Content for social networks. What should i post?

Content for social networks. What should i post?

Social networks are natural places to connect with our audience and generate business online. But how often has it happened to us that we don’t know what to post in these areas. That is why today I am writing how to generate content for social networks.

How to create valuable content on social networks?

It is important to clarify something here. Creating social media content is not the same as Create Valuable Content . It’s not about posting something to fill a space. Our Posts should serve to position our brand in the minds of our target groups.

Let’s start with the fact that we have a product or service that we want to market. This offering should cover the need to be relevant. Well why should people trust our suggestion and not go to the competition?

This is where valuable content becomes relevant. If we are able to instill trust in our audience, it can be a little easier to get them to choose us and not others.

Constructing thematic axes

In one of my first articles I already told you about the importance of creating good strategies for social networks . If we are not sure where we are going and how we are going to do it, our path is likely to have little success.

With this in mind, it is important to make a prior survey of information about our product and our market niche. The content must be the result of a path that serves a previously defined goal .

And how do we combine our goals and strategies and our content? Well we do it through the thematic axes . These are the topics or sections that mark the path of our content on social networks.

For example, think of a newspaper. This can be determined by sections such as politics, economics, sport, culture. Then the editors of this medium will know what kind of news they need to write. This is how the various readers find content of interest.

Something similar happens on a corporate social network. In other words, we need to be clear about what we are going to talk about in order to create the content based on it. For example, if we have a catering service for healthy food, we should talk about topics such as well-being, nutrition tips or health-related news. In this way we can connect with our audience, position ourselves as references in an area and gain credibility.

Develop a conversation calendar

If we already know what to talk about, the next step is to establish a publishing agenda. For this purpose we have developed conversation calendar . These are Word or Excel documents that contain important information about our publications. For example:

  • Date and time of publication
  • Social network on which the publication should take place
  • Subject. For example news, advantages of our products, entertainment reports and others.
  • Publication format: it can be a contribution graphic, video or story.
  • Text of our publication. Make sure that you include emojis hashtags and at least one link.
  • Picture or video.

These conversation calendars are important for organizing our social media content and taking on the exercise. When we work for other people, this document is essential to advance our ideas and get our customers’ approval. And of course they will show our professionalism.

In the Your Business on Social Networking course, I teach you how to create these calendars and I give you templates so that you can easily do so. For more information, contact me at Messenger .

The content for social networks is the means to conquer our audience.

Creating content is not an easy task. However, if we manage to understand this world, we can watch a return thanks to the confidence we will create. If you want to learn more about how much content marketing affects a company, we recommend reading this article .

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