10 ways to spread content

After create your website with WordPress surely you already have a few published articles and you have made an effort to do everything possible so that everything is perfect, you are even applying Seo to your posts.

Everything has to work right? But have you thought about the process on how to promote a blog ?

Do you really think your content is going to be read as well? Do you think you are going to appear in internet search engines so soon?

Think about it, Google directly skips your website the first three months, it does not take it into account as a general rule, you have to consider other strategies to publicize your blog until SEO starts working (something you should work on).

Just because a blog doesn't work is not about creating a web page and that's it, there is much more.

Google seems to be telling you from the first moment that you have to do a lot of work on your content and write quality post to start appearing in the first search engine results and I say your content because through your articles it is the best way to promote a blog.

It is logical, Google as a private company wants the best information to be served and if you do it well it will end up evaluating you, but you have to use yourself thoroughly

[19659002] Until then what to do to promote the contents of your blog?

If you have not yet created your blog you can learn how to do it in this article .


What to do to promote a blog

The most difficult thing is to start, it is already complicated when we see how a blog is created, that when we overcome that task, we also find that it is not not easy to know how to promote a blog.

Easy, everyone has gone through is and is not as easy as it seems as many people believe.

It is very frustrating to look at the statistics of Google Analytics and observe that you have 10 or 20 visits a day.

If I tell you about my experience of how to promote my blog, my intention has been to position my website and this with Seo tools work, a lot of patience and a little strategy can change, but until then you have to pull everything in your hand to make yourself known.

You have a thousand ways to share your work and you need to do it, Google needs to see movement on your website it needs indicators that the content it is going to start evaluating is really good.

You have to make the best possible distribution of your blog, you have to gain visibility and for this, you have to use all the means at your disposal to make yourself seen,

Social networks, advertising campaigns, aggregators social, guest post, links; There are many ways to work so that your website gradually gains recognition.

Your website is like a puzzle, you need to fit all the pieces one by one to make it work, and you have to see that every little one advance no matter how small, account .

A Web is like a Puzzle, all the pieces have to fit together perfectly for it to work

You will see the different ways you have at your disposal so that your site gains ranking little by little and your content gets Visibility, be shared, get more readers and send signals to Google to empower your domain with the aim of surpassing your competition .

How to blog is not easy, all these steps, they will make your visits grow, without visits all the strategies you have in your head will not be worth anything.

Beware, there are those who get more conversions with fewer visits but think that the greater the scope, the greater the benefit. You have to do everything possible to reach the maximum number of people.

Where to promote and spread the content of my blog

There are many ways to start spreading your content. You are going to see the different ways to gain visibility so that your articles are more visited, more read and more shared.

If we have an ecommerce with an internet sales page for example, think about how make money with a website if we don't have visibility it can become a desperate task.

 promote and spread the content of the blog

How to google my website, how to get more work, how to promote a product, even ask yourself whether to open a blog or if creating a website has been a good idea; These are very normal questions when your website does not have the expected results. .

For all this, there is a solution, and with work and patience you end up achieving it, but you have to “chop stone” in multiple places and know that the results do not come overnight.

Too much attention is paid to designing a website without knowing that you have to work a lot behind it.

It is useless if the WordPress configuration is not correct, if your website is slow or not It is prepared to position in Google.

For this reason it is important to set up the web. In this way, the promotion of content will bear fruit and your website will begin to be visible and multiply traffic.

Let's go without further ado to see the 10 ways to promote a blog…

# 1 . How to promote a blog on social networks

Social networks have become one of the main sources of traffic, today a project without these social media does not have a good end.

Over time depending on the authority that you are acquiring or the objectives that you are achieving, you can get to do without them, although from my point of view, it is a mistake since to a greater or lesser extent social networks are always going to contribute a lot to your project.

As I suppose you know, there are several social networks but not all of them are prepared to be used professionally nor do you need to be in all of them, you should only work those that you are capable of managing .

You have to be active in networks, be you Seo, copywriter or any other discipline, you must be present both personally and professionally.

Today the figure of Community manager is increasingly used in companies, the importance of social networks as a means of promotion is essential.

Facebook, twitter, Linkedin or Instragram is They are increasingly adapted to companies and are impressive channels for disseminating valuable content.

You are interested in:

When promoting your post through these social media you have to:

  • Use attractive images.
  • Pay attention to the title and image: They must be striking and the image must have the measurements that each social network has predetermined

For example, through the tool Yoast Seo you can choose the image for twitter and Facebook so that you can adjust to the required dimensions or choose the one you want.

  • Publish in times of greater interaction.

There is no best time to advertise your content on social networks, there are many studies that You can see on the network what is the best time to spread content, I think it is very relative since it depends a lot on the sector where you move.

In my case, the hours where I receive more visits through social networks are in the mornings between 10:00 and 11:00 and in the afternoons between 15: 30-17: 00

Post from 3 in the afternoon can bring you added traffic, think that in South America there are between 5 and 7 hours less if you also share in groups in South America you will have more clicks for example but each social network is different.

In my opinion you must study your community and see what schedules work best for you and draw conclusions.

〉〉 How to promote a blog on Twitter

If you want to start using Twitter it is very easy, you just have to start sharing your posts through this platform once you create an account.

The Interaction is more difficult at first, since nobody knows you, it is not fast get engagement and gain quality followers.

In this Video, Claudio Inacio teaches you how to get followers quality on Twitter

Twitter is an account where your content moves a lot, unlike other social networks in this you can post many posts a day.

Guy Kawasaki says that for the results on twitter they are optimal, it is recommended that you share about 50 posts a day and even more when sharing those of other professionals.

It may seem crazy and maybe it's too much, but sharing 20 posts a day is not such a bad idea, think that sharing an article on twitter takes just a few minutes.

To post so many tweets you can't do it manually, to There are very powerful automation tools in which you only have to program the posts you want to publish and this tool will take care of sharing it for you.

Although twitter is a more predesigned social network for automation, it is not good to abuse this, you must be behind at all times to thank, share and converse, for this reason many people are not able to manage social networks

For these automatic blog promotions, there are tools like:

  • Klout
  • Buffer
  • Blogsterapp
  • bitz
  • hootsuite
  • postcron

I stick with Blogsterapp for sure. Here you can see a complete tutorial .

Buffer is also a simple and effective tool to promote the contents of a blog.

How Buffer works to spread the content of your website

With the free version of buffer, you can promote a blog to power schedule up to 10 posts a day for free at hours that you mark and the days that you choose from social networks like Facebook or Twitter, although it is the latter where it is most useful.

These are some of the options included in its free version buffer.

  • You can publish up to 10 posts per day.
  • You can automatically add to the publication queue (queue) the article you want in one click.
  • Schedule the time and day in which you want to schedule the broadcast of a post
  • See analytics of the shared articles broken down by more retweets, more likes or more clicks.
  • Move tweets to your liking in the publication order you want.
  • Install the chrome buffer extension with which you can automatically share an article of yours or any other professional with a simple click.

As you can see, it is a very powerful social network tool with the that you can promote your blog automatically.

So that little by little you are generating more interaction, you have to be grateful to whoever shares your content, it is a social network, use it as such.

〉〉 How to promote a blog on Facebook

Facebook is a more personal tool than Twitter, although you have many possibilities to share your posts through the multitude of groups to which you can join, not only to contribute your article but to interact with other people and gain visibility

Accessing the facebook search engine you can find a multitude of groups related to your theme simply by searching by name, you must search and interact with them as they will help you a lot to promote yourself.

Think that any article shared through this medium can be multiplied by each of the friends you have or people who are in different groups.

There are many others where you can not only share articles but also allow have a lot of interaction with which you will not only be able to create networking, but you can also plan your strategy and get help by seeing people who are in the same situation as you.

Highly recommended groups of digital marketing on facebook:

  • Social media in Spanish
  • Social Media Club and Community manager
  • Friends of Semrush in Spanish
  • Positioning you
  • Social Media Branding Seo [19659087] Community Manager club
  • Let's talk about Digital Marketing-Advertising in the Cloud
  • Copywriting-Personal Brand

〉〉 Ways to increase visibility with Linkedin to promote your blog

Linkedin is becoming more social, post dissemination has become the new form of curriculum.

Although it is still a little more serious network, there is more and more interaction and articles are usually read more.

You also have an interesting group in Spanish where you can share your posts.

In marketing, for example, you have two very interesting groups in Spanish, such as:

  • Social Media Marketing Spain
  • Marketing, advertising and communication
  • Marketing in social networks
  • Marketing 2.0 in Spanish

〉〉 Instagram as a social network to promote your most personal blog

Instagram is a more informal network where you can show the more personal side, the Building trust is very important and contact with other professionals in the sector is very necessary, certainly to a greater or lesser extent is very useful to promote your personal brand.

Also today like Facebook, you can show campaigns online advertising of facebook ads. Being able to use internet advertisements through instragram advertising is another advantage if you want to know how to make an advertisement.

There are many social networks, more than you imagine you should use depending on the market niche you need to cover, think about age and if your subject matter fits in it.

Regardless of the social network you use, you will see that interactions with other professionals in your sector are gradually being generated, and this is essential.

Not everything is sharing your articles, you have to share content from third parties in this way you will also gain more authority in your field and you will also be able to create good relationships with other professionals in your social circle.

# 2. Promote your website using Guest posting

A very good practice to promote blog content either in online marketing or in any other discipline is guest posting, you will gain visibility by publishing articles on other blogs on the same topic.

Try to publish in blogs that have authority and many visits a month, this way people will get to know you.

There are those who think that you should spend less time on your own site and publish on another professional blog, in my opinion I do not see it so clearly, it is difficult to know what is the ideal percentage since, due to the high visibility that other blogs give you If you don't have a lot of content on your site yet, you won't be able to offer much.

My advice is to use a medium term and to work hard publishing on your site and when you have an acceptable number of posts, try to collaborate. [19659002]

Most professionals are open to receive guest post, don't be shy about proposing a topic to them and writing on their blog.

When you see the right time to post on another professional's blog, you have to know that what you write must be equal to or better than what you do in yours, first out of respect for the companion who invites you to his house and second because this will open even more doors for you, you must do it well.

# 3. Use campaigns to advertise your blog

Facebook ads, twitter ads, linkedin ads, Google adwords…, there are several internet advertising companies that exist today.

Using these online advertising campaigns to promote a blog are very necessary when you have been around for a while since visibility is essential, they will have to be used to save time.

All professionals to a greater or lesser extent use them or have used them.

You have to see these types of advertising on your website as an investment regardless of the positive progress your website has. the possibilities of visibility that these tools offer you are incredible.

Internet ads as a good campaign of Facebook ads (cheaper than Google adwords) can incredibly boost (if you use good targeting and creativity when it comes to placing ads) the number of Visits to your web pages.

You can read this complete Facebook Ads guide and create a profitable campaign

# 4. Promote the content in Comments or forums

Leaving comments on other blogs on the same topic can be very positive to gain more recognition.

The fact that people end up seeing you on various sites is very beneficial.

You also get a link to your site that may be better than it seems, check it out by reading this article about nofollow links

The forums although some time ago it was a site where He took great advantage to obtain dofollow links without providing anything of value today most try to avoid this by promoting dialogue among their users.

Today the moderators have ensured that these links are nofollow, which is very important for really do your job, generate interaction; use them since through them you can make yourself more known (as long as you contribute something)

Forobeta is a very active community where you can interact with people related to Marketing but you can search the internet for forums on all kinds of topics to promote from your site.

# 5. Social Aggregators

Social aggregators are another way to promote a blog with good results.

Its operation is simple, you simply insert the url of the article you want to promote, then write a title, a description and some labels and this post the portal will be published where it will be voted choosing to reach the cover page.

Getting to the cover will generate a lot of visibility and visits to your website.

There are several social aggregators, I am going to recommend two focused on the digital marketing

〉〉 Mktfan

Mktfan sometimes malfunctions

The Mktfan aggregator is the most active and although It is not easy to get to the cover it is possible (for the moment and sometimes it works) to lighten the process as I explain now.

It is very easy to publish but what is the problem?

The The point is that you have only 48 hours for that article you want to promote to get the 25 votes that Mktfan requires to be on the cover and the difficulty does not come in obtaining votes if not in the Administrators of Mktfan, who do not publish it many times.

This may get desperate, but there is a trick.

Trick Mktfan!

We have to promote our contents, if there is a trick for it, better not?

When you upload the url and fill in the following fields, you have to look at the title, this will be what you need to speed up the publication.

The title must go without strange symbols. Once everything is ready, post it on mktfan, but first copy that url.

This copied url will have to be inserted after the following code (in lowercase and separated by hyphens)

Following the example, you have to do it as follows:

http://mktfan.com/story .php? title = keys-to-design-a-success-web-page

There are times that override the url to detect that it has been entered manually [19659084]

You can try inserting that manual generated url in the browser to verify that the url works correctly so that they can vote for you

Ok and who shares me?

I know it's difficult when nobody knows you, receive votes, It doesn't matter if you write a very good article, you have to accept it, assume that you have to earn that visibility .

Surely you can do a good little group on Facebook where you can do the bullshit to get 25 votes. I think that a very high percentage of the competition uses it, take advantage of it because if not, at first if nobody knows you it will be very difficult.

〉〉 Marketertop

Marketertop is another quite active social aggregator in which you can leave your post to be seen and thus promote your blog a little more.

The operation of article upload it is exactly the same as Mktfan although with fewer obstacles.

Marketertop has fewer users than Mktfan but it all adds up.

〉〉 Bloguers.net

Bloguers.net is the best content aggregator today. It is the most active and is very good

Bloguers.net is another social aggregator with a lot of interaction in which you can not only publish your articles, you can also upload your YouTube videos, further expanding the possibilities of dissemination. [19659002] It works really well, give it a try.

Click click here if you want to see a Tool tutorial

# 6. Youtube Channel

How to promote a blog through a YouTube channel is today one of the best ways to promote your personal brand, videos (depending on the theme) can be positioned earlier. [19659002] If within the video you place links to other created ones and insert your website and articles in the description, without a doubt you will gain visibility.

Youtube is increasingly elementary and today it offers many possibilities, it is booming.

It is another very powerful way to promote your blog and that a large number of visits reach your website through your video program.

You can read this articles where I explain step by step how to create a youtube channel.

# 7. Create Podcast

The podcast is another very good means of broadcasting to promote the contents of a blog.

We go with little time, we move from one place to another and we can listen to interviews or the same articles in audio in the car or on any device it is a promotional tool to take into account.

Think that you have at your fingertips many ways to gain visibility, analyze which one suits you best and use them.

Analyze which tools to promote your website are best suited to your way of working and use them

# 8. Link to other external content

Another way to promote a blog is by inserting external links to other professionals' blogs, now I explain why.

A while ago this is very measured, it seemed that if you appointed several professionals from Your sector would not only lose users but you would also lose linkjuice (transfer of authority)

This is not the case and it is becoming more natural.

If you are writing content and While you are doing this, an article you have read comes to mind or a professional that fits perfectly with what you are recommending in your article, put a link to your site

For what purpose?

Very simple , in my case I do not force the links, only if they fit me when I read interesting blogs and checking that they are not all dofollow (it depends on several factors).

The purpose is that if you have linked to that person and they see that you have done it to tra through the results of Google search console for example, it is very likely that you will share that content.

In this way, any click that receives that link is good for him and you can increase visits to the reach the shared post to his followers

You can also let this colleague know that you have linked it either by means of a message or by adding in the description of the post including the name he uses in each of the social networks.

You have to take the link that you put to another professional's website as a strategy that will reinforce the Seo of your article since you will be offering added value to the user

Also, this person will receive some strength in the linked and safe article who is happy.

# 9. Expand the network of contacts and Networking

Relate, make contacts with colleagues in the sector, not only sharing their articles as I just told you now, interact with them personally and professionally.

I guarantee that you will they can come to make friends and professional agreements in daily contact.

Networking is essential, attending events is still very necessary to learn and meet personally those people you meet online and others who have not arrived.

Although the digital world is gaining strength, direct physical contact is still

Get out as soon as you can to meet these people because it is sure to be very positive for your project, in the event that you do not find the moment, if you work well on your personal brand, little by little you will be able to create good relationships online until that these meetings take place.

# 10. Promote your personal brand

Your content is very good, I'm not saying no, but despite the fact that Google pays more and more attention to articles that add real value, I can assure you that today there are post above all and they do not move even though they are two years old.

Before they said that content is king, now that it is the user for me still for now, it is authority.

It is no longer like before, with a good strategic work you can achieve good positions in Google but it still costs a lot to overcome referents who have a domain with great authority, on the one hand it is logical, they have worked a lot to be there.

There is no other, you have to keep working to overcome them, I'm not saying that they are bad post, much less but you can sometimes verify that others who are behind contribute much more to the user .

Although you include 30 videos, 15 infographics, 4 podcasts in your article and you do a good seo onpage and offpage, you will not overcome them until you gain authority, and this can only be achieved with work.

These professionals of the Marketing is not only for the quality of their articles and their authority, but also a large number of external links to their blog, shares, likes …

It is so and it is logical these people have a brand behind what they do his article will be positioned in a greater or lesser measure because they move masses, you have to enhance your brand little by little to achieve something similar and this is achieved with the two previous points

Conclusion [19659016] If you don't believe in your project, no one will, you have to create something good, spend all your efforts to do it, the dissemination will be much easier with good value content behind and the best way is to show it all over the place. s the routes you have at your fingertips, take advantage of them

If you do everything following an order and having patience, you will find a way for your content and your brand to be recognized.

If you want to streamline the process, use Influencer Marketing .

Now tell me, what media do you use to promote your content?

Share it and leave me a comment! [19659286]

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