▷ How to create an effective lead magnet step by step

▷ How to create an effective lead magnet step by step

A lead magnet strategy is very effective in increasing your website traffic and visibility, so that you too can reap all the benefits that this strategy can offer. Next, I will explain how to create a lead magnet.


What is the main magnet?

Before I get into the importance of this text, I always think it’s handy to explain what this type of strategy is so that you can check if it’s really what you need.

The main magnet is something as simple as offering something of interest to the user to access or subscribe to your website if you have some type of blog or newsletter, or take some action. that interests you (such as a purchase).


What can I offer?

There are a lot of things you can come up with, but always focusing on getting the user to take the action you want.

You can offer exclusive content, either in video, PDF or in the format of your choice, in this way the user will take the necessary measures to obtain this exclusive content.

On the other hand, one of the things that works the best is to offer exclusive discounts, this usually applies to e-commerce and get the user to subscribe to your newsletter.

One tip I give you is that you only focus on your target audience because if you want to achieve conversions you need to focus on that audience who can really be a potential customer.

For example, if you have a clothing store, offer discounts to anyone who subscribes to your promotional newsletter. And, on the other hand, if you have a science blog, give a PDF expanding information on a related topic that has already piqued the user’s interest.

What advantages can this give me?

Probably before you know how to create an effective primary magnet, you’ll want to see what benefits this strategy can offer you.

  • Client Acquisition: This type of strategy can be included with the goal of increasing client acquisition, because as we focus on attacking the interests of our potential clients, they will have more visibility on our website. .
  • Easy and Inexpensive: It’s a very easy format to host on your website, as you just need to create a push up, or add content that redirects to what you offer in exchange for the conversion, on the other hand , when you create your own exclusive content is very inexpensive and will not involve an investment.
  • Increased visibility: By focusing on offering a giveaway only to our target audience, we will be able to increase the target audience of our marketing strategies.
  • Value Generation: This strategy increases the value of your brand, so people think about you much more.
  • Positioning: Obviously, by obtaining greater visibility you will increase your positioning.
  • Increased confidence: By offering exclusive free content, people will trust your paid products more (if you really create quality content that generates clear value, it is worthless).

How to create a lead magnet

Moving on to the important thing, I will then explain to you how you can develop this type of strategy so that you take advantage of all its advantages.

Create a good CTA

The first step is to promote your own exclusive content in a way that is completely convincing for the user.

Create a title that catches the user’s attention so that they are interested in your gift and then a description with everything they can find there, in this way, before acquiring the gift, the user will know if he is really interested in what you are offering them.

Situation on your page

Another important step that you need to take, once you have planned out how to create a wake-up call about your giveaway, is to place it on your website.

How you deduced when creating a lead magnet should surprise and capture the user, so their situation on your website should be investigated.

You can add, as I mentioned before, a pop-up that surprises the user once they access your website or when they intend to leave, that way they will know that you can offer much more and he will be intrigued.

On the other hand, you can include it in your post, in your social media profiles (which always helps increase your website traffic) or at the start or end of your landing pages.

Make an amazing design

I will not tire of repeating that we have to surprise the user, so when creating an effective main magnet, it is important that you create an interesting design, add it as a pop-up or that you added it to your website in another format. .

The design should be creative and include what is mentioned in point number one.

Adapt the format to your website, and make an optimal layout, because if you work on the right design and the CTA, but it doesn’t display well on your website, all your efforts are probably worthless. , and we don’t. you want that, right?

A good content strategy

With the previous points, you would have already learned how to create an effective main magnet, but I want to stress the importance of a good content strategy for this strategy to really work.

You should pay special attention and care to the gift you want to give, because if you offer copied content, with little value, wrong information, or lots of spelling mistakes, you would cause the user to do the opposite of which is expected, in addition to offering a bad image because of this bad value being offered.

On the other hand, at this point I also recommend that you do effective email marketing, if we made the user want to know more about us, we need to keep delivering valuable content. so that he does not unsubscribe from the second email.



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