15 post-covid ad campaigns that will leave you speechless

   Post-Covid Advertising Campaigns

Once the worst part of the health crisis is overcome, optimism and joy return to the street, as well as post-Covid period advertising campaigns. After these difficult months of incarceration, it is now time to reactivate consumption and restore all lost illusions.

It is clear that things have changed. Therefore, brands must adapt their strategies to the “new normal”. But it brings about a major change in consumer habits. The key to becoming stronger and continuing to accompany customers on the journey is partly to take advantage of encouraging messages and to inspire content .

Empathy and Social Responsibility: Two Factors to Be Exploited

The health crisis has deeply penetrated consumers who have seen how the order of their priorities has changed beyond repair. Although the media and content related to covid19 received a major boost during incarceration, the emotions within the brands’ marketing strategies were also important.

The crisis caused by SARS-CoV-2 goes far beyond a health problem. It also caused a deep economic crisis. This undoubtedly ensures that companies, brands and structures are cautious in their business strategies.

With the gradual decline it is time to encourage users to consume. However, for the effect to be positive, the strategy must remain focused on empathy with the public . Because the reality is that nowadays users want to identify with the most intangible values ​​of a brand. And this aspect will be decisive in your purchasing decisions.

So brands that want to remain in public opinion must show their level of social engagement more than ever. In other words, if they are to reach post-covid consumers, brands must primarily address the issues that occupy users, guide customers through these new phases, and be an active part of social change.

To emerge stronger from the crisis is a necessity for the brands

A storm broke out with Covid19, and perhaps the new standard will hit everyone. With outbreaks everywhere, brands that continue to work on their brand strategy can survive in the long term.

Therefore, brands should do their best to demonstrate at this time. who are still there for their customers. Aside from the more purely commercial strategies, it’s time to focus on working on your image and brand reputation . And one of the best ways to do this was to use the video format to run advertising campaigns during confinement.

Video is one of the most popular formats in the world. Undoubtedly, he led digital advertising strategies in 2019. And in fact, his push didn’t stop. Although now, faced with the new reality, brands have to take on a new challenge to be visible and to attract public attention. That is, focus on telling a story that identifies with the audience.

The best post-covid advertising campaigns.

The exceptional situation has provided excellent examples of video ad campaigns that show that, despite adversity, brands and consumers can continue to run together.

1.- Let’s put our face on

One of the most surprising post-covid advertising campaigns was the initiative of Damos La Cara. More than 1,400 family businesses have come together to meet the challenge of economic recovery and send a message of calm and unity to consumers.

The initiative started at the beginning of the crisis from Covid19 and consists of more than 1.4 million of people who are part of different family businesses, a kind of company structure that represents 90% of the production structure in Spain. These are companies that are closely related to the local population and that want to reflect the multitude of projects and show their support for the economic and social problems that have resulted from the crisis.

The campaign was conceived by Rebold an ISP group marketing and communications company, and was transferred to social networks, where it is grouped under the hashtags #DamosLaCara, #DonarLaCara, #AurpegiaEmatenDugu and # Dámolacara. It also has a website Web where you can see all the stories and even participate in the initiative.

In addition to being a city movement, aims to claim the need for public-private partnerships to restore the economy and achieve a more sustainable production model.

In this particular announcement, they attempted to reflect and faithfully identify the essence of the initiative: emphasizing the importance of unity, of solidarity and resilience, realizing that we are all part of a large family.

2.- Decathlon: it’s hot and we’re leaving

This announcement is an excellent example of smart ad campaigns for many reasons. If the main message during detention was “stay at home” to reduce the infection, Decathlon wanted to support athletes and customers by fully targeting this ad.

With a sequence of images of empty sports environments, accompanied by an emotional soundtrack, built the campaign based on the comments sent by users expressing the immense desire to take to the streets and reunite with loved ones. [19659003] At the same time, by extracting keywords from the comments, they managed to build an encouraging phrase: “one day less to come back with more desire than ever”. One way of expressing that solidarity and the unity of all will undoubtedly be the engine to overcome the crisis.

3.- Cabify

Humor is one of the most powerful resources a brand can use. Moreover, if it manages to excite the spectators, the result is a successful cocktail. This is what Cabify accomplished in one of the postcovid phase advertising campaigns that sounded the most on social networks.

Cabify’s storytelling strategy in this announcement was very successful. It gives the viewer the feeling of being fully identified by presenting different situations related to incarceration. And he does it with great irony, creating an inconsistency between what is said and what is done .

After remembering what they have been doing in recent months, they continue to make a promise for the future. They underline the idea that, despite the difficulties, the future presents itself with renewed enthusiasm and desire to live.

4.- Leroy Merlin

There is certainly a problem that many people have solved during the confinement days with a repair. In houses there are always functional problems with furniture, the electrical or water system.

Leroy Merlin wanted to take advantage of this circumstance to create one of the most interesting advertising campaigns during the postcovid with the intention of drawing users to the brand for all the maintenance they invented in recent months to deal with.

The announcement celebrates the family and the desire to be together. But he does it with a strong motto: “Now that we go out again, let the beautiful come into your house.” Therefore, it invites consumers to make improvements while paying attention to the low prices of the brand.

5.- McDonalds: McDelivery and McAuto

When we talk about postcovid ad campaigns, you can’t help but notice this announcement from MacDonalds. The goal is to inform customers about the reopening of their factory. But especially the availability of the services of McDelivery and McAuto.

Sends peace of mind to customers and clarifies the hygiene measures they have taken to ensure the safety of all users. Emphasizing the desire to be with customers.

7.- Head & Shoulders: #ConLaCabezaBienAlta

This announcement from Head & Shoulders is a tribute to the professionals on the frontline against the virus. We must not forget that Italy was one of the countries most affected by the pandemic. So what better way to celebrate doctors by recognizing the power of the health sector?

In addition, the slogan of the campaign “ConLaCabezaBienAlta” has a double meaning. Talk about a mind designed to overcome adversity. But at the same time, it also refers to having a dandruff-free head, which is the function of this brand of shampoo.

8.- Eni

This campaign by the energy company Eni strikes and arouses enthusiasm or the public. Send a strong message of hope. It is a very emotional and public advertisement. The lecture is intended to give advice on the difficult moments we experience.

So take advantage of time at home, clean up the closets, rediscover old photo albums, listen to good music, enjoy a good book, and stay in touch with loved ones are those little gestures that make the difference and help people look forward and move forward.

9.- Burger King: #ATUMANERA

During the quarantine, the internet was flooded with videos of users in home clothing. Sometimes with the intention of sharing their moments with the audience and sometimes because of unfortunate accidents. Who doesn’t remember that journalist who appeared live while his astonished colleagues watched while dressed in shirt, tie, jacket but no pants ?

Burger King & # 39; s # ATUMANERA campaign tries to empathize with consumers. He invites them to eat hamburger chain hamburger whenever and whenever they want. Even with all the super comfortable clothes they used during confinement.

10. – Pupa Milano

The cosmetic brand Pupa Milano launched one of those advertising campaigns during the postcovid, very simple but with a powerful message. In this announcement he wanted to show people’s first forays on the street. It is a representation of the idea of ​​enjoying life again .

To capture the viewer they hold a mystery to the end, they talk about “something” that will return in all situations of life: at home and in the street. Ultimately, it is revealed that it is the smile, in a clear allusion to the use of masks. In this way they send a message of hope for the future.

11.- Amena: should I pay too much?

With the question “Am I paying too much?”, Amena launches one of the most appropriate advertising campaigns during the postcovid, because people had a lot of time to think during incarceration. [19659003] So take this opportunity to report that the new normal starts and that it is time to try new things. One is “El Tarifón”, a great offer on landlines and internet. It should be noted that the campaign is very effective, especially for the background song, in which the question is repeated several times and remains in memory.

12.- Activia: “I keep taking care of myself”

During confinement, many people used their free time to rethink their lifestyle and embrace it healthier.

Activia took advantage of this for its post-covid advertising campaigns. Therefore, it shows in advertisements to people who resume their normal activities how to maintain their good habits.

13. – Atresmedia: “A great country”

During the months of hiatus, the streaming platforms have consistently increased their subscriptions. Many people were looking for entertainment with series and films. However, for the industry it resulted in a production interruption.

With the post covid, Atresmedia launched this campaign announcement #UnGranPaisEnMarcha that told a great story to the beat of Queen & # 39; s classic “The Show must go on” to clarify that they were back in action with the production of their programs and series.

14. Hyundai

The big car brands always launch quite interesting advertising campaigns. In particular, this is an excellent example of branding and reputation.

To demonstrate its commitment to its customers, Hyundai has given up showing a car model or powertrains. The purpose of the announcement is to advertise the brand’s facilities to people who have lost their jobs as a result of the crisis.

15.- Renault

Renault launched one of the most optimistic advertising campaigns during the postcovid. They are once again driving a Reanult vehicle on the streets and highways, talking about the possibility of living all the desired “hours” that are sure to come and show great hope for the future.

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