4 creative ideas for your Instagram posts grid

4 creative ideas for your Instagram posts grid

There is no doubt that the overall presentation of your Instagram posts grid is an essential factor in gaining subscribers on your account.

Indeed, after browsing your [19659005] biography the reflex of visitors to your profile is to analyze in a few seconds the type of content that you will share regularly.

It then becomes important to propose a certain standardization of publications photos & videos on your account, which you can set up in different ways.

Throughout this article I will present 4 creative ideas for your profile, in order to bring a touch of originality to the constitution of your content flow and thus convert the maximum of your visitors into subscribers.

1) The strategy of 3 (almost) identical publications

In this first case, it is a question for the brand of Pay attention to the structure of the publication thread by sharing 3 identical or very similar contents visually.

Burberry offers this presentation as we can see below, with a desire to vary the different main colors of each of the As a result, with regard to the publication timing, it turns out that the 3 photos / videos are posted at very tight intervals, perhaps a few minutes or a few hours at most, so as not to damage the overall aesthetic for too long.

Posting several publications in a very short time can potentially have an impact on the perception of the algorithm of your account, because there is a phenomenon of Natural shortage of the number of likes between the first, second and third publication.

2) Standardization by the omnipresence of the same colors

Certain companies or influenceu rs produce each of their publications with an imperative of respect for the graphic charter or a certain palette of colors, and stick to it for several weeks or even months.

This therefore makes it possible to propose a thread of publications standardized and pleasant to the eye.

In the example below, the influencer worked the covers of his Stories in the headlines as well as her publications to offer us a licked profile.

A Unlike the Burberry example seen above, it is in no way necessary to post several contents in a row to respect the overall aesthetics of the Instagram account.

3) The alternation of identical content

Permanently or for temporary / special operations, it may be interesting to think about a fixed structure of your publications thread, alternating two or three different types of content and complementa

For example, Chanel offers us below a thread of publications alternating two photos & a video, over the entire period of a fashion show.

It is therefore necessary to post the 3 content at the same time to keep the aesthetic, which as for the example of Burberry seen above, can potentially have an impact on your perception by the Instagram algorithm.

4) The famous white boxes

This is without any doubt of the most affordable technique in terms of graphic creation for all Instagram account holders.

Standardizing your publications by adding white stripes around your photos & videos immediately gives a clean, a certain chic and “does not oblige” to respect a publication scheme or to constantly reuse the same main colors or filters.

The famous brand of clothing below thus shares photographs and visu els created by computer tools without it shocking the eye when browsing the account.

In summary, you will have at your disposal multiple ways to offer a visually optimized publication thread.

Do not hesitate to share with me some great Instagram feeds that you would have spotted by email at Clement@pellerin-formation.com.

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