Advertising #ATL, #BTL and #TTL: what they are and how to apply them #Marketing 4 E-commerce

Advertising #ATL, #BTL and #TTL: what they are and how to apply them #Marketing 4 E-commerce


<img alt=” Facebook “title =” Share on Facebook “class =” synved-share-image synved-social-image synved-social-image-share “width =” 48 “height =” 48 “style =” display: inline; width: 48px; height: 48px; margin: 0; padding: 0; border: none; box-shadow: none; “src =” terms ATL, BTL and TTL are well known to you as they certainly have quite some usage time, but they never go out of style and have recently gained more power in  marketing . If you are an advertising expert, you already know what this topic is about, although there might be something new that we can bring you, but if you are just starting to study or work in this field, we today 3 ways explain marketing What are these ads, segmentation of your target audience and in which media are they developed, so you are clear about their differences and apply them in the development of your campaigns

The origin of the terms ATL, BTL and TTL advertising

As a marketer, it is best to know all kinds of advertising and all the information essential to learn. this is the first thing that happened corpse should be the definition of these models according to their initials ; ATL (Above the Line) or above the line advertising consists of communication via the mass media. For its part, the BTL (Bellow the Line) or below the line consists of actions for non-mass media, or which are more direct with the consumer. And the term TTL (Through the Line) through the line refers to hybrid strategies between the other two.

ATL and BTL advertising originated in 1954 when the company Procter & Gamble (P&G)) diversified their marketing methods based on the product to be promoted .  Marketing strategies worked separately with different agencies and rates were determined based on the promotional efforts they made. Now let’s get to know them all in detail.

ATL advertising

ATL advertising is aimed at communication in mass media and is indicated for products and services of a fairly wide target so the ideal is to work out a broad strategy that reaches everyone.

This type of action is proposed for positioning campaigns, national and international that appear on television, internet, radio, newspapers and specialized or general magazines, so that everyone can see them in different ways.


In ATL advertising the message is conveyed directly, quickly and exhaustively to have an impact at this time or in the medium term. In fact, its use is for almost any product or service that is commonly used. Where we see a television commercial or billboard on the road, we have it more clearly, this advertisement is ideal to position a brand of vehicles, airlines, food and drink.

BTL Advertising

BTL actions exist in communicating in non-massive ways and targeting a specific purpose for which an idea has been developed. The surprise element, the opportunity and creativity are key points of these strategies that connect one by one with the consumer; and in addition, channels must be created to deliver the desired message.

A challenge for the BTL is, besides surprisingly, to do it in conjunction with the public’s willingness to receive information. Here the importance of the opportunity or the sense of opportunity is born; These promotions are known as brand experiences, which, thanks to the applied creativity and the selected place (based on the purpose), consumers can create more direct emotional connections with the brand, because they experience it in a special way in which it is designed to Ingeneral they distinguish BTL from ATL advertising in the field of innovation but this is not true because there are incredibly creative proposals for massmedia; just watch a SuperBowl commercial to know what I’m talking about Perhaps an important difference from BTL is that as more personalized communication it requires feedback to measure its effectiveness while ATL measures the scope of the message. Therefore, BTL interaction is now integrating more as part of the plan.

Why You Need Marketing for Customer Interaction


BTL actions can be applied to products or services that want to teach the consumer . An example is with product launches to reveal the taste of a new drink or dish, or to show something completely new. They are also effective in creating social impact or reflecting on something innovative. Environmental protection organizations such as Greenpeace use this type a lot to deepen emotions around their message.

As for the medium, wherever it can make an impact is the street, public transport, etc. and although they don’t use major media, they go viral because they attract attention.

TTL Advertising

This other variant is an integrated form of BTL with ATL, to reach more people and generate conversations with them . Not only send a message but also get feedback on it.

The biggest advantage of this strategy is that it is comprehensive, with a wide reach and efficient responses. It is a way of getting the message across in various ways such as a 360 ° plan for online and offline communication; and at the same time personalize for any purpose.


TTL advertising is ideal for for example, integrating a TV commercial with subsequent action on the part of viewers for example, making an Announcement with an invitation to enjoy a experience such as a product test or an action in direct contact with the customer.

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