15 social media monitoring tools

15 social media monitoring tools

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to destroy it. If you think about it you will do things differently – Warren Buffett

Today, ignoring or neglecting online reputation management can lead to companies losing customers and money. Just as you hear it! He is very careful. Surely you have noticed how a negative comment or message can quickly escalate, destroying the reputation of a brand or product. However, curiously this does not happen with the positive messages. In this post I will show you the best 15 social media monitoring tools for you to take good care of online reputation.

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What to start with, what is the online reputation ? It is the prestige that a company and / or brand has on the Internet. It is built on the opinion that consumers have about it. These third-party opinions define the corporate identity of a company.

Many brands are not even aware of the digital conversation that is taking place around them. And so they are wasting an incredible opportunity to enhance the positives. And especially to counter negative comments. But this will not be your case, because today you will learn in detail the best 15 social monitoring tools. Let's do it!

1. Brandwatch:

My favorite! It is a powerful social media monitoring tool. It has very advanced features such as image recognition, trend themes and API access. As such, it is not a cheap tool.

The tool offers a demographic analysis of people who talk about your brand, including gender, interests, occupation, and location. It has extensive social media coverage including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other local social media sites such as Sina Weibo, VK, and QQ.

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2. Reputology:

Reputology is very practical for companies with multiple locations who want to monitor the reviews of each of their locations on a single platform. It allows you to delve deeper into why certain locations don't work as well as others and measure your brand's overall reputation across all locations. Of course, you can also respond to these reviews or comments from the application.

A great point in favor of this tool is that it integrates with Hootsuite. This allows monitoring and managing everything in the same control panel where manages social network accounts.

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3. Awario:

Awario is a social media monitoring tool that facilitates online reputation management. The platform tracks mentions of your brand on the main social networks and the web in real time and allows you to respond to them directly from the application. The tool offers a graph, Sentiment Analysis, that measures the proportion of positive and negative mentions of your business.

In addition, the tool detects copyright infringements and finds people who copy their content. But Awario's best use is the ability to analyze the competition. With which you can monitor your competitors in depth.

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4. SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass helps to monitor and manage one of the most important reputation factors when it comes to SEO: backlinks (they claim to have the most up-to-date link index on the market).

The tool allows you to analyze authority of each of your links and measure the risk of penalization, to avoid possible penalties in search engines.

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5. Gofish

GoFish Digital's complaint search is an effective way to monitor your brand reputation. It allows you to search more than 40 websites to see if someone has left a complaint against your company.

From this social media monitoring tool, you can see which comments are the most popular, see your brand ratings and reply to complaints on most websites controlled by the platform. In some of them, you can mark or delete comments if they are not real.

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6. Grade.us

Grade.us allows you to automate the monitoring of comments from email or text messages. The tool also has an application with which you can respond and monitor all the reviews of your business.

For agencies, Grade.us offers white-label reports that reveal trends and allows you to Calculate the ROI of your reputation efforts online.

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7. Review Trackers

Monitor your business's online comments on more than 100 sites. Set up email alerts to receive notifications and create custom reports. In addition, the tool groups the comments of its customers and shows which aspects tend to be mentioned the most.

The platform also offers a mobile application with which to monitor in real time and respond on the fly.

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With IFTTT you can track brand mentions on Reddit, receive email alerts or Slack notifications when the company is mentioned on specific websites, and automatically thank Twitter users for sharing your content.

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9. Attribus:

It is a social media monitoring platform with which you can search, using keywords or keywords, everything that is said about your brand, business or a specific person, not only on social networks but also on digital media, blogs, forums …

The tool automatically tracks and classifies all mentions, in real time, thus offering valuable information that allows you to know your online reputation at all times and anticipate any crisis.

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10. Legalitas “your reputation on the internet”

It allows you to analyze and follow your brand to find out what its digital reputation is, it offers you a positioning report to discover what place you occupy with respect to the competition in your sector, as well as actions to correct an unsatisfactory online reputation.

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11. AT Internet:

Alerts you to messages and rumors that may harm your company. In this way, it measures the activity of a brand and its online reputation, its competitors and the impact of marketing actions.

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12. Sysomos Heartbeat

It is a social media monitoring tool with which you can measure the volume of mentions on the Internet about a certain topic. It monitors what is published on social networks and allows a segmentation of the information by origin of mention, geographical location and language.

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13. EccoBuzz

It is useful to analyze, in a comprehensive way, the online corporate communication of your company and that of your competition. It allows you to know the most important issues that arise around your brand and follow the impact of press releases and campaigns that you are carrying out in online media. The information is presented in a list and graphs.

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14. Radian6

Through the reach and capture of conversations that arise on social networks, this tool monitors what is said about your brand. The results can be seen in graphs and percentages.

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15. Alerti

This tool monitors different sources in real time and creates alerts about your brand, its competitors and its sector. In addition, it identifies influencers, segmenting them according to their mentions: positive or negative. The data is presented through a report.

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What did you think this post was useful for? With these tools you will know very closely what they say about you? Who says so? And where does it say it? Also you can anticipate a possible crisis and you can get to know your audience in depth. But it must be remembered that these are only tools and that they do not replace the control of a person. The real work is in monitoring the control panels to detect anomalies. By doing this, you will be able to respond effectively to all kinds of situations, improving your online reputation.

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