Country of #Influence: Who Sells Best?

Country of #Influence: Who Sells Best?



Do you know which are the main countries that exert influence? Influence is and remains a powerful tool to achieve all kinds of goals . Influence provides a number of skills for exercising control over power. This control can serve countless purposes.

The ability to influence, given its powerful effectiveness, has become one of the most sought after qualities. Some want them to enrich themselves, others to triumph, economic success or social success. The countries of influence have made the most progress on this path. What is “influence”: a new global concept.

Influence, understood as a neo-concept of the current 21st century, gives a complete return to the original meaning of influence. Influence is what the so-called “influencers” have, a neologism that has crept into all languages ​​of the planet.

So it focuses on new social heroes, people who, as before, with influence, allow not so much to exercise control of power, but to lead people to fate or preference that exactly determines power. It also places influencer countries as new champions.

This new situation is only possible thanks to the development of technology and with this progress, with the advent of a new information ecosystem defined by the emergence of social networks as tapes of life and society.

Therefore, is “the influencer” who succeeds in influencing people to carry out the actions someone needs either in the light of public opinion in election processes or in the course of affairs related to the the creation of a brand or the increase in sales as a result of massive consumer purchases. The influencing countries are those that demand the most attention and those that sell best as a destination or as a market.

That Determines the Influence of the Countries.

The most influential people in the world are those who spend all day in the media, on the front pages of newspapers, and on the Internet. They are the ones who lead the global economy and those who have established new guidelines for social and cultural behavior.

The American magazine U.S. Pat. News & World Report ranks the global influence of 80 countries. It is based on five aspects: its leadership capacity, the importance of its economic and political weight, the adequacy of its international alliances, as well as its presence on the international stage and, fifth, military power.

The Major Countries Influential People of the World

The complete list of the most influential countries in the world, with their key data, demographic population and GDP per capita, is as follows:

  • United States (325.7 million inhabitants; $ 59,792.
  • Russia (144.5 million inhabitants; $ 27,893).
  • China (1.4 billion inhabitants; $ 16,696). [19659014] Germany ( 82.7 million inhabitants; $ 50,804).
  • United Kingdom (66.0 million inhabitants; $ 44,292).
  • France (66.7 million inhabitants;
  • Japan (126.8 million inhabitants; $ 42,942)
  • Israel (8.7 million inhabitants; $ 36,405).
  • Saudi Arabia ($ 32.9). Million inhabitants; 54 $ 532)
  • South Korea (51.5 million people; [19659021] The United States is without a doubt the first country in the world. It is one of the great influential countries. In fact, it is the most influential . It has the greatest the world’s economy and the most qualified and technologically advanced forces.

    His realistic view of the international stage involves him in conflicts all over the world. China and Russia will follow. Each of them has its own drawbacks because being culturally two countries with ancient cultures, the lack of transparency in their data and information makes them very difficult to measure and evaluate today. according to this ranking of the magazine US News & World Report? Journalists from the North American publication placed it in position 23. Although it should be noted that with a per capita GDP of $ 38,381, it surpasses that of Russia, China and Israel. The problem is the population density, which remains at 46.6 million inhabitants.

    Top selling countries through influencer marketing

    These are the most influential countries. Now, with the new meanings of the term “influence,” we must determine how this classification can survive. Then add the influencer marketing or influential marketing parameter.

    This is the & # 39; [19454520] form of advertising from several recent studies and practices, aimed more at individuals than at the target market. in general. It identifies the people who influence (commonly referred to as “influencers”) potential buyers and the marketing activities targeting these influencers “as determined by the Universal Wikipedia Encyclopedia.

    To subsequently identify the countries” Infuencers “, it will be necessary to revise in addition to the other types of identifiers seen so far. What needs to be analyzed is their social authority (with their scope and participation rate) .

    1.- Social authority, relevance and degree of involvement

    As for the first indicator, its social authority, it is a quantitative analysis This is the data Social media analysis platforms are essential in this you can easily design an agency to measure influence. The design should include the visualization of the data, activity and statistics of the “influencers.”

    Concerning the second indicator relevance must respond to the quality of the influence exerted [age by age, by country, with demographics that may be of particular interest.

    The third indicator is essential and ultimately gives meaning to the measures. It confirms the influencer’s ability to create relationships between other influential users and with the target audience. This is when responses occur, which also need to be monitored to measure the influencer’s power.

    2.- Social networks as a source of information about the influence of countries

    When we need to know the influence of social networks on the popularity of a country or, conversely, the influence of a country, we cannot provide all data that can be analyzed lose sight. There are also several studies that can be relied on to clarify this concept.

    They analyze the influence in the digital world, especially on the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook platforms applied to the tourism capacity of land. It is then a matter of finding out which country is the best influencer.

    The study concludes, among other things, that Facebook “ is the most widely used social network to track everything related to the world of travel. It is also the most widely used way to comment, complain or request information. . ” Indeed Facebook dominates in terms of followers, compared to 72% of Facebook subscribers there is 14% of Twitter and Instagram, and it is also essential to know which countries have the most social network subscribers. you a big coincidence that will reveal that the United States is the most influential country in the world and also the biggest “influencer.” It’s a coincidence, yes, but that doesn’t seem like a big surprise.

    3.- Tourism as an indicator of influence

    Following the report Digital tourism: the main travel brands on the social networks & # 39; published by Apple Tree Communications, you can find new revelations, all very inter essant. The most visited countries in 2017 were France, Spain and the United States.

    However, if we analyze the influence of their tourism organizations on social networks, the United States will be the first followed by Mexico and the United Kingdom. Spain would take fifth place with more than two million subscribers in the networks.

    4.- User Behavior

    It is also essential to know which countries are the most “influencers” to assess the user data available to them. Now the surprises begin, because the Philippines is the country in the world where citizens spend the most hours on social networks.

    This data comes from the GlobalWebIndex report, which reveals how much time people spend on social media by country. Spain is in the list of the 50 countries in the world with the most registered hours, in particular at number 36.

    It is also surprising that Brazil is the second country whose citizens spend the most time on social networks. But it turns out that the most influential and & # 39; influencing & # 39; countries in the world, the United States and then Europe, with the exception of Russia and China, have the citizens who spend the fewer hours on social networks .

    This is explained by the fact that others follow them. In other words, it is they who influence the rest of the countries, positioning it as the major influential countries in the world.

    The Influence of the West

    As it became clear, the United United has been by far the best-selling country in all respects, both in global influence due to its social, economic and military power as well as its ability to market all its products anywhere to sell.

    The following influential countries are Europeans, with a clear predominance of Italy, France and Spain, encouraged by their culture, their way of life and their major influence on tourism, and are the first countries in the world to receive tourists every year .

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