AIDA What it is and how to apply it in Digital Marketing

AIDA What it is and how to apply it in Digital Marketing

The AIDA model in marketing is one of those classic methods that is still really useful today.

In fact, the AIDA method is one of the first copywriting techniques that they were invented.

To this day it is still used as much for writing sales pages, emails and advertisements.

So, if you think that the AIDA technique has been outdated, personally I think it is still just as effective.

(Provided it is well applied)

In fact, it can be directly related to a sales funnel and to the phases of the purchasing process.

For this very reason, I am going to explain how to apply it to different digital marketing strategies.

What is the AIDA method?

The AIDA model is a sales technique based on identifying the different phases of the sale that a user goes through since he knows us until he buys us .

The terminology AIDA is an acronym that comes from the Anglo-Saxon terms:

  • Attention.
  • Interest.
  • Desire (Desire).
  • Action. .

Its creator was Elias St. Elmo Lewis in 1898.

But don't let the year fool you.

It is a really effective technique. And not just for sales and email pages.

When making ads, copywriting for Facebook Ads is really important for people to click on.

Then I'll show you several examples to that you see the potential.

How does the AIDA method work?

To understand what the purpose of the AIDA method is, one must first know the consumer purchasing process .

The process of Buying a customer is the process by which he goes from realizing that he has a need to solving it by purchasing a product and / or service.

The process consists of four stages, which are:

  • Awareness (the person realizes that they have a problem, need, desire, etc.)
  • Research (Begins to search for information about their problem)
  • Decision (make comparisons between different alternatives)
  • Action (Make the purchase)

So if you remember the definition of the AIDA model that I have given you before, you will see as they are directly related.

Look at this graph.

 AIDA method

The first step is to get the person's attention and make them see what they have a problem or need.

Then you have to awaken their interest in that problem to convince them that we are the best solution and I ended up making the purchase action.

As you can see, it is a process formed by four phases in which the main objective is to close the sale .

But to achieve that conversion, we have to go working each of the previous stages.

How to apply the AIDA model in marketing

By now I think it will have become clear to you what the AIDA method is for.

But you are most likely asking yourself: «ok, the The theoretical part is very clear, but how do I apply this marketing technique?

That is my objective now.

To teach you how to work the 4 phases of the AIDA model in depth.

➡ Attention

There are more and more advertising impacts to which we are subjected in our day to day.

That if advertising on social networks Google Ads ads, email marketing campaigns, etc.

So getting people's attention and getting them to notice our value proposition is essential .

If you can't capture people's attention , you will not sell.

For this it is essential to know what is the motivation that leads a person to make a purchase.

Think of this simile, wanting to sell to a stranger is like trying to take a woman or a man to a bed who you just met that same night.

So your goal is to first look at you and then get interested.

The first step is define a differential value proposition .

A technique for capturing customer attention at AIDA is based on creating compelling titles.

Pay attention to this quote from Peter Koechley, the Co-Founder of Upworthy:

The difference between a good headline and A bad one can be abysmal, sometimes the difference in our conversion rate depending on the owner can vary from 20% to 500%.

An excellent title can make something go viral.

So, some tips for cr ear flashy titles are :

➡️ Use the numbers:

  • X Ways to do…
  • X Tricks to…
  • X Things you didn't know about…
  • X applications for …

➡️ Ask questions to awaken the curiosity and pain points of your target audience

  • Are you tired of …?
  • Can't get …?
  • Would you like …?
  • Do you know why the X of the people do not reach …?

➡️ Emphasize the benefits

I don't think I need to tell you that the people We do not want to know the technical characteristics of a product, but what we can achieve with them.

Therefore, one way to highlight the benefits is to apply the Nevile Medhore formula based on:

Benefit or final result + Specific period of time + Objective

For example:

How to increase your website visits by 129% in 3 months without knowing SEO.

➡️ Use negative words + Combination of the previous factors.

It seems like a lie, but sometimes negative words attract us more attention either because of fear or any other factor.

So you can include words like « No »,« Never »,« Never »

For example:

  • The 5 things you would never do if…
  • I had never thought that…
  • You won't believe it…

Look at this example from the home page of Roberto Gamboa sales.

 Attention method AIDA

If you look, it starts with a question to awaken the attention and is also focused on the points of pain of your buyer persona.

In this guide I show you how to define your buyer persona step by step

Are you keeping the idea?

➡ Interest

Okay, now that we have their attention we have to “put them in our pocket” and earn their interest.

If you remember, in the first part we have emphasized the problems of our target audience.

Here we will be able to put more emphasis on those problems but also show them that we are the solution to their problems .

Or we can also demonstrate that we understand them .

Look at this other part of Roberto's Sales Landing.

Try empathize with your target audience and show them that you know what is going on.

But, how do we ask to measure whether we are sparking interest in our customers?

Here what I recommend that you pay special attention tion to two metrics:

  • Number of page views
  • Time of permanence.

If you can arouse interest, these people will want to know more about you and therefore they will spend more time reading the sales page and visiting others looking for more information.

To measure this, what I recommend is create goals in Google Analytics .

 Google Analytics objectives

It is also interesting that Compare in different periods of time if the objectives of page views and minutes per session have worsened or improved.

This way you will be able to know if you are managing to arouse people's interest or the opposite.

And finally, you have that analyze the sales landing and the objectives.

 Measure objectives in Google Analytics

To do this, in Google Analytics you only have to go to Conversions and select Target URLs indicate the target you want to measure and search for your landing.

➡ Desire

It is now when you have to put all the meat on the grill.

You have to offer them your solution to their problems .

Your client has to understand that you know their problems perfectly and that you are the best solution.

Think that before making any purchase we are at point A and our objective is to go to point B.

That is, we need to know what is the transforming effect of that product .

So, here we have to highlight how we are going to be able to go from point A to B.

For this you have to highlight the benefits that they are going to get by buying from you and create an irresistible offer .

In this video here David Cantone is going to teach you how to do it.

You also have to take into account that depending on the price of And your product people will need to see your sales page more than once.

If you have really managed to activate that feeling of desire in them, the normal thing is that they return.

To measure it, you can use it again Google Analytics

 Analyze behavior of web users

In this case you will go to Behavior > All pages and in secondary dimension you will have to put type of user .

What you will have to do is look at the Returning Visitor and you can also add the option Average time on page .

This way you will know if they are really interested in your products and have the desire to buy.

Some tips to increase the desire to buy can be:

  • Use exclusive bonuses.
  • List the benefits.
  • Show the result that other people have obtained (testimonials)

➡ Action

And we got to the last point in the AIDA formula.

It is time for the closing of sales.

It is now when we must create eye-catching calls to action that tell people what action to take.

Some actionable words that work very well are:

  • Join
  • Sign up
  • Download
  • Sign up
  • ] Get
  • Call
  • Buy
  • Start
  • Participate

(These types of words should be accompanied by expressions that call for action or urgency such as “now”, “now”, “today” , “Free”).

You can also add offers with a limited duration to awaken the urgency and “push” it to act now.

For example:

  • Buy today and get a 30% discount.
  • Last 5 places! Join now and don't run out of your place.
  • (You can also add a countdown.)

That is, they have to notice the shortage .

People make purchasing decisions when we get urgent and we notice that we can run out of the product.

Another way is to add bonus or eliminate possible objections for example:

  • Free return
  • Free shipping
  • Trial period of X
  • Add frequently asked questions

And with this we would already have explained the AIDA model step by step, now we are going to see several examples 🙂

Practical examples of the AIDA method in digital marketing

Everything in this life is much clearer with examples, so let's see how to apply the AIDA model in digital marketing.

➡ Example of the AIDA model in Facebook Ads

When it comes to creating campaigns in Facebook Ads an essential part of the success of the ad is in the copy.

Think that the image or the video is what is going to capture the person's attention but the text is what is going to finish deciding to carry out the action you want to achieve.

Therefore, the copy on Facebook Ads is Fundamental to creating ads that convert.

If you want to dig deeper, here are several examples of really effective Facebook and Instagram ads .

Look at .

 Examples AIDA method

Let's see how to apply the AIDA method in advertisements :

➡️ 1. Attention:

The first letters of our advertisement are the most important and it is where we have to get attention so that we can continue Read on.

In both cases, to attract attention he does so with several questions:

  • «Your digital marketing strategies are not giving the results that you would like …»
  • «Do you feel that you are fighting with your competition …»
  • «Would you like to do your project or business faster?»

In the first case, appeal is made to a question based on a frustration or problem .

We would therefore be talking about marketing of pain .

While in the second case we could say that it is based more on the marketing of benefits and promise or proposal of what he could achieve.

➡️ 2. Interest:

Now that we have already captured the attention of these people we have to get their interest.

So, in Announcement A goes from questions focused on the pain of the target audience to questions with a possible solution .

While in advertisement B try to get your interest by setting an example of large companies that apply this technique.

➡️ 3. I wish:

Finally, to activate the desire in both advertisements, the proposal that they can get by clicking on the advertisement is used.

➡️ 4. Action:

The end of the model AIDA is to get that person to carry out the required action.

And for that it is necessary clear calls to action .

You can see them at the end of the text and also reinforces it with the title of the advertisement and the CTA button.

As you can see, a very interesting technique that I recommend applying to any Media Buyer that manages campaigns.

➡ Example of the AIDA method in Email Marketing

The AIDA technique is also often used when sending sales emails.

Look at the following email from Frank Scipion.

 Example AIDA method

➡️ 1. Attention:

In email marketing campaigns the 90% of the success is in the subject .

If they don't open Our email does not matter how interesting we have made it.

Or how clear the CTAs are.

That if they do not open it, it will not help.

➡️ 2. Interest:

Then work on the interest part by introducing the value proposition of the training and the time in which you are going to learn it.

It also uses a powerful phrase to set the interest of the readers « the traditional blogging model is dead. ”

➡️ 3. Wish:

In this part we must make sure that our proposal is going to be attractive enough to carry out the action we want.

In this case, sign up for training.

➡️ 4. Action:

And to finish, use different CTAs to achieve the objective of the email.

Sign up for free training.

Conclusion AIDA method

As you can see, the AIDA sales technique is still in our day to day and if many companies still apply it will be because it is effective.


How can we know if the AIDA method in marketing works?

Throughout the post I have been telling you a series of metrics which I consider important depending on the stage where we are.

But I have seen fit to create a specific section where they collect them all.

 Model AIDA

So, depending on the phases of the AIDA model are you working some Some of the metrics that you should pay more attention to would be:

➡️ Attention Metrics

  • Number of clicks on links.
  • % of openings of the emails.
  • CTR in each of your channels.

➡️ Metrics of Interest

  • Number of page views.
  • Time spent.

➡️ Metrics of Desire

  • % of carts added.
  • % of people arriving at the payment method.
  • % returning visitor.
  • Average time on page.

➡️ Metrics of Action

  • % subscription.
  • % purchase.

And with this you would be ready to apply the AIDA method in your project 🙂

What do you think about it post? Did you know about the AIDA method?

Finally, I would like to know if you have ever applied this technique and what results you have achieved.

Personally, I like to apply it in lead recruitment ads because they usually have very good results. [19659002] See you in the comments.

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