5 steps to a #LinkedIn Champion profile

5 steps to a #LinkedIn Champion profile


There are countless opportunities and professional opportunities that can easily arise from a LinkedIn profile . After all, the social network focuses entirely on the job market and professional self-promotion.

In addition, you can use this online area to acquire knowledge for your career and even participate in discussions that increase your view of a particular area, for example.

 LinkedIn Champion Profile

LinkedIn profile: Become exceptional and be a champion

Registering and creating a LinkedIn profile is only the first step in promoting your personal marketing . There are many elements that together can highlight your profile and attract the recruiter’s attention.

First of all, it is important that you use your full name on the social network. Run away from nicknames or other informal methods that your close friends call you, for example. In addition, a photo says a lot about your behavior. Choose one that conveys a secure, charismatic and of course professional image.

These points are fundamental and everyone should follow. However, to really stand out and get out of the ordinary, much more is required.

See how you can use your career in five steps:

1. Use resources wisely

Under your username is the “Title” option. Among other things, you can indicate your current position, the company you work for, the university where you graduated.

However, if you want to achieve the success of a LinkedIn profile, you have to demonstrate your professional competence. So highlight your main competency in this important area.

Try using “Website Optimization and Performance Specialist Passionate About Digital Marketing” instead of “SEO Analyst”. It will surely attract a lot more attention because it is original and different from common sense.

2. Keep your profile up to date

Does it seem obvious that your current position, academic status, and courses need to be up to date? However, many professionals leave their profile for years without updating.

Like any other social network, LinkedIn needs to be moved to show it to other people.

Have you taken a new course? Place the certificate. Did you find an interesting article? Comment on your network of friends. Did you have an idea of ​​innovation? Share!

The successful professional never leaves your account, after all, your success depends on the importance you give.

3. Use keywords.

Yes, it is possible to use SEO strategies such as adding keywords to your LinkedIn profile.

If you want people to see you, try your summary presentation Insert some appropriate words for your subject. This way, the chances of being found are much higher.

Imagine you are a content analyst. Some of your ideal keywords might be:

If you want, do a search for the most common terms .

4. Ask for recommendations

Recommendations are extremely valuable in the job market. In fact, many vacancies are filled by the famous “IQ”, ie “whoever shows off”.

Ask your employees or those who have already had contact with you to give recommendations on your knowledge, your way of working, your skills etc. Give back and see what a healthy and friendly exchange can be.

5. Sending Personalized Messages

Maintaining and making new contacts is critical in the professional environment. Nothing prevents you from sending a personalized message, introducing yourself and making yourself available with your network connections.

This strategy is a great way to be seen, remembered, and displayed. Make sure your spelling is correct and that you have a friendly and professional tone.

Did you like the article? Share it with your network of friends and leave a comment. Are you already a LinkedIn user or do you have any options? We want to know!

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