49 SEO Tools to Boost Your Organic Presence

49 SEO Tools to Boost Your Organic Presence

Those who work with Marketing Digital know that there are numerous strategies to increase the flow of visits and interactions with a website and one of the best known and most effective is SEO . [19659002] This strategy can help your company gain the best rankings in the search engines gain authority in the market and also make the brand it identifies widely known to the public.

However, in order to achieve all of these results, it is essential to have the help of tools that make your work easier and give you information on how to improve your numbers.

Would you like to know more? Then read this article as we show you 49 tools that can help you optimize the organic traffic of your website .

To facilitate navigation, we divide the tools into the following categories:

  • Analysis.
  • Search by keyword.
  • Left.
  • Speed ​​optimization.
  • Optimizations and Audits.
  • ] Follow up on Google updates.
  • Various tools.

49 SEO Tools to Extend the Power of Your Strategies

SEO may seem difficult, but with willpower, patience, and the help of the tools we'll be presenting you, you can master it. In this way you can optimize your website and make sure it is well positioned during the searches of your buyer persona .

If you need free tools to improve your SEO strategies, these are the most important ones that are ready to help you. Keep reading!

1. Google Analytics

It is the best known SEO analysis tool . For many SEO experts, Google Analytics is like the oxygen of any digital strategy: If you have a website, you can't live without it.

If you've heard of Google Analytics but you're not using it, it's time to get started as it allows you to collect a large amount of very detailed and high quality data.

It's hard to live without this tool if your habitat is the internet, websites and . blogs . It gives us the best data on visitors, organic traffic, etc. and on top of that, it's 100% free.

As there is no other way, we have a lot of content on our blog about Google Analytics so that you understand how to use it in detail. Speaking of them, I invite you to download our free ebook on the tool!

2. WooRank

Many may think it's just another site that does free analysis, but when used, we can quickly see that WooRank gives us some great ideas about basic information that can help users immensely. SEO newbies.

One of the greatest advantages of WooRank is its practicality. This free tool:

  • allows us to perform an analysis of any website and delivers an SEO report very quickly;
  • provides us with data on the origin of site visitors;
  • collects data from networks social be it likes, shared content, comments between Facebook, Twitter and others,
  • also provides a mobile section, which allows us to access our website optimize for mobile devices.

3. Google Search Console

This SEO tool is the perfect complement to Google Analytics. Google Search Console (formerly Websmaster Tools) focuses on searching and optimizing your sites and keywords of your choice .

Like Google Analytics, Google Search Console provides us with a lot of quality information about websites and blogs.

The interface provides a panel so that we can analyze it more easily and this makes life much easier for website and blog owners as the best information is available in this panel.

Some of the key information provided by Google Search Console are:

And by having access to this data, the owner of a website or an SEO professional can take preventative measures to maintain their blog or website. to improve through SEO initiatives.

Here I also share free material from our blog that shows you best practices to take advantage of the information provided by the Search Con panels sole:

4. Bing Webmaster Tools

The solution to all the problems of those who focus on Bing in the campaign. With Bing Webmaster Tools you have everything you need to succeed in one of the most relevant search engines on the Internet for free.

5. SEOWorkers Analysis Tool

This SEO tool that we will present to you will allow you to analyze sites that are not yours and even generate reports on those sites. The SEOWorkers analysis tool provides basic data, but their reports are done quickly and show good detail.

These reports contain data that we usually do not verify, such as HTTP . Another feature of the SEOWorkers analysis tool is that it shows you where to pay more attention to achieve your SEO goals.

Since we are talking about SEO, a great thing about SEOWorkers is that it teaches you to analyze data in detail, for categories and in many cases with videos (in English).

6. nTopic

If you are interested in opinions based on statistics about what can be improved on your website, then nTopic is what you need. Based on an analysis of another site (for example, the main competitor), compare it with suggestions of anything that could be improved on your page.

7. Seoptimer

Seoptimer is a tool that promises to evaluate your website, send reports in PDF format and perform an actual audit on the SEO aspects of your page.

8. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb allows you to get an overview of your competitor's website as a whole, from the keywords used to the more advanced statistics .

9. AMZ Tracker

With the expansion of Amazon services across Latin America, AMZ Tracker can be very useful for your store to have a predominant presence on the world's largest online sales platform.

] 10. YouTube Analytics

The analytic version of Youtube essential for those who see videos as a great form of business .

11. Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer is the latest keyword tool from Moz, one of the world's leading SEO companies. The tool is extremely comprehensive and helps the reader through the process of defining a word.

It presents the search volume (with 95% precision), difficulty, probability and potential of that word.

From the tool it is also possible to analyze the pages that are well positioned for that keyword. The free version is limited to 10 keywords per month, so pick them exactly!

12. Ubersuggest

Perhaps Ubersuggest is the easiest tool to use of all the tools we've mentioned so far, without a doubt the simplest in regards to keyword research as you just write the term, search and the site offers you hundreds of results.

And the best part is that it allows you to perform a series of searches in the tool without having to buy a subscription, although this access is limited by the login.

13. Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is the replacement tool for the old Keyword Tool and both have the same function: keyword research.

Although it is more focused on keywords for paid media it can also be of great help in the production of content that is relevant to your audience.

Another very useful feature interesting about this tool is keyword generation, ie: The Keyword Planner searches for the best terms to use when creating original content .

14. Soovle

Soolve is a practical and free tool that automatically completes search suggestions for terms searched in various mechanisms, such as YouTube, Amazon, Yahoo !, Bing and Google itself. Soovle tool ” class=”lazy lazy-hidden wp-image-46892″ data-lazy-srcset=”https://rockcontent.com/es/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/soovle-1-1-1024×383.png 1024w, https://rockcontent.com/es/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/soovle-1-1-300×112.png 300w, https://rockcontent.com/es/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/soovle-1-1-768×287.png 768w, https://rockcontent.com/es/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/soovle-1-1-800×299.png 800w, https://rockcontent.com/es/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/soovle-1-1.png 1321w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px”/>

15. Answer The Public

Are you lacking inspiration? Let Public Answer help you find that idea you are looking for by listing the most frequently asked questions related to the keyword that interests you.

16. Keyword Revealer

With Keyword Revealer you can create a sort of genealogical tree of a keyword, generating various suggestions for new words you might never have used before.

17. HitTail

Also to help you find the best keywords, HitTail can show you the keywords that can be highly relevant and generate the traffic your site needs. He also works in a very creative way with word suggestions.

18. GeoRanker

If you are interested in knowing what people are looking for in a particular region on the Internet, you must have a mechanism that shows it exactly.

GeoRanker was made for that! Simply choose your keywords and location and the tool will rank the most searched terms on Google Maps. 19. Kwfinder.com

Kwfinder is an alternative to the Google Keyword Planner that gives instant relevance of the terms you want to use. 20.

20. Seed Keywords

An excellent addition for choosing your keywords based on authentic search engine results.

That is, when we use the Google Keyword Planner, for example, some of the terms we extract may come from specific trends. , that is, the relevance is no longer as great as at another time.

Seed Keywords was created to fill these kinds of failures and provide the results people are looking for right now. Twenty-one. Check My Links

It is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that, in a very practical way, verifies the selected page looking for broken and / or invalid links.

Check My links en Extremely useful for detecting defects in your content before your buyer person finds them!

22. Link Miner

Link Miner works like Check My Links, but with one feature we should definitely keep in mind: this powerful tool finds broken links and also indicates how many pages to those links . 23. AuthoritySpy

The function of AuthoritySpy is to detect the most relevant contacts around you, that is, it scans your contacts on social networks and returns a list of information about the number of followers, I find they like it on facebook and also the degree of influence.

This can be very useful when proposing co-marketing or other initiatives involving associations, such as guestposting link building and others. 24. Linkstant

Every time someone points to a link on your site on another page, Linkstant sends a warning to your email stating the page your site is quoted on, as well as which publication is relate to that content.

In other words, you will always be notified when you receive a backlink . It is a very useful tool for assessing the relevance and scope of a publication

25. HARO – Help A Reporter Out

Haro – Help A Reporter Out is a great tool to gain popularity as it allows you to contact journalists so that you can read about your blog in their vehicles / website can talk to the press in exchange for another "favor".

26. Muck Rack

Muck Rack is another tool that can fall like a glove for those who want to communicate with journalists for the purpose of making them report their company's activities, work on their networks and generating backlinks.

27. Pitchbox

With Pitchbox it is possible to search for people who are interesting to promote to the point where they help promote your company. Remember that the tool also allows you to make contact with these people, who can form good alliances. 28.

28. Linkody

Classified as a "backlink monitor", Linkody delivers what it promises and even sends you a real-time notification when links are removed or new links are obtained.

29. Rock Stage

Before we mentioned the importance of page loading speed and the occasional adjustments that can be made, an optimized hosting solution can improve the performance of your pages. .

The platform Rock Stage was created with that purpose: a team specializing in WordPress allows you to create websites fully optimized for digital reality, in addition to providing technical support in Spanish.

30. Pingdom

How about adding speed to your page? Pingdom has the knack of analyzing loading problems on your site, connectivity and domain problems.

31. GTmetrix

The loading speed is one of the most important ranking factors as Google prioritizes the user experience and therefore a slow page can drive away not only visitors but also your content on the top positions of the SERP's .

The factors that slow down a page are many: plug-ins, ads, very heavy graphics, and even more specific topics associated with the programming. Regardless, it is difficult to know exactly without a thorough and specialized analysis.

GTmetrix is an ally in this matter: it calculates for free the performance of your page, i.e. load speed and rate from A to F. And the best part: returns a complete report explaining in detail what points to work on and how to improve your performance .

32. TinyPNG

If you have created your report in GTmetrix and find that one of your weaknesses is the image that takes time to load, this tool will help you.

TinyPNG reduces the file size of your images without interference in quality, optimizing them and loading them almost instantly, even from that beautiful HD picture, 1080p.

The difference is surprising: the nearly 800 KB files are now 60 KB. And it has a huge impact on your page ranking on Google. In addition, the tool is very easy to use

33. SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the most complete tools on the market. In addition to keyword research functions, it also covers aspects such as backlink auditing, content auditing, ranking tracking and a lot more.

Through SEMrush it is possible to create projects and monitor the "health" of your web site, in addition to conducting in-depth research on your competitors and which keywords they rank and which they do not rank.

It is a great option because it is a platform very well adapted to Latin American reality and provides abundant and accurate data.

3. 4. Mozbar

When analyzing Mozbar we come to the conclusion that this tool is based on knowledge, that is, the mechanism helps you better identify which material and content is relevant can be for the SEO of your website or blog .

In addition, the tool shows you important metrics such as domain authority, keyword competition, and allows you to create custom searches based on your region.

Considered One of the easiest free SEO tools to use, Mozbar's biggest obstacle is that the user must have a basic understanding of English, at least to be able to read, since it is only available in that language.

35. Ahrefs

Similar to SEMrush, Ahrefs is also one of the strongest options in the SEO market as it has a wide variety of functions.

This also makes it possible to perform keyword searches, track your page rankings, analyze backlinks, access organic KW data and keep a close eye on the competition.

As a differential, the tool can provide all this data in a very intuitive and accessible, in easy to understand and exportable panels and images

36. Wordtracker

A powerful SEO tool used by great experts that provides extensive options and plugins for website optimization. If you want to evaluate the potential of Wordtracker use the 7-day trial version and share your experiences with us in the comments.

37. Majestic SEO

Majestic is one of the best known, considered and complete SEO tools. Its use is recommended for industry professionals as well as media analysts and developers.

In addition, it also offers a monitoring service so that business owners can analyze the performance of their SEO teams. 38. Web Developer

The Web Developer is the perfect tool to test and view your page with the eyes of Google. This allows you to disable CSS or Javascript, view the source code of a page and various other functions.

Available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, it is a great option for analyzing what needs to be changed on your website so that it is optimized for SEO

39. Yoast

Yoast is the most comprehensive website optimization tool in WordPress and offers various features such as video optimization and also tutorials with instructions for those who want to learn excellent video content creation

40. All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is an alternative version to Yoast, with some quirks, such as blocking "bad bots"

41. Detailed

Detail is actually a free extension for Chrome, but it has been added to this list for its convenience and usability.

This makes it possible to consult the most essential SEO information of any web page, such as the number of words, what were the header tags used, how many links it has, whether the alternate text of the images was filled or not and yet much more.

42. Raven Tools

Developed for digital marketing agencies, Raven Tools offers very complete solutions for identifying problems your website may have with SEO.

In addition, the application has a feature called "Thin Content", which avoids the Google Penguin penalty on your page if something on it poses risks.

43. CognitiveSEO


43. can be of great help to you in determining if your page has been penalized for a backlink .

44. Browseo

Browseo allows you to seeing your page through a robot's "optics" – the popular Google "bots", also known as spiders or crawlers, ideal for when it seems necessary to overhaul the page's SEO elements to avoid penalties.

45. Risk Index Ranking

Rank Risk Index is a specific tool that reports changes in rankings and Google SERPs.

This functionality allows you to quickly check whether you have lost (or gained) positions as a result of internal actions or if the was simply affected by the search engine algorithm update.

46. Was There a Google Update

Following the same line as the previous, but with an even simpler approach, Was There a Google Update collects information about when a Google update is displayed.

] 47. Whois Lookup

With Whois Lookup you can find registration data, contacts, and other information about each domain. 48. Wayback Machine

With Wayback Machine you can get a history of your website or any other website to analyze its evolution over months or even years! 49. SEOslides.page

The last tip is special! SEOslides.page is a library of extremely rich SEO material.

In fact, it gathers video, audio, slide or text presentations from the biggest names in international SEO in one place, so you can access all this knowledge quickly – and the best – for free.

What did you think? I see you were very excited, take advantage of that energy, download our Definitive SEO Guide for free and reach the top positions!

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