12 free digital marketing courses for your professional development

No matter how expert we are on a subject: there is always something new. So today we want to share with you a list of digital marketing courses that will help you polish those aspects that you want to improve and learn new techniques. free, high-quality options.

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The 12 best free digital marketing courses in Spanish

  1. Free Certification Course for Inbound from HubSpot
  2. Basic course on Facebook and Instagram Ads by Vilma Núñez
  3. Introduction to Google Ads by Nicolas Laczka
  4. Professional use of Instagram IEBS Stories
  5. Digital Marketing from Marketing and Web
  6. Google Analytics from MDALatam University
  7. How to improve your online presence of Sabina Serrano
  8. Digital Marketing to grow your business by Marc Centelles
  9. SEO course by José Javier Villena
  10. SEO Fundamentals Course at SEMrush Academy
  11. Community Management Course at SoloMarketing
  12. CRM Course at Edutin Academy

1. Free HubSpot Inbound Certification Course


  • Taught by: Lindsay Thibeault, HubSpot Senior Inbound Professor
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Recognition: certificate

This course offers the foundations of inbound methodology and will allow you to know 13 marketing and sales tools with which you can put into practice everything you have learned: creating buyer people, the buyer's journey, and other aspects that must be researched and outlined in all successful digital marketing strategies.

The best thing is that you will obtain an Inbound Certificate, which will not only help a marketing professional, but all business areas: both managers and business owners, as well as sales and customer management departments . Without a doubt, it is a course that can revolutionize the way your business is made known.

2. Basic course on Facebook and Instagram Ads by Vilma Núñez


  • Taught by: Vilma Núñez, international digital marketing consultant
  • Duration: 6 lessons
  • Language: Spanish

With this course you will learn from scratch. It is ideal to share it with someone on your team who is just getting familiar with advertising on Facebook, especially since it also helps with ads for Instagram. It offers a fairly comprehensive agenda, downloadable resources, videos to explain concepts, clear examples, charts, and a glossary of the key terms in the world of Facebook Ads.

3. Introduction to Google Ads by Nicolas Laczka


  • Taught by: Nicolas Laczka, expert in Digital Marketing and Microsoft Master Specialist
  • Duration: 4 sections, 11 classes, 25 minutes in total [19659007] Language: Spanish

We know that 25 minutes does not seem like a long time; However, this course will help you understand the basics of Google Ads from a professional in the field. The idea is that you take advantage of these lessons as an introduction, so you will have the foundations well established and you will be able to find other options that take you one step further. Do you want your web creatives to understand how to improve ad copy? This is the option.

4. Professional use of IEBS Instagram stories


  • Taught by: Innovation & Entrepreneurship Business School
  • Duration: 6 topics in webinar format
  • Language: Spanish

This is a Webinar that you can download to watch it in the comfort of your room, either from your mobile or desktop computer. Here you will learn how to integrate Instagram stories into your network strategy and recognize the importance of knowing how to tell a story with the tools that the platform offers you. You will also understand how to measure the performance of your creations.

5. Marketing digital de Marketing and Web


  • Taught by: Miguel Florido, Digital Marketing consultant; Èlia Guardiola, digital marketing consultant specialized in Emotional Marketing and Storytelling; Miguel Ángel Trabado, Marketing and Digital Transformation trainer; Rafa Sospedra, SEO consultant; Rubén Máñez, Digital Marketing consultant specialized in Facebook Ads and Content Strategies.
  • Duration: 12 lessons
  • Language: Spanish

Here you can create digital marketing strategies, concentrating on Facebook and Instagram, but you will also put attention to the business model, content strategy, how to take advantage of emotional marketing to increase sales and brand quality, among other topics. Once you register, you will have access to a textbook and resources that you can consult at your own pace.

6. Google Analytics from MDALatam University


  • Taught by: MDA Latam University
  • Duration: 12 modules
  • Language: Spanish

To continue the Google analytics path In this course you will learn how to better interpret the data that the platform throws at you from your website. This way it will be easier to pay attention to what really matters and review the areas where there are more opportunities for improvement. It also includes modules dedicated to Google Search Console, campaigns and how to measure results.

7. How to improve your online presence by Sabina Serrano


  • Taught by: Sabina Serrano Pelegrín, Professional Development coach
  • Duration: 6 chapters, 1 hour in total
  • Language: Spanish

Take advantage of the opportunity you have to build the brand of your online presence. If you are a freelancer, this course will help you find the way you create your book, you communicate with other professionals through social networks, written communication and networking. If the current situation gives you the opportunity to level up your CV, this course is for you. You have the option to purchase a certificate.

8. Digital marketing to grow your business by Marc Centelles


  • Taught by: Marc Centelles, expert in online business growth
  • Duration: 69 video courses, 10 hours in total
  • Language: Spanish

The idea of ​​its agenda is that you identify some errors that are discussed when starting an online business model: from the different behaviors of your clients, to the objectives that we set ourselves, the importance of metrics, how to take advantage of new technologies in different social media platforms, among others. It is quite complete and you can follow it at your own pace.

9. SEO course by José Javier Villena


  • Taught by: José Javier Villena, analyst and programmer
  • Duration: 2 chapters, 34 videos, more than 1 hour of content
  • Language: Spanish

You will learn on-page and off-page positioning techniques, not only for Google but also for Yahoo!, Bing and DuckDuckGo. The course focuses on SEO, so you will be able to test certain strategies that do not involve search engine investment, and that will help you increase the quality of your websites, both from technical aspects and attractive content for your visitors.

10. SEMrush Academy SEO Fundamentals Course

  • Taught by: Greg Gifford, local SEO expert
  • Duration: 31 lessons in 4 hours
  • Language: English with subtitles and navigation in Spanish

Yes Do you start in SEO or do you want to introduce your team to these techniques, this course is ideal. You will know all the basics about search engines, local and international SEO, technical SEO, mobile SEO and more. It is definitely a good course to understand all the aspects that you must take into account when creating your SEO strategy.

11. SoloMarketing Community Management Course


  • Taught by: SoloMarketing
  • Duration: manual reading
  • Language: Spanish

The consultation of this manual on the figure and the The work of the community manager can help you build the one that your own brand needs, since it defines the key tasks of the person who is behind the attention on social networks, and lays clear foundations on the actions to be taken in the event of a crisis. [19659019] 12. Edutin Academy CRM Course


  • Taught by: Edutin Academy
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Language: Spanish

Although it is designed for all levels, if you already have experience in the bouquet you will take better advantage of this course. You will review the basics of CRM, how it works, how it improves a brand's marketing strategy and sales.

Extra: 4 educational platforms for marketing specialists

Don't forget that some platforms offer incredible free courses to apply their tools like a professional. You will find several educational options in each link!

1. Facebook Blueprint

 15874486880828996 From how to create a business page that gives all the information your followers are looking for, to how to make graphic and audiovisual content that clicks with your audience. Best of all, it gives you certificates for each module you complete, and you can trust that its information is up to date.

2. Twitter Flight School


Ads on Twitter can be challenging. So having advice from the creators of this tool is an advantage that should not be missed. You will find out how to run a successful campaign step by step.

3. LinkedIn Learning


LinkedIn offers you the first month for free. So review the topics that may interest you and learn how to get the most out of ads, content and networking. You will not only learn about digital marketing but about other topics such as leadership and software development.

4. Google Garage Digital

In order for all of us to learn to manage that world of tools that it shares with the world, Google created its Digital Garage, a kind of school for you to be the one who best dominates the brand's innovations. They will also give you certificates and you will not hesitate to receive the latest.

If you have the opportunity to invest your time in something valuable, let it be in your digital marketing knowledge. This area continues to develop and shares innovations around every corner. Good luck!

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