Best #Google #Analytics plugins for #WordPress

Best #Google #Analytics plugins for #WordPress

There are excellent Google Analytics plugins for WordPress. Today we’re going to share three options with you so you can rate the descriptions and choose the best one for your reality.

  Google Analytics for WordPress - Best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress

What is Google Analytics?

If you have a blog or website, you’ve surely heard of “GA”. Google Analytics is the world’s most popular tool for analyzing and monitoring websites, blogs and applications. A simple configuration with a tracking code allows you to access the access metrics of your website.

Google Analytics shows data about visits, conversions, and even users who went through your website – information that goes beyond traditional demographic data, but even shows the behavior and interest of your audience.

It’s a free tool that helps you learn more about your business and make assertive decisions.

Since it is full of information in different areas, you may need to have data in your WordPress more easily. So it can be a good idea to think about using a Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

Use from Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a powerful marketing support tool. It can be very helpful in your decisions about which content should be produced, which content is more profitable, which blog author attracts more visitors, including important information for the development of your WordPress site.

What are plugins?

If you are new to the WordPress universe, you need to know which plugins work better to understand how Google Analytics options for WordPress work.

Plugins are nothing more than extension tools to improve the main programs and add new program resources. That means they exist so that we don’t have to change tools if there is an additional need.

So we have WordPress as an example, the functionality of which can be expanded with plugins.

How to choose the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress?

At this point you may ask: “Plugin for Google Analytics? For what? Just paste the code in the header … ”. With this type of tool, however, you can optimize your project much more practically and flexibly every day.

In addition to tracking your website’s metrics, you can also install some tracking codes in a simple and simple version.

Remember that this plugin highlights the importance of using standard Google Analytics to analyze metrics, Generating reports and getting new ideas does not preclude. The plugin only serves as an intermediary for your daily life.

Best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress

Among the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress we can mention:

  1. MonsterInsights
  2. Kit from Google Site
  3. GA Google Analytics  See details of everyone!

    1. Meet MonsterInsights

    MonsterInsights is a paid plugin, but it also has a free version. It is most complete to integrate Google Analytics into your website. Large companies use it to improve GA features in WordPress.

    With this plugin you can:

    • perform universal tracking on your website;
    • Track Your Ecommerce – Visits, Conversions, and More;
    • Check out the Google Analytics dashboard – the dashboard is much easier for you.
    • Analyze the page level. Understand whether your pages work well and how you can improve them for the target group
    • Track affiliate and ad links;
    • and more!

    In the following video for Google Analytics for beginners Fabio Ricotta talks a little bit about this plugin and its FREE version!

    Did you want to know something about MonsterInsights? We have other options for you that can be better adapted to small and medium-sized companies that do not yet need such complex software. Check it out below.

    2. Discover the Goolge Site Kit

    The Site Kit is a Google plugin for WordPress and a very complete option. It allows you to:

    • review information about how people find your website,
    • implement and manage Google tools,
    • enable main tags.

    The Site Kit gives you access to the most important metrics and information from various Google products such as Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, PageSpeed ​​Insight, Tag Manager and Optimize.

    It is a free plugin that you can easily use after installation. It will be possible to quickly solve implementation and administration problems, all on WordPress, without leaving another platform and having to deal with it.

    3. Discover GA Google Analytics

    The plugin GA Google Analytics is available in a free and paid version. With the free version, you can configure Google Analytics in WordPress, implement tags and track them. It is possible to track some metrics and also make basic settings at the user administration level.

    The paid version has more administrative domains that you can use to take action, such as: For example:

    • Configure different tracking codes;
    • Support code Adjusted in the header or footer, disable tracking of all connected users and support other priority plugins.
    • Among other important activities for blog / website implementations.

    It is a plugin that is currently not available has a Portuguese version, but is very intuitive for those who already work with tools such as WordPress and Analytics.

    How do I install WordPress plugins on your website?

      1. First, search for the plugin in the WordPress library or use our direct links for the three options: MonsterInsights Site Kit from Google and GA Google Analytics
  4. Depo Install the plugin in your WordPress and activate it.
  5. Perform GA authentication on the plugin settings page (there are several ways to test and use the one that suits you).
  6. And then let’s go to configure the first options. Each plugin has its own peculiarities. It is therefore important that you have your data on hand – such as your website’s URL and tracking codes, which may be required for direct tracking with Google Analytics.
  7. After following the steps above, you will see that the numbers bring up good ideas and new tactics. You can learn a lot about your website and its visitors by simply analyzing these elements.

    Making decisions based on data

    From now on, you no longer have to make decisions based on impressions, that is, based on “guesswork”. . The best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress give you much more information about the actions you need to take in your company.

    Would you like to know the plugins and learn more about how Google Analytics can help you define your strategies? Leave your comment!

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