create an online sales site

create an online sales site

Have a website has become a must for businesses, especially for sales. Indeed, thee-commerce in France is growing and represents an unprecedented opportunity for thousands of entrepreneurs. However, some are still hesitant when it comes to entering the vast digital world. It is true that this area can seem complex and difficult to find its place, but don’t panic, we will explain everything to you. In this article we will see the advantages of an online sales site.

Take advantage of booming web traffic

Let’s start by talking about numbers to become aware of the power of the internet today.

According to FEVAD 2020 figures (The Federation of e-commerce and distance selling), the e-commerce market rose from 20 billion euros in 2009 to 100 billion euros in 2020. A real explosion in turnover in just 10 years! This growth is explained by the consumer behavior. Almost 85% of French Internet users order online. The number ofonline shoppers and their frequency of purchase both increased, all for an average basket of around € 59 in 2020.

According to FEVAD, the e-commerce market is growing

With such numbers, you should already better understand the opportunity represented by online sales sites. Whatever your target, it is undoubtedly already one of these millions of connected buyers. If you are not present on the web, then you are not giving them any way to know you or to buy your products or services.

Visibility on the Internet 24 hours a day

You can sleep soundly and make sales while you sleep!

Having an online sales site also means having a huge gain in visibility. Internet allows you to have a shop accessible 24/7 and, icing on the cake, all internationally. No more opening hours and customers outside your catchment area, that is, too far away to shop in your store.

E-commerce works 24 hours a day
Make sales 24 hours a day in France and internationally

The internet allows you to reach a larger target anytime, and most importantly, when they need it. By positioning yourself on the right keywords, your online sales site will be visible when a consumer searches for a product or service similar to yours.

A gain in visibility and moresales opportunities, all without employees or overtime to pay. Your e-commerce site is working for you. You develop your turnover, without increasing your costs.

Take advantage of affordable prices

Let’s talk about price of a website. It is difficult to give an average price because they vary greatly depending on the solution used for the creation of your site. If you ask an expert to create a tailor-made site for you from A to Z, the price can be very high. But this solution is proving to be less and less relevant, because many turnkey e-commerce website creation tools have seen the day.

They allow you to create an e-commerce site specific in computer coding. Some of these turnkey e-commerce solutions, such as Wizishop, for example, allow you to create a site quickly and easily, all of which can be personalized to have a unique site adapted to your business. The platform also offers this complete guide to launch your store.

The price will therefore not be a brake during the creation of an online sales site. By choosing the right solution, it will be less compared to the many advantages mentioned. Without forgetting that this site will quickly pay for itself. Indeed, you can keep it for many years, without having to redo one. You just need to update your information or your products to make it evolve at the same time as your business.

Sell ​​an unlimited number of products

Unlike a physical store, a online shopping website has no limit as to the number of products offered. No more space, you can list as many products as you want, of all sizes and even add or remove them with just a few clicks.

With these products you can associate as many photos and videos as you want to present them properly. You surely know, to sell a product, nothing better than a good presentation. In store, it depends on the POS (point-of-sale advertising) on site, often limited, and salespeople, who unfortunately cannot be present for every customer.

On your website, you will have plenty of time to prepare your texts, photos and presentation videos in advance. You therefore ensure the best possible presentation for your products or services and above all, you ensure that this presentation will be the same for all your visitors.

Develop your e-commerce with different marketing levers

Finally, creating an online sales site is above all embarking on a new rewarding project for your business. It is a first step into the vast digital world. If this first step of your digital transformation is successful, it can take your business to a whole new dimension with webmarketing levers.

E-commerce web marketing techniques
There are many webmarketing levers in e-commerce

Once your project to create an online sales site has been completed, many others web marketing development possibilities will open up to you. You will be able to acquire, help and advise new clients through blog posts, videos or tutorials for example. You will also be able to keep in touch and discuss with them on social networks, in order to retain them. Finally, you could generate more sales with ads on social networks like Facebook or on Google.

Now you know why you should create an online sales site. You know its benefits, all at a lower cost, if you use the right tool to create it. But beware, we are talking about the benefits of an online sales site compared to a physical store, but these two stores are complementary. You don’t have to choose one or the other, on the contrary. If you have the possibility, we can only encourage you to have a physical and digital presence to reach your target.

We hope to have convinced you to get started in e-commerce thanks to this article!

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