5 #Trends for the not too distant #future

5 #Trends for the not too distant #future

The latest social movements have brought about a very strong progress in the digitization of sectors, especially in digital education.

Until now, online training was only for people more accustomed to dealing with the digital medium, with greater technological skills and abilities and a fairly young population.

However, the almost compulsory use of the internet in order to continue with the school year, formal and non-Regulated training and any other type of program that serves to continue advancing in our working career, has led most of the population catch up on digital education.

Learning is the engine of life in general and of life. economy in particular. It is essential that each of us feel accomplished and useful and at the same time it is imperative that countries enjoy a prosperous economy.

Without training there are no advances, new medical or technological discoveries and, therefore, there would be no improvement in our lives.

For all these reasons, the digital education sector is one of those that most urgently needs to adapt to new needs and keep up with the next trends in education.

For this reason we will talk here about the future prospects of the digital education field and what will happen in the coming months and years

Digital education: definition

But what exactly is digital education ? Before moving on to see those 5 key trends that will mark the education landscape from now on, let’s talk about the definition of digital education.

This concept encompasses all those educational processes which, making use of new technologies, acquire professional knowledge on skills and competences of interest to their students.

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And we’re not just talking about regulated education. Here you can include any training content that can be found on YouTube, podcasts, blogs, or social networks.

If contents are shared that others can learn and apply, we are faced with digital education.

5 Future trends in digital education

Now it is the turn to list and detail what are the new lines along which digital distance education will walk. To do this, you can watch the following video and / or pay attention to the sections you will find below.

1) Adaptive learning

This new trend in digital education refers to user-based learning processes.

It is of particular importance because each of the students participating in a training has a different context and, therefore, different needs. Not everyone will use the concepts learned for the same goals.

Although the taught program is group-based and cannot be 100% personalized, the student can be helped by improving his or her ability to make decisions. This way you can use the skills and competences acquired and apply them according to your needs.

2) Artificial intelligence

This field is gaining more and more ground in educational institutions. Indeed, there is already a university in Australia that has launched a robot that solves students’ doubts and requests.

The technology will continue to advance and there is still a long way to go, but something that seems to be implemented soon little by little makes use of the chatbot, especially in digital distance education

3) Design of face-to-face, mixed and virtual courses

The traditional training model has always been linked to face-to-face learning. That is, with lessons scheduled in a specific physical location and on specific days and times.

On the contrary, the virtual one, which appears as a new trend in digital education, is more committed to learning in 24 × 7. Or that is the same, a model in which the student can train when suits him best and his needs allow it.

The trend will follow this new mode. However, sometimes the most suitable thing is to bet on a blended education that combines and complements both one alternative and the other (always with the aim of enriching the student experience).

4) Open educational resources

The importance of the digital age in education goes beyond training itself. What do I mean by this? There are many professionals today who provide training in different institutions, or their own, and help their students understand and apply particular concepts of each sector.

This breaks with the traditional model in which the lessons were based telling theory, theory and more theory. This is all very good, but it is information that can be found in a book.

What the student really needs is to know how to apply it to real cases and situations in the world of work. And this is what provides extra value to professionals who have opted for this type of training.

But not only do they stay there, but you can also find free and public value resources to start training freely. This can be the door, or the first steps towards a more complete and in-depth training.

However that may be, digital education in an open resource format is an excellent alternative for the dissemination of knowledge.

Who you stick with this alone, it may take longer to achieve your goals, but gradually you can add results. And those who decide to bet on in-depth training, will access a shortcut that will save time and money to reach their goals.

5) Extended reality

This tool, both through augmented reality and virtual reality, is a great opportunity to generate immersive training experiences. In such a way as to make them more practical and realistic to know how to deal with situations where they will not have the help of the teacher.

Whenever possible, it is an advisable idea for digital distance learning. It can bring a very positive value to the final result and the learning acquired by the student.

The subject of digital education, or education in any of its fields, is something of special importance for the development of a country. It would be absolutely necessary to take into account all these lines of action and to adapt the existing contents and programs to the new needs of the population.

Only in this way will we be able to make progress, advance and find new discoveries that make our life easier. in all its facets.

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