▷ Tips to Learn SEO from scratch

▷ Tips to Learn SEO from scratch


The first thing to learn SEO is to know what exactly SEO is; SEO (search engine optimization) is search engine optimization, what does this mean? This means that SEO is the process by which we improve our positioning in search engines such as Google or Bing.
This Marketing strategy is essential when we want to develop a website, an online business or a blog; since it will help us to improve its visibility and to have traffic.
Therefore, it is very important to learn SEO, and we are going to help you:

What is SEO?

Although I explained it to you at the beginning From the article, I’m going to leave you this video so that you don’t have any doubts about what SEO is:

How to learn SEO?

My first recommendation is that you try to continually update knowledge, [19659015] SEO is not an exact science and search engines like Google change their algorithms frequently so you either adapt or do not rank.
I will comment on the concepts that you must be clear about:

How search engines work

To learn SEO correctly, you must research, analyze and understand how search engines work.
For this I recommend you look for videos and posts that talk about the operation of the specific search engine you want to use.

 SEO course

Find your own readings

Update or die we have already mentioned it; we recommend that you follow blogs or web pages that talk about SEO strategies since this way you can learn what works, what has been It is updated and in general what you should and what you should not do.

✌My special recommendation is undoubtedly the NeoAttack blog where you can find out about this and many other topics related to digital marketing

Although I also recommend some blogs that personally seem very interesting to me and that will surely help you:

  • SEMrush blog apart from being a very useful tool it offers us a great blog where we can learn SEO.
  • Mozbar also offers us a very interesting blog.
  • Yoast undoubtedly has a blog that you cannot miss. [19659046] Know the relationship between SEO and inbound marketing
    The inbound marketing and SEO go hand in hand, they cannot live without each other. This is one of the fundamental pillars when you want to learn SEO.
    When creating your content, you must be very clear that you will need SEO strategy and optimization to ensure that your content is positioned and that you manage to increase your traffic.

    Learning SEO-On Page

    One of the things you must learn is that SEO itself is divided into two parts, the “on page” part and the part “Off page” I will explain basic concepts of both for you to take into account.

    • ✓ The content is essential in SEO as we have already mentioned, they go hand in hand and, for good SEO strategy, you should propose a good content strategy.
    • Another part of the one that deals with SEO On Page is the heading tags .
    • URLs also belong to this part of SEO
    • ✓ Label Alt pictures of the images which will help you position by long tails.
    • The internal web links which will help the user to stay longer in the web.
    • Marking of data in Schema .
    • ✓ Architecture of the web page .
    • XML sitemaps .

    These are the concepts you must know, to be able to work with them and learn SEO.

    Enter this SEO On Page guide to know all the details.

    Learning SEO-Off Page [19659022] This part refers to issues of linkbuilding that is, getting other websites to link to ours to increase our authority.

    I leave another article here for that you continue to know in depth each part of the wonderful world of SEO

    SEO Strategies Off PAge

    Know the tools while you start working

    To learn SEO it is essential to know what you are going to work with and to become familiar with how they work to start working.

    Enter this link to learn more free SEO tools and payment

    Discover local SEO

    Local SEO has become very important in recent times, learning SEO will help you in case you have a local business and make it known in your area something that seems very important to us increase profits, right?

    The main tool that you will need to start working local SEO is Google My Business there you will register your business, creating a tab that Google will link to [19659120] Google Maps so that people in your area know you.

    Don’t miss this article on tricks to do local SEO

     seo online course

    The importance of analyzing results

    This is something very important when learning SEO, [19659003] you should know that it is crucial to constantly review the search for the keywords that interest us to position, the searches we are achieving on our website, the traffic we have, etc.

    All these variables must be reviewed daily, to See if our strategies work if they need to be strengthened, changed or improved.
    These have been some tips for you to start learning SEO little by little and in a self-taught way.

    Other ways to turn on SEO

    The theory I have already told you where you can find it, although it is essential that you start from minute 1 with practice since it is what will train you as a good SEO professional.
    At the end the experience is a degree that will give you extra knowledge that you acquire yourself.
    Apart from blogs, YouTube videos and other online material, you can also find very interesting books [19659019] on SEO and digital marketing, such as:

    • Online Visibility by Bernat Riera
    • Advanced SEO. Almost everything I know about web positioning by Fernando Maciá Domene
    • SEO. Essential keys of Aleyda Solis

    Also you can learn through SEO courses, there are many versions of courses both online and in person and there are for all types of people, beginners, experts etc.

    Find the that best suits your needs and start in this exciting world.

    Here we leave you a list with the best SEO courses

    And, if you want to go one step further, there are also a large number of complete masters [19659015] with which you will become a complete SEO consultant.
    And we come to the end, I hope you liked this article, that you have started to learn a little bit about SEO and that you have opened the bug to continue investigating this world 🤟

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