it is also worth noting that the is organic The reach of contributions became smaller and smaller .

Supposedly Facebook and Instagram which are part of the same group, reportedly prioritize ads. As a result, non-sponsored posts are not shown to most followers.

So if you invest in payment media on social media, you can highlight your hotel and increase your brand reach. The good news is that you can get good results on a small budget.

Optimal use of OTAs

None of the digital marketing practices for hotels and hostels mentioned here exclude the effects of OTAs on the turnover of your hotel business.

According to data, 45% of online reservations are made by an intermediary. It is a part of the customers that your company cannot refuse.

The best way to deal with this scenario is to combine your digital strategies with the possibilities of hospitality OTAs .

For example, release All Rooms on these websites and update availability when your occupancy increases. Also keep the information up to date with high quality photos and always answer the questions and ratings of potential guests and customers.

Therefore, the idea is to combine the digital marketing of hotels with the potential of OTAs. It is therefore possible to get the best out of both.

How to get the most out of digital marketing results

In order to be truly successful with digital marketing for hotels and guest houses, it is imperative that every department of the company fulfills its role.

Digital marketing, which is specifically geared towards the hotel market and the particularities of your company, generates customer contacts, as described in this article.

Travelers interact on social networks in their profiles in OTAs and in their email inbox always receive new offers.

Therefore, a coordination between Marketing and Sales is required so that the leads generated are monitored by the sales team and consolidate yourself as a customer.

This is the only way your company can take full advantage of digital marketing work.

So build your online presence, use inbound marketing and integrate marketing and sales into your company. Without a doubt, this is a way for your company to grow sustainably. Share it with your team and improve your strategies today!

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