🔔 6 Tricks for Local SEO you should know

🔔 6 Tricks for Local SEO you should know


Do you have a local business and don't know how to make it a complete success? In this post we are going to tell you the best Local SEO tricks to position and promote your business within the online world, since today, local positioning is an essential branch within the SEO positioning.

More and more businesses are joining the local positioning strategies to take their businesses to the path of success within the digital world, therefore, You should not be less! For this reason, we are going to tell you about the local seo tricks that are currently being used to conquer Google and position yourself ahead of your competition. Are you ready to turn your business around? Pay attention!

What is Local SEO and what is it used for?

Before I tell you what are the Local SEO tricks that you must take into account so that your business is up to date and can be located from Any place or location, the first thing we want to tell you, in case you still do not know or it has not been clear to you, what Local SEO is and what it is for:

We can say that Local SEO is a branch within search engine positioning which focuses on positioning your business within a certain geographic space, such that, when the user searches near or around From a certain location, your business is shown in the Google results .

Local SEO is widely used by all those businesses, shops or establishments that have a location at street level or that have a physical place where the user can go person almente to find what you are looking for.

Therefore, working the geolocation of your business in search engines is a very important strong point that you should not overlook if you want it to be a success in the sector in which you work. There are different tricks of local SEO that you can work to be able to promote it within a geographical environment or locality, and for this reason we are going to tell you what they are and what they consist of, but before clarifying that local SEO can be divided into two types of SERP's: [19659009] ➡️ Search results in Google Maps (Google My Business): To be able to appear in Google Maps it is essential that you have a tab in Google My Business, through which you can appear in local searches that they do users.

➡️ Local search results: These are results that are geolocated and that users perform local searches for a local product or service, for example, hairdressers, communication agencies, retail stores power etc.


6 Tricks of Local SEO that you must take into account to boost your business

Now that you know what local SEO is and So that you can use it, we are going to give you some tricks or ideas that you should keep in mind if you want your business to become a trend in search engines:

✅ Optimize your Google My Business file

One of the SEO tricks Local that from minute zero you have to take into account is create a file in Google My Business place where users will be able to know all the information they need from your business at first sight and also You can get reviews and recommendations.

This is a free tool that Google offers to all businesses that want to eren enhance their online positioning. The main function of this platform is to link your physical business with the environment around you. Thanks to it, you will be able to improve the visibility of your business within the sector in which you operate, it is one of the fundamental bases for working with local SEO.

With the Google My Business file you will be able to track the evaluations and opinions that your business users have through a star rating system and the publication of reviews. Furthermore, if we have the file well optimized and worked on it will give our users confidence and it will be a very effective way of capturing.

✅ Geolocation of the images on your website

Another of the tricks of Local SEO that you must take into account is to include on your website. The geolocation of an image is the information that we find inside an image that offers information to the search engine about the place in which it was made.

These data do not usually appear visibly on the web It is encoded information that unless you specifically search for it will not appear. You can modify it and adjust it to the location that you need or that you want to highlight.

The images will be geolocated with the same address that you have put in the Google My Business file, so it can no longer be touched or changed unless absolutely necessary.


✅ Sign up for Bing Places for business

To get your local business to have a good search engine ranking, optimizing the Google My Business tab is important, but continuing with our Local SEO tricks, you must take into account Bing Places for Business .

Thanks to this tool, you will be able to know the origin of your clients, since in Windows devices, Bing is used by default. What this indicates to us is that you will be more likely to find and position your business through this search engine than Google.

Registering your business in Bing Places will give you one more point since devices with systems Apple operations do not use the geolocation of Google or Cortana, but Siri uses the database that Bing offers. As of today, Apple does not have its own database for local searches, but instead uses Microsoft's, which is the search database that Bing uses.

guir Getting Quality Reviews

This is another of the local SEO tricks that is very important to keep in mind. Therefore, the more positive reviews you get for your Google My Business file, the better, since if you have many positive reviews, Google will detect that your business is trustworthy and therefore will give it greater importance than another that does not have any, or those that it has are all negative. Don't know how you can get reviews for your listing? Aim!

  • You can ask your customers to give you reviews, and highlight what they like most about your products or services.
  • You can tell friends and family about the idea of ​​getting reviews to help you grow and progress.
  • You can buy geolocated reviews on Google . There are some platforms from which you can hire monthly review packages and they will help you work on the local positioning of your business. Try them out and tell us about your experience!


✅ Take into account the responsive design of your business

Another of the Local SEO tricks you have to take into account If you want your business to position itself above the competition, it is to have a responsive quality design .

Today, there are many users who search from their mobile or tablet devices, for which is something you have to take into account if you want me to find you easily and quickly.

You must incorporate a map on your website that allows you to be reachable and accessible, for example, in the case of restaurants, it is important that the location is set correctly, otherwise they will not find your business and will go to your competition.

Therefore, you must work well both the Google My Business tab with the data of your location what as accurate as possible, and in turn, from the design Responsive of your website, give the user the possibility of reaching the door of your business just by using his mobile.

✅ Adapt your SEO on Page for local searches

As we have mentioned in other content , optimization SEO On Page plays a fundamental role for local search engine positioning along with mentions and linkbuilding . Therefore, we must bear in mind that the content that must appear on our website corresponds to what our clients expect to find.

For this to happen, another of the best tricks of Local SEO is to use and include keywords and longtails that refer to local audiences, for example, cleaning company in Madrid, seo Valencia agency, restaurants in Madrid, etc.

In this way what we are going to achieve is to work with local positioning keywords, which together with longtails that reinforce them, will optimally improve search engine positioning and when local searches are made we will appear in the first results.

As a local SEO trick, we recommend that you work on these keywords in different ways within your website:

➡️ Using them in headings

➡️ Make service pages that contain these keywords position local approach

➡️ Create Local SEO landings page where we position the main area where the business is located but also work the closest areas

➡️ Create local positioning listings in which you can include your company together with the most direct competition

With this we conclude this post about the tricks of Local SEO most used today in the world of digital marketing to position your business, but if you still have any questions, do not forget that you can contact us and ask us for the information you need. In NeoAttack we offer you the best services at the best price!

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