3 Linkedin opportunities to optimize visibility and influence

3 Linkedin opportunities to optimize visibility and influence

Linkedin is an essential professional social network, which allows you to promote your profile and develop your business. Integrates 3 different spaces such as Facebook, profile, pages and professional groups.

You can search for vacancies or offer them, prospecting, advertising using the integrated ad platform, but also publish articles via Content Manager.

Linkedin is today an ultra complete social network mainly dedicated to professionals.

In this article we will discuss the 3 major opportunities offered by this social network. If the promise seems ambitious, go to the end of this article, you will be less naive and ready to act on this social network.

I will explain to you why I decided to invest on this network which is Linkedin.

1. Linkedin: A large address book of corporate addresses

Linkedin differs from other social networks. It is the only one that allows you to get to know the activity of potential customers you wish to contact. Therefore, if you know your goal better, it will be much easier to develop a qualitative network.

Note in passing that the professional social networks are not numerous and that only Linkedin is really interesting and complete. Before there was Viadeo, which was best represented in France. Today there is no longer any competition between Viadeo and Linkedin.

If many people associate Linkedin with the job search, it remains a powerful tool in which millions of users connect to find new customers. . Enrichment of the Linkedin network

How to do it?

Linkedin allows very precise searches with advanced criteria. Is simple ! It’s like Google, but with specific filters.

Your goals are, for example, Linkedin profiles representing hotel managers who work in Paris and Bordeaux. It is possible: this is called TARGETING. With, you will be able to establish lists with highly qualified personal Linkedin profiles. You will therefore need to know how far it is, you must contact them.

I call this process of conversation.

If you generate conversations on Linkedin, you understand everything. I generate between 5 and 10 every day with a Linkedin profile. It is an effective practice that works on the principle of networking. No SPAM on Linkedin please. If you are a beginner, put yourself in the place of your interlocutors. It is best to be interested in the person or ask open-ended questions. This is a very important element in my strategy and will work in the long run. I really recommend that you adopt this good reflex to be successful.

The limit of this practice will come from the fact that Linkedin will reduce the results if you do too much research. You will then need to switch to a premium account (free for 30 days). I invite you to contact me directly on Linkedin in private, if you have questions on this point. I don’t always recommend it. It will depend on your problem.

 Linkedin contacts business opportunities

So you can reach your goal and this is one of the advantages of Linkedin. You will tell me: “ OK, but I don’t want to go to this platform. I am already on Facebook and other social networks …” I am often asked this question. I will give my position on this crucial point later. Above all, it is a question of having good reasoning.

Quite simply the reasoning of a stranger.

2) Linkedin: A social network for doing business

Linkedin is a professional social network perfectly suited to the development of your online business. It is also essential for everyone who works in B2B. Furthermore, it is essential to work on its visibility and influence to stand out on Linkedin .

A corporate dimension to take on

Let’s not let ourselves be naive in our approach, we are on Linkedin to do business. We are not philanthropists. At first I hadn’t sensed this dimension before exploring this incredible platform. The synergies you create will really be in this perspective. There is a time to find out your goal and another to convert it.

This is the time you will find daily on Linkedin. We are on a network originally designed for professionals. You can focus on this dimension.

Investing time on Linkedin therefore also means interacting with people who are in your same concern. Don’t talk to talk and blah blah. Rather see how to establish collaboration. I want to be more specific. The prospects you will identify are well aware that this umpteenth link is concerned.

 Linkedin in a social network to do business

Suppose this goal. We are less comfortable in Francophony. If you look at the United States and the Anglo-Saxon countries, the difference is real. We are there to do business without pretending. This brings me to another important point for you.

Most profitable customers

If you have a web business, you know what it means. This is also one of the reasons that guided my Linkedin strategy in 2018. I want to have customers who understand this dimension. It is also a great opportunity. Either they are customers, but they are also quality partners, etc. it is a win-win principle. See the meaning of my words …

I am also looking for premium customers. This is the right mood to have on Linkedin. Very important to me: for example, it prevents me from fighting for prices. Note this, you can make a comparison with other social networks. For example, a prospect asking me for information other than my core of expertise will materialize faster and better understand the perceived value of my experience. But be careful, in my opinion “profitable customer” also means “longer decision-making”.

You have to understand it on Linkedin. Also remember that not everyone has the same level of maturity and / or rhythm. You need to prepare on this social network. The time that you will invest in Linkedin must always be oriented in this direction.

Which other social network besides Linkedin allows you to do this?

Remember these first 2 points before starting on Linkedin. An extraordinary fertile ground to meet potential qualified customers. A strong corporate dimension to attract premium customers more easily.

Which other social network besides Linkedin allows direct commercial development without collateral distractions and obtaining profitable customers?

3) Linkedin: Content and influence for its visibility and its electronic reputation

As pointed out above, it is necessary to develop its visibility and, by extension, its influence on Linkedin. Gradually you will become a recognized person in your community and improve your productivity and performance.

Becoming a media, emerging from the silent majority

The last lever we will discuss on Linkedin is undoubtedly the most revealing and most important for me. Using it well, it generates a regular flow of leads that urges me. It is completely accessible for you on Linkedin, with a good methodology and an understanding of the codes. We will talk together about organic visibility (without advertising). More than 600 million accounts worldwide on social networks, I remind you that Linkedin is basically a social network for professionals. But not only …

We will find out together …

Before starting to publish content, a question to ask: is your target present on Linkedin? When I turned to this network, I thought about it. So, I experimented with content creation to constantly develop my visibility and influence. I also wanted to get out of the “silent majority”.

Over 80% of Linkedin profiles are inactive and do not create content.

However! You must regularly create content to demonstrate your experience and make yourself known.

It is not my vision to succeed. You must regularly create content on Linkedin to demonstrate your experience and make yourself known. Even if you have nothing to sell, you should get into the habit of doing it. You will then be highlighted by the algorithm. I regularly count over 5000 views on my publications with a peak of 150,000 views.

And all this for FREE I remind you!

No other social network like Linekdin will allow in 2020. I know webmarketing well. We often talk about traffic sources to develop a business. This is the case with Facebook and Instagram, which are increasingly used to buy cold traffic (in other words: to identify potential customers who don’t know you). I believe in “native content” directly on Linkedin.

Obviously you have to test the other channels. I suspect there will be growing distrust of advertising. For example, when I work with students, many tell me that they don’t trust these messages. They will focus more on closeness and authentic content. You can do it on Linkedin! Your differentiation is here!

 Linkedin contacts and business addresses

Visibility is not enough, of course, but it brings credibility at all levels. I see it every day!

  • It also becomes a media on Linkedin being regular and tenacious.
  • Tell stories.
  • Generates emotions to achieve profitable goals.
  • Develop your network to build opportunities.

A great start to get started and have a positive impact.

2 bonus tips: publications and external links

Here are 2 additional tips to improve your visibility on social networks and better understand how it works. Like any social network, you have on one hand the algorithm that will detect your habits and your interactions.

This is to analyze them to offer you content tailored to your interests. On the other hand, you have the leitmotif of all digital channels: spend as much time as possible on a platform to offer you a series of services.

1. External links in your Linkedin publications

Avoid adding external links in your publications. What interests Linkedin is the time spent by users on the platform. The longer the usage time, the more you will find yourself in front of advertising: this is its priority economic model.

So give priority to content without external links. This is what I do for all my publications.

2. Linkedin posts versus Linkedin articles!

My last suggestion will be on the choice between articles or publication posts. My goal is for my audience to see me as often as possible. I’m trying to win the battle of attention. Regular content distribution remains a challenge that must always be met.

A Linkedin article will also be the opportunity to develop your topic in more depth and above all it is a more important moment for the creation. Focus on the amount of content like I did in the beginning. Below, I will share my facility for writing content.

I only share posts on Linkedin and the results are simply incredible in terms of visibility.

I don’t know if I will have the same results by publishing articles. However, it will take me a lot more energy. Always favoring the impact over time, I must therefore have a great regularity on Linkedin.

Linkedin rewards this good practice, my profile is referenced very well (many people use the Linkedin search engine). I was found using specific keywords. So you know why I’m a great defender of posts over articles. There are no more obstacles to start entering the arena. You have things to share, you have concrete skills, you solve problems for your customers.

In conclusion

Be careful, there are opportunities on Linkedin, yes, but not in 6 months. Now is the time to act. If you don’t, others will do it before you (competitors, partners, etc.). I hope this message can feed your thoughts in 2020.

I am convinced that Linkedin can be strategic, if there are your prospects (you can quickly verify it with advanced research. (See at the beginning of the article).

There is too much naivety on Linkedin, less known as a social network, yet you already have elements to form a constructive opinion. explains here, Linkedin will not say necessarily, they rely heavily on Linkedin Ads and on company pages.

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