Difficulties in getting customers online? 3 points to improve TODAY

Difficulties in getting customers online? 3 points to improve TODAY

Let me guess. You launched a project full of motivation and willingness to make it happen, but as time goes by you are becoming increasingly discouraged because you are unable to close customers. The few who come in contact with you do not advance or end up saying that they are not interested.

If you’re going through this, I have some good news! There is certainly something (either in your communication or in the way you speak and present your products and services) that can be improved. And this change or these changes have the ability to completely transform your situation, in order to finally be able to close customers and make your business profitable.

This is precisely why in this article I will share with you 3 points to pay attention to and improve if you’re having trouble getting customers. Are we going to do that?

But first, just tell me if this is true or a lie. When a customer says “no”, you question EVERYTHING.

  • “Maybe the price isn’t right”
  • “Maybe the service I’m offering is not necessary”
  • “Maybe I I should stop selling and give up everything ”
  • “ Maybe I wasn’t made for this ”

If that’s the case, listen to me carefully because this will save you a lot of pain and unnecessary suffering. When a customer says “no” to a service, he is saying “no” to what you are offering. He is not saying “no” to you as a person.

Rejection is one of the most difficult feelings to process as a human being. But rejection is something that you will face daily in your business. Learn to handle it like a pro. It is important that you understand this difference and do not jeopardize YOUR VALUE. This is untouchable.

Then, there are many issues that are involved in a sale. Some of them you can control. Others are not.

Are we going to be objective and focus on what you can control? Let’s look at 3 points that are under your control and that you can change today.

1) You control the way you COMMUNICATE your offer

If you are not convinced of the value of what you have to give, I will not want to invest. Score. Stop focusing on the service, the number of hours, the platform or the number of pages. Sell me TRANSFORMATION.

A good analogy is to stop selling the plane and sell the destination. How can you clarify the benefit of buying your product or working with you?

2) You control your OFFER

You have an offer with different levels of investment and be flexible with your customers. “Can’t you invest x now? If you want to move forward, I have a payment plan or we can focus on just x sessions and solve one need at a time. ”

It is important to have multiple levels of investment and be flexible so as not to alienate potential customers who are interested in that we have to offer. Think: how can you improve this point today in your business?

3) Do you control your REPUTATION and the TRUST that others have in you

Do you want people to invest in you? Give them proof that you’re the best at what you do. Share your knowledge. Better yet, let other people speak for you and say how transformative your work has been (ie sharing testimonies).

For this it is important that you invest in sharing valuable content through social networks (particularly on Instagram, which is a powerful tool for that). And it is precisely on social networks and your online presence that you should also share customer testimonials. If you haven’t had customers yet, work with people (to test your product or service) and in return ask them for feedback on your offer. After that it will be much easier to reach new customers.

Conclusion: embrace the “no” and, above all, learn from it! And remember: with each “no” you hear, you are now closer to “yes.” work on your project strategy in depth. Sometimes a re-routing in our communication and strategy to change everything in our business.

Now tell me: did this article help? Any questions you can leave here in the comments section and I will be happy to help.

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