9 little-known #SEO #techniques to increase your #traffic

9 little-known #SEO #techniques to increase your #traffic

Your ranking on the search engine can contribute to your business or cause damage. While 46.8% of the global population can access the internet in 2017, this rate is expected to reach 53.7% by 2021. Over 4 billion searches are made on the Google search engine per day, and the top 5 results that appear on these searches receive 65% of clicks.

In fact, 75% of internet users don’t go beyond the first page to search. In addition, 80% of search engine users are especially avoiding paid advertisements to highlight the site.

Being in the top of the search is very lucrative for companies. The content marketing industry is expected to become a $ 300 billion industry by 2019. Every day, many businesses are aware of the importance of content marketing and pay attention to blog posts.

Today, being on the search engine result page called SERP has become a difficult battle. For this reason, many companies focus on SEO and try to improve it. Every second you lose causes your competitors to go to the top of the rankings and waste your money.

For people who are unaware of the SEO world, the things that need to be done to take place in SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) are seen as excess. In this article we have prepared, we will show you the overlooked SEO tips that you can take to the top of your page in a short time.

1. Create Rich Cards

Rich Cards; it allows the user to easily understand the information in a visual way. In this way, it perfects the mobile search experience. Rich Cards enabled Google to benefit not only from searches on desktop, but also from mobile use.

Also, these Rich Cards do not only allow the user to search and access information easily. Analysts at Google underline that Schema markings will play a much more important role in search ranks. However, even though Google mentions the importance of planned data, only 20% of marketers use this data.

Results from Rich Card; They stand out remarkably different from the old text results that are simply prepared, the Snippet and Rich Snippets.

Prepared to catch the eye of the user, these cards can increase your Clickthrough Rate (CTR) in the fastest way. . To do this, you need to learn the content that your users or buyers regularly view in their Rich Card sections. You can then create content and optimize it as a Rich Card on the most interesting topic.

2. Do Not Approve Negative Backlinks

More backlinks do not always mean higher ranking. That’s why you have to deny certain types of backlinks.

As you know, Google focuses on the authority of the website linked to your domain. One thing you probably don’t know is that even if you have nothing to do with these links, spamming can have a negative impact on our ranking.

We know that this doesn’t sound fair. But Google tracks where your backlinks come from. Indicates links to websites that are bad and spam by marking red flags.

There are 3 ways to cause negative backlink:

  • Organically: As your website’s authority increases, it will be inevitable for untrusted websites to link you.
  • Blackhat SEO: Impacting ranking by manipulating Google’s algorithms and using unethical methods such as getting links.
  • Sabotage: Unfortunately, some people are trying to lose their site’s ranking by implementing “Rank drop” campaigns. They link back to you from many spam sites and show you as if you received a backlink or encountered spam. They can even spread original content that you prepared to many websites.

The very common sabotage method caused it to be called “Negative SEO.”

If you are interested in Blackhat SEO, you have to stop. Otherwise, it is inevitable for your site to be banned by Google. On the other hand, it is relatively easy to protect your site against negative backlinks in an organic or planned manner.

To see which sites link to you, go to your Google Search Console panel:

  • Click your site on the homepage of your Search Console panel.
  • Dashbord ( Enter the Dashboard and click the Search Traffic button, then click the Links to Your Site section.
  • In the section that will open, you can see all the sites that gave you a back link. If these sites are poorly qualified, you can simply remove the link.

As a result, you will want to schedule a specific time frame to review your backlinks. In this way, you can see if the websites that have given you links will harm your ranking and take precautions against any negative situations that may occur.

3. Prepare Impressive Content

Find and develop high performing content and place it in the appropriate areas of your own content. Then highlight this content and make it rise.

We recommend that you do not go to the computer without drinking your coffee, as it will take a long time to prepare and require hard work.

Skyscraper Content Preparation Guide

Find Competitors on Google

Search Google based on your product and the content you need. Review the top four results on the search engine. Once you have an idea of who your competitors are, you should find effective content prepared by them. You can use various tools to access the most popular content of your competitors.

How to create better content?

Pay attention to details: If the content of your content that should be complex is insufficient, try to improve it by adding as much detail as possible.

Get information from influencers: Calling people who specialize in this subject will increase the meaning, not the number of words, to contribute to your content. does it contain data? If you want to make your content much more reliable, experiment with it or link to well-known and valid sources. the content needs to be much better than any other content. You should be creative and prepare your content with your own original ideas. Only in this way can you be in the first place.

However, preparing only high quality and original content will not be enough to be in the first place. After reaching the perfect content, you should make supportive updates and find people who get and share links on these issues. Then contact them by sending a short email.

4. Optimize Landing Pages

The most important factor that Google uses to measure the quality of a post is bounce rate. The bounce rate calculates how long users spend on your website after clicking on the search result.

Users can search on Google and click on your page and exit immediately because they don’t encounter a site related to the topic. Google notices this. If this happens very often, it will lower your position in this search term. The reason for bouncing is sometimes because it does not appeal to the user, not because the content is weak.

Every page on your website should be prepared target-oriented in accordance with the expectations of the user. In this way, you can determine your target audience correctly and apply one of the methods of teaching, transforming, selling and satisfying. For this reason, you should understand the needs of your users correctly and proceed accordingly.

If you plan to prepare a page or content, answer these questions first;

  • Who is it for?
  • Where do they come from?
  • What do they need on my site?
  • What?
  • How can I prepare the most effective content related to the location?

5. Use Infographics

Although users love infographic, many marketers are afraid to use.

65% of people learn much faster with visual learners and visuals. This makes it easy to remember the pictures.

In the 2018 social media marketing report prepared by Social Media Examiner; 32% of the marketers said that visual marketing is the most important content type, 27% of them are blog posts and 24% of the videos are the most important content type.

To determine the details of the content that you will prepare the perfect infographic image. What your users want to know and are interested in. You can determine your content by using these ideas and brainstorming.

Some ways to find similar information for the idea:

  • Find old but popular infographic on your system. After updating, you can add to your article that you have just prepared on a similar subject but which is much more detailed.
  • Describe complex topics with simple infographic. . By sharing the content you prepared with other infographers and influencers, you can make them notice you.

6. Create More Videos

According to Omnicore’s research, YouTube’s monthly active users have exceeded 1.5 billion since 2018.

Cisco’s estimates are that 20% of videos will generate 80% of online traffic. Although there are more online videos than ever before, 85% of users say they want to see more videos than brands in 2018.

Google has been adding videos to the search results page since it has Youtube. Therefore, it would not be wrong to wait for the video results to increase.

Videos open at the top of the search results page;

If you are not using videos in your content marketing strategy, it is time to join the majority.

How to Start Making Videos

  • Find your content popular on your website to convert it to video.
  • Find trending videos and shoot videos about topics.

Initially any camera, a beautiful lighting and video editing program will work for you. [19659072] Expert Opinion:

Always add comments section below your videos and make sure this part is at least 200 words. Most people either avoid writing comments or use many different keywords together. Remember, Google doesn’t know what your video is about. Whether the video is suitable for the user depends on the text-based description you made.

7. Take advantage of High Performance Sharing

As you know, internal linking is an important method in SEO. But do you ensure the maximum effect by optimizing your internal links correctly? At the beginning of our content, we mentioned that 73% of users do not go beyond page 1. This means that your less authoritative pages will lag behind and receive random clicks.

This can be easily resolved. If you have high authority pages on the first page of search results, take this as an advantage. Link to your low-ranked content from those with high authority. In this way, you can get more clicks and increase your ranking.

8. Reveal Your Presence

This application is an advanced SEO technique. The entity feature is much newer than many other techniques. By utilizing the relationship between the assets, the accuracy of the search results is increased.

In the entity feature, keywords go beyond their limits. Various variations are generated for this keyword, rather than repeating words continuously. Thanks to this technique, you can take advantage of the keywords mentioned in repetitive topics. Briefly, the entity feature focuses on the relationship between objects and people as well as the keywords on the page.

Let’s say the references of a page are the themes of Iron Man, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, science fiction and Marvel Comics, and these terms are mentioned only once.

Although this page uses the word Marvel Comics only once, it has a strong authority as it contains many other words about this content.

How can you use this technique in SEO?

Let’s say you are a sports blogger and you are preparing content about running. Instead of filling every corner of your page with the word running, you can strengthen the word running by preparing topics related to this content.

You can write articles about running types and inform about diet and preparation programs. Thanks to this technique, your site will appear in connection with the running theme. In this way, you will be able to rank high in the search results.

9. Optimize for Voice Search

When was the last time you had the necessary optimizations for voice search? According to research, over 1 billion voice calls are made every year. According to Emarketer 35.8% of young people use voice digital assistants at least once a month in 2017.

Why should you optimize the voice feature for search?

The search feature is used to get information and increasingly As a growing tool, e-commerce sales reached $ 2 billion in 2018, as well as other reasons you need to optimize.

Long search words are used to search

Voice search users can be much more specific about what they want. Voice over makes long keywords much more valuable and promotes young sites.

Searched content is shown directly.

When the voice search feature is used, more specific and targeted searches can be made.

Voice search with the written search term “Refrigerator” The search term “What is the price of a refrigerator?” Compare questions. Text search queries are ambiguous. It can mean more than one price, such as learning the price of the refrigerator, comparing brands, and obtaining information. In the voice search query, the person states that he wants to buy a refrigerator directly.

Searches are done locally

Google started localizing most of the searches. In voice search, regional result is 3 times the written search. If you have a local business, voice calling is extremely important to you. In this way, you can rise to the top of the search results like never before.

How to optimize for search?

  • Make your content easier to read by using the title, subtitle and bullets.
  • To tell Google what your images are about Use descriptions.
  • Clarify the subject of your content using the information embedded.
  • Use your long keywords in the address tone. Text search query “Hawaii travel cost” and voice search “How much does it cost to go to Hawaii?” Compare the questions. You can increase your chances to stand out in calls by using the appeal format.

Voice dialing is getting more and more important as time goes on. So the sooner you start optimizing, the better it will be for you.


There are few winners and many losers in the SEO world. Many people find SEO extremely technical, boring and costly and avoid implementing it. You should make SEO a priority and take advantage of the necessary optimizations. After creating a strong SEO infrastructure, you can deliver your content to many people and develop it further through various applications.

These 9 overlooked techniques will contribute to the rise of your business in a short time.

Optimize for the fast mobile search feature.

  • Watch the attacks.
  • Be relevant.
  • Create impressive content.
  • Start creating video content.
  • Prepare and promote infographics.
  • Optimize for the voice search feature.


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