#CRM, #E-mail #marketing and #SEO: What are they and how do they integrate with each other?

#CRM, #E-mail #marketing and #SEO: What are they and how do they integrate with each other?

For those who know at least a little bit about the world of digital marketing, these themes do not sound strange. However, there are people who have an understanding of one of them and not so much of the others, or do not know the various ways on how to integrate CRM, E-mail Marketing and SEO among themselves. Understand better with this article, how they work:

Firstly, what do each of these terms mean: CRM, Email marketing and SEO?

It is important, first of all, to understand the meaning of these terms that influence both the digital marketing and impact it strongly.



CRM is an abbreviation of an English term that means “Customer Relationship Management”, which would translate to “Customer Relationship Management”.

This management takes place through strategies, software, policies, analyzes and practices that are related to the strengthening, stabilization, loyalty of the relationship with the current client of a company.It is also responsible for promoting the capture and conversion of those who There are likely to be future customers, called “leads”.

For the effective realization of this management, many tools and software are used, such as contact managers, interactive chats, massive SMS, e-mail marketing, among others. [19659009]

 Email Marketing

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing or also called e-mail advertising, is a technique of direct communication with the customer or the lead by sending from massive emails to a contact list.

Its main purposes are the relationship with the customer or lead, sales promotion or content that occurs through newsletters, which are also known as electronic newsletters.

type of technique happens through specific tools, thus facilitating the personalization of messages and their segmentation. An example of this type of tool would be Mailify which is a 100% European solution, and already presents specific scenarios to optimize the segmentation of email marketing strategies.

Some of the examples of e- mail marketing would be:

– Clothing promotions

– Confirmation of orders placed over the internet

– Email of delivery status of an order

– Electronic newsletter for related content to a certain brand


SEO is an abbreviation of the term that in English would be “Search Engine Optimatization” and can refer to a set of techniques to optimize search engine engines. good positions are established in the ranking of a search results page, related to a particular term that was searched for.

All of these strategies are related to organic search, that is, the one that is not paid as well as the sponsored links. It is estimated that, for example, on Google, there are more than 200 factors that influence this type of ranking on SERP pages (that is, on the results pages of a given search engine). These factors can be divided into On page and Off page.

The On page, will be those found within the pages themselves, for example, the content of the page, the application of the “Tittles” and “Meta Tittles”, Images, URLs, Rich Snippets, Heading tags, among others.

The factors Off Page are those that go outside the pages themselves, through backlink strategies these factors show that a website can be a reference, due to the presence of content and links related to it in several blogs or portals. Some examples of a good use of these would be the contexts, diversities and mentions of backlinks in addition to the direct searches performed on Google.

Now if you already know the meaning of each of the terms, understand how to integrate all these strategies with each other

With all that has been said, it is already possible to understand a little of what each of these strategies is and also its importance within digital marketing. After retaining all this information, the question that arises is, how to integrate them with each other? There are some ways to achieve this integration that can be simpler than you think:

Initially, optimize your site and review the structure of your pages

There is no use in having a good management structure with the client, have a pre-programming for sending email marketing if your page has a complicated and disorganized structure.

First of all, this is detrimental to SEO and also in your entire digital strategy.

So make sure your page be optimized, review the structure of your pages, make sure that all of them have a responsive, intelligent and well thought out design for the understanding of your website visitor.

Observe if the structure of your pages is well done, if the titles, meta titles and snippets. This makes them optimized for SEO.

Remember that when optimizing a page, this is promoted throughout your digital marketing strategy. For example, when carrying out a CRM action via sms marketing or email marketing, there will be a suggestion to the customer for him to visit your website. In addition, it is important to have a good landing page structure, since the website is the gateway to a good brand image.

Therefore, the smooth functioning of a website is essential for the integration of CRM , email marketing and SEO, in addition to being essential for a good business reputation.

Create an integrated content calendar

It is important to plan the content presented in all channels and strategies of a brand and this is not out of digital marketing.

For example, we can talk about when a new function of a particular product appears.

When this happens and the CRM tools detect potential stakeholders , emails about this new feature can be sent. With all this, it is important that there is a landing page that refers exactly to this function and that it is structured for SEO. This way, if someone wants to search on Google about this feature, it will be easy to find it.

For all this integration to occur, it is important to use a well thought out calendar, in which the use of all these techniques is clear. After all, they only work perfectly, when they are well planned and integrated.

Pay attention to blogs, they can have much more relevance than you think

There are those who believe that blogs today do not make a difference to the brands, due to other types of content that can be displayed through social networks, such as videos and photos that can be posted. However, this is a big mistake for many, because the contents and articles are extremely relevant within the planning and integration of digital channels.

Blogs are great sources for redirecting email marketing links, making them more natural and less commercial in many cases.

In addition, they are rich sources for optimizing the link-building strategy, thus strengthening SEO. Not only that, this channel is also often responsible for following a more natural relationship with the customer, by sending content links through the various CRM tools.

Therefore, it is noted that the relevance of a content quality and building a well-structured blog are essential factors for brands.


CRM, e-mail marketing and SEO are essential for a digital strategy to work properly. Integrating them with each other and with other marketing channels, leads companies to obtain increasingly efficient results, so it is always important to take them into account when carrying out campaign planning, customer management and even marketing. product or service launches.

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